February 16


Joy is the path AND the destination

By IsayaBelle

February 16, 2023

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So I look at life through a lens of Divine Connection, of making sure I am conscious at every second (or almost, I’m only human after all!!) that I am living a Goddess Life.
I’ve started discussing the topic more and more because I’m really passionate about showing the world that it is easy, joyful and oh so rewarding to do so…
So I’m living by example AND advocating the lifestyle every chance I get.
Because there is a lot about what I call Living a Goddess Life that is NOT related to society’s values, a lot that even goes against those values.

As in…
Living a Goddess Life is NOT about the money, the social status, the beauty rituals and the fashionable clothes.
Living a Goddess Life is NOT about being a CEO, being ambitious, or being a leader (unless that’s what floats your boat in which case, go for it!)
Living a Goddess Life is NOT about being treated like a Goddess by other people (parents, partner, employees, etc)
Living a Goddess Life is NOT about conforming to the supposed requirements of society regarding body beauty and "lovability" (age, wrinkles, body weight, hair, skin color, etc)

Living a Goddess Life is choosing.
Choosing a connected life, an aligned life, a conscious creative life, a heart-centered soulful life...
Living a Goddess Life means daily connection with yourself, with nature, the elements, the sky and the cosmos...
Living a Goddess Life is a life of being your fullest self, day in, day out.

Now, Isaya, that’s all good… But it does seem a tiny bit "theoretical"… How the F*** do I actually get there?

Well…Here is one of my very basic strategies (and you will find more about that in my previous article here: https://isayabelle.com/everything-is-one-thing)

Start now. Start simple. Start small. Keep going.
Consistency is THE key to success...

Focus on the JOY.
Find something that brings you joy and do it.
Everyday. Multiple times of day if you can.
Make it a priority. A non-negotiable.
Choose something simple that doesn’t need a lot of time or tools.
For me it’s singing.
It can be art, watching puppies videos, knitting, sitting outside on the ground with your back on a tree, cooking, straightening your bed in the morning, folding laundry, journaling, opening the window and taking a big breath, kissing your beloved, meditating…
It can be ANYTHING.

You might find inspiration on my YouTube or TikTok Channels where I share more and more of the things that bring me joy...
There’s only one rule: it has to make you feel joy, to open your heart, to bring a smile to your face.
Sounds silly? Let me explain. Fun, aka joy is an energy, a vibration. You might know about David Hawkins Energy Vibration Chart (or not! Look at the pic for an immediate understanding).
All our emotions reside on this chart… The higher your vibration, the more happiness you experience. Have you checked Joy? And Peace? You get it now. Everything is energy and energy is everything…
So if I desire to be happier, at peace… The ONE thing I have to do is take care of my energy level. Thus the fun! Creating opportunities for fun in my everyday life will not only release endorphins that will make me feel happier NOW but also, and more importantly, help my vibration rise and stay up high …
And get closer to the peace vibration! Since it’s way easier to create fun and joy than to strive for peace when you don’t feel it … Choose joy! Find ways to add fun everyday: watch funny movies, tell jokes, adopt a kitten (who can resist them running around their tails?), play with toddlers, read funny books, practice laughter yoga, share funny memes, plan fun things to do, etc. I guarantee you’ll soon feel the subtle effects !
And most importantly … Add the fun in your life FIRST! Don’t wait until you feel "more organized" or "better" ... Start with the fun, start with your vibration! TODAY! 

Then... keep doing it.
Keep feeling the joy WHILE doing it. If the joy fades (no big deal, it happens most of the time, we humans love novelty!) find something new… and keep at it!

I am not saying you will feel joy at all times, all day everyday.
You will however elevate your vibration in a subtle but certain way.

OK, got it Isaya… Will do. Now … What do I do when I’m not feeling it?

First, and I know it might seem difficult or ridiculous. You still do the thang.
Fake it till you feel it.
Do the thang.
And give yourself permission to feel it. Because you will. Every time.
Again, it’s like the conversation about being a writer… Writers write. They don’t wait until they feel it or inspiration hits, etc… They simply write. They go through the motions. Then inspiration does hit!

Remember YOU are choosing the way you live, the way you feel. Do you need a reminder of the fact that YOU are the Creatrix of your Universe, that your thoughts very literally create your reality, that everything is energy?… Well, you just had it!
So I ask your these 3 questions … Grab your journal and answer...
1. What is? What is my reality today? How does it look? How does it feel? Please be as specific as possible and get into the nitty-gritty of the emotions and thoughts that move through you...

2. What do I desire? I prefer the word desire to the word want… Makes it clearer that your desires are your "orders" to the Universe!… You can also use crave, lust for, wish, fancy, aspire for, yearn for, etc … Maybe just stay clear of the "need" energy which might get you to forget that you never lack for anything. Again take some time to write down in as many details as possible what it is you desire today (bear in mind you can have new desires tomorrow… it’s OK the Universe will deliver one and all and more!)

3. What do I do? This is the thick of it. What do you actually, really, seriously DO daily and consistently to affirm that you’re not kidding with your desires, that you are backing yourself up and supporting your dreams coming true? Write down what you are determined to do … and then… do it!

Truth Bomb: if you don’t change anything… Nothing changes.

So implementing one of those daily joy creating activities … is a step in the right direction.
In fact it’s more than a step. It’s the whole thing.
Because Living a Goddess Life is never really about the doing…
It’s about the being. The living. The feeling like a Goddess (again, whatever that means for you…)
So get going.
This very minute.

I for one have found that creating little music/singing videos on TikTok and sharing them with the world brings me joy.
So much joy.
I hashtag them #iamthevoiceoftheuniverse.
I am determined to be a reminder of the love the Universe has for you. So each time you scroll and see my videos on your feed, your remember you are loved, supported, worthy, enough and safe.
Want some of that love?
Head over to TikTok and follow me here: https://www.tiktok.com/@isayabelle

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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