So here are all the links to find me ! I'd love to connect !

My website

Well .. it's where all the magic happens!

Facebook Profile

This is where you'll find me most of the time !

TikTok Profile

Come and play with me on TikTok where #iamthevoiceoftheuniverse

Facebook Group

Want to join the tribe of Incredible Women who are determined to Live a Goddess Life ? Click below !

Facebook Business Page

Want to know what's on in my business world ? Click here !

YouTube Channel

My YouTube channel is full of art videos, Goddesses, Insights, Podcast episodes, Meditations ... and more !


I share on here too ... although it's less of my jam .. But I love watching YOUR pretty pics !


Pinterest can be a rabbit's hole for me ... I love it and do share some stuff ... But I'm still learning !

Podcast : Isaya's Inspiring Evenings

A podcast to integrate serenity, abundance, joy and magic into your life!


Yes, I'm here too .. Not that much though!

Linked In

I might come here from time to time ...