What would it be like if you could be totally clear on your next steps forward and receive a deep healing to bring together all the roles you have played in your life so they now make sense as you transition into a new chapter & phase of your life?

After a relaxed 1:1 90 minutes conversation on Zoom during which I shall intuitively and otherwise get information about you, your life, your dreams, the changes you are experiencing and the issues at hand, etc, I will create a unique personal A3 (297 x 420 mm/11.7 x 16.5 inches) Mixed Media Art Collage (delay is roughly 2 weeks) and send it over by post to you (postage is included).

I see you…. Mother, wife, taxi, cook, holder of a job, shoulder to cry on, loyal partner, huntress of odd socks, friend, art lover, warrior of the menopause, advisor to the needy…

All these roles and more you have played - which is why you feel so stuck as some or many of these roles have fallen away or are no longer needed… leaving the unasked question of who am I,what do I want for myself ?

I help women facilitate deep healing and change with coaching and mixed media art… My unique pieces of art work on deep subconscious levels to facilitate gentle change and empowerment.In my sessions, I listen to you and intuitively tune into your energy to create mixed media artwork, hand-made, completely bespoke, created for just for YOU and aligned to YOU, your dreams and ideal aspirations, which will help you heal and flow through change!Long after our sessions, you will enjoy this piece of art everyday, while it continues to work its magic in your life!

To help you get fluently and joyfully through transition, whether it is a choice of yours or an imposed change, I offer this unique art healing package that includes:

• a 90 minutes video discussion 1:1 with me

• A unique hand-created by me piece of intuitive healing artwork, size A3 (297 x 420 mm/11.7 x 16.5 inches), made on cardstock or watercolor paper, mixed media may include acrylic paints, watercolor, inks, collage, stamps, markers, etc)

• Postage is included.

This is an answered prayer if...
- you feel life has become stale
- you're experiencing change and feel confused as to where to go next
- you feel stuck, unsure & have self doubt
- you have no idea what could work for you or even what you really want
- you're afraid of change but secretly dreaming about it
- you suspect you need someone to show you the steps
- you feel powerless to change anything
- you know it has a lot to do with your mindset
- you long to creatively express yourself and be understood
- YOU are sooooo ready for it to be YOUR TIME!

In the interest of transparency … What you can and can't expect ...

If you hang the artwork in your house and actually look at it, live with it and like it, it will shift the energy in and around you, and help you flow through change and transformation with more ease and more joy. It will help you remember your goals, dreams and aspirations and remind you to implement action towards them.

But … the artwork itself will not CREATE change in your life! It is merely a tool, YOU have to commit, take action and input energy into your dreams, change and everyday life.Now, if you don't hang the artwork, don't look at it, don't like it and decide not to live with it … nothing will happen.

In any case, coaching in general and this process in particular are not passive tools and strategies. You are the actor and creator of anything in your life, whether with or without coaching.

I'm Isaya, from isayabelle.com, a mixed media spiritual artist and crafter, as well as a magico-pragmatic mindset and business coach, goddess teacher and traveling priestess.

I have been working with the Divine Feminine for over 20 years, in real life and online, and have facilitated women’s circles, red tents, artist workshops and sacred retreats all over the world.

I accompany women in the re-connection to themselves, nature and the Universe. I work with the Greek Goddesses archetypes to attune my clients with the Divine Feminine so they feel supported, live their best life and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole !

I help women who feel "too much" dare to rise, take up their rightful place, shine their light and talk their truth in the world !