New offering for 2024

Wise Goddess Healing Sessions

If you've been contemplating your life and thinking you want more,
If you’re done nurturing fear,
If you’re eager to become the Creatrix of your best life,
If you willing to embrace absolute and radical self-love,
If you're finally game for backing yourself up no matter what,
If you’re ready to begin Living your Goddess life today,

Experience the transformative power of my Wise Goddess Healing Sessions, a magic path to overcoming obstacles and unlocking a life filled with peace, abundance, joy, freedom and security!

100% Guided

These sessions are guided and I work completely intuitively so I can’t tell you exactly how they will roll.

Clarity and Tips

When you come out of the session, you will experience more clarity and leave with a few practical tips to connect daily with your Goddesses and continue your healing and alignment.

Art Piece Included

You will also be sent a full-color Guided Healing Light Language Digital Art Piece 15x15cm (roughly 6inx6in) on Mixed Media 250g paper.

What I can tell you is that we will connect you with your Goddess bestie so that you can walk alongside her, we might pull some Oracle and tarot cards, dive together in deep meditation or visit the Akashic Records and plunge in Archetypal work.

Let's do this!

  • Recording of your session is included (download it in the next 7 days).
  • 60 to 90 minutes, via video conference
  • 333€
  • VIP option: 555€

    You will be sent the physical Art Piece via snail mail, as well as be invited to a follow-up 30min session 2 weeks after your healing session to assess progress and be sent an energetic booster to keep you going.