About Me

Hey, I'm Isaya, I am so happy you found your way here ! Welcome to some fun facts about me !

I'm an Artist, Magico-Pragmatic Inspiration Mentor and Tech Coach, Goddess Teacher, Traveling Priestess, working with the Goddesses Archetypes and facilitating Sacred Retreats worldwide.

I'm a Dreamer, Teacher, International Speaker, Former Salsa Instructor, Seamstress, Mother, Writer, Dancer, Wife, Singer, Friend, Lover, ex Book Shop Keeper, Podcaster, and Creatrix of my Life!

I am also a TooMuch Woman in the making... I own my TooMuchness more and more everyday, to heal the NotEnough girl in me and to manifest a portal for others to follow through.

I hold space for women who feel "too much" or "not enough" so they can dare to rise, take up their rightful place, shine their light, talk their truth and live their best lives !

I have been working with the Divine Feminine for over 20 years, in real life and online, I’m a Moon Mother and a Tantrika, and have facilitated Women’s Circles, Red Tents, Artist Workshops and Sacred Retreats here in France, in Greece and all over the world.

I'm a Writer, and on my blog I write about art, joy, laughter, students, the Divine Feminine, ideas, spirituality, creativity, magic, calming down, life, inspiration, and miracles!

I have a podcast, have created numerous online courses and was a guest speaker in several programs worldwide.

I'm 50 something years old and transitioned to menopause ...

I inspire and motivate women to dare through change, rise to an enhanced, upcycled, more colorful, happier version of themselves, and create a new empowered life and biz.

I'm a woman on the road to herself and to enlightenment. I am a Pagan (of my own coven !) and a researcher in spirituality.

I accompany women in the re-connection to themselves, nature and the Universe.

I was born in Greece and I discuss daily with the likes of Athena and Aphrodite, but I do feel a connection to any female goddesses around…

I actually work with the Greek Goddesses archetypes to attune my clients with the Divine Feminine so they feel supported, live their best life and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole !

My mission is to ignite my clients' inspiration and motivation so they integrate positivity and light, embrace change and rise to the enhanced, upcycled, happiest version of themselves, and create an empowered life and biz.

I'm trilingual, obsessed with languages and I have worked as a language teacher for over 15 years. I love teaching pretty much anything .. I was a salsa instructor for a while ! I was a bookshop keeper for years and I loooove oracle cards and Tarot (I'm actually a professionnel reader too!)

Oh .. and I'm also a Tech Goddess and a Tech coach for spiritual online entrepreneurs. I have actually worked on a computer for more than 40 years (OMGoddess right!?!). I help my clients untangle the tech and rock the online world while remaining sane and true to themselves!

I believe the path is the goal.

I believe love is all around.

I believe beauty can save the world.

I believe gratitude is the only way.

I believe each of us creates the Universe.

I believe it's never really only about the Tech.

I believe I can change my life .. and yours !

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