June 21


Embracing the Descent: Finding Renewal After the Summer Solstice

By IsayaBelle

June 21, 2024

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So here we are again.

June 21st. Summer solstice.

The beginning of the long slow descent into the darkness.

I know, for most of you, what I’m saying right now doesn’t make sense.

Bear with me.

Scientifically speaking, summer solstice occurs when one of Earth's poles has its maximum tilt toward the Sun. It happens twice yearly, once in each hemisphere, in June for Northern hemisphere and in December for the Southern hemisphere.

And what happens immediately after that?

Well… the Earth starts to tilt AWAY from the Sun.

And slowly, yet unwaveringly, the energy of the sun starts to fade… and we move into autumn and darkness.

The summer solstice is NOT the beginning of summer in an energetic point of view… It’s the beginning of the end of it.

As far as I’m concerned, Living a Goddess Life, a connected with nature life, I can feel it in my bones…

Up until solstice, I could feel the energy building up, reaching its almost insufferable peak yesterday.

This morning I woke up to the feeling of a relief. We’re going down. Phew…

I know we hopefully still have a couple of months of full on summer and sun and fun and vacations… And yet I can feel in my veins that the decent has begin.
Yesterday I was talking with a lovely woman who had recently been awakened to the energetics of the menstrual cycle, to the strength of the Enchantress and was in awe of that discovery. So much power in understanding our feminine cyclic power and rhythms.

Personally I feel that the seasons are even more of an incredible super power anyone can harness to live in accordance with nature and themselves at a profound level.

As I’m getting older and fully entering Enchantress and Crone territory (by the way, if you have no clue what I’m talking about, please read more about that here:https://isayabelle.com/the-4-female-archetypes-a-discovery), as I’m getting more familiar and more acquainted with those two, I get to bask in the decrease, in the slowing down.

As much as I used to love spring and summer, the rising energies and the full on, the full speed ahead, the expansion and boost, I feel now more attracted to the ebb, to the slow descent that leads me to the Crone cave where I can be with myself, take care and explore the depths of me.

Thus I love Summer Solstice because the pressure is off.

And with the current state of affairs in my life, the relief is palpably comfortable. I’m taking up cancer these days and sensing that the exterior energy is beginning to align with my inner energy of self-care, retreat and inner research feels really good.

It actually helps me master more energy and "get to it", instead of me fighting to stay in my lane against the Earth’s push and pulls, in spite of the Earth’s monumental energy of expansion and growth.

So I’m back at investigating and taking time with with myself… I feel like my body is a car… that needs each and every part of it dismantled, cleaned, assessed and maybe replaced… So it may begin to work better, more fluidly and for a longer time. And I have been neglecting my body. A lot. Like I have been neglecting a bunch of things, from my physical and mental heath to my playtime and fun time, and more.

I have been acting upon the following belief and motto:

I will do that when…

I will take care of that if…

You can fill in those blanks with whatever suits you.

For me, it was my business.

I will take care of my body when my business is successful.

I will create more art and craft stuff if my business is successful and I have some spare time.

I will add more fun and joy when my business is successful.

I was making my business success into a pre-required thing before I allowed myself any "distractions", self-care and any deep and profound enjoyment.

As if I didn’t deserve it… since my business wasn’t successful...yet.

In essence, I was putting my life on hold, waiting for the anticipated success to materialize.

And don’t get me wrong: I love working on and for my business.

I love talking to women and teaching and mentoring and creating programs and writing and filming videos and visiting the Akashic Records and recording meditations and pulling cards for clients (and more!)

I love it so much I made myself believe that it was pure enjoyment.

It’s not. It’s work. Not self-care.

What changed? Well… Nothing like a big frightening diagnosis to remind me of my own mortality, to remind me that if I’m not here and alive and in "good shape", there won’t be anyone to make my business successful, there won’t be anyone to help those women, there won’t be anyone who can "do me", "be me".

I am who I am and my mission in the world is to Live a Goddess Life and inspire others to do so too.

No one can replace me. By the way, that is true for each and everyone on the planet. We each are irreplaceable and if we forfeit our mission, no one can replace us. The mission is then left unfinished, the people it was supposed to help abandoned and helpless (for now… thankfully, more help is always on the way). Please bear in mind that the "mission" does not have to be a world changing purpose or goal, for each of us, it is different, it can be small and seemingly insignificant, like planting flower seeds in your flower beds which decorate your balcony and makes neighbours smile, or it can be huge and earth-shattering like searching for a cure for cancer or fighting against institutional female genital mutilation. 

It doesn’t matter. My voice is unique. My flavour of healing is too.

It is then my responsibility to be in full capacity to accomplish this mission, to take care of the vessel in which I am to do so.

The vessel.


My body, my heart, my soul…

My mind alone can’t change much in the world.

Someone needs my voice. Now.

That voice can only be heard if I’m here to talk.

Not dead, or incapacitated by physical illness, or depressed or exhausted…

There might well be no "when my business is successful" if I don’t allow for the self-care, enjoyment and "distractions" that keep me joyful, healthy, energetic and mentally sane.

Let me tell you about one my hidden triggers I just found out about.

For the last few years, every time I started a year believing "this is the year my business is going to expand radically", somebody close to me died or some big shit happened that stopped me dead in my tracks.

In 2017, my husband was in a coma for 3 months, on the verge of dying every other day, after having written a blue print for my next 5 years in business.

In 2020, I lost my father and COVID hit and forced me to reconsider everything I had planned after having dared to write my biggest financial plan ever.

In 2021, I lost my mother-in-law after having invested so much money and time in my business that it scared the shit out of me.

In 2023, some big family issues emerged that had to be dealt with immediately and stopped me from seriously being invested in my business.

In 2024, dear friend died brutally and I got the cancer diagnosis.

What am I making of this?

I am not suggesting that any of this happened to me.

Of course it all happened FOR me.

It all happened to remind me that I am the common thread in my business.

That I have to take so much care of myself, to be attentive and loving and concerned about me.

It all happened to remind me that my purpose is to Live a Goddess Life UNDETERRED.

And to be undeterred, I need to be OK.

I need to be joyful, healthy, energetic and mentally sane.

So that is part one of my mission.

Now. Not when or if…

Now. Today.

And again, so much easier after Summer Solstice for me!

Oh! and because the Universe is oh! so mischievous and loves to really nail it hard, the card I pulled for myself for the next 6 months is... PLAY!!

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.

So much for today …

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.



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  • Dear Isaya, your voice and authentic delivery brought shivers to my spine! I so resonate with your words and when we spoke we knew there is a connection, a thread … reading your post made me realise how many blows I had to deal with in my attempts to forge a business in the creative/healing fields. Metaphorically speaking it was like having pure Arab breed horses ready to race but in the last minute one had to have a cart behind with stones – challenges, family illnesses, betrayals and so on. So many false starts only to deplete one of energy and to continue to give to others and forget about the self! I see you, I hear you, I witness your journey with love! May you be blessed and explore self love, something I am struggling with as the concept is hard to define! Strength and health! Corinna

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