March 16


Stuck in Crone during the pandemic?

By IsayaBelle

March 16, 2023

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If you’ve been reading me for a while, you will know that four distinct and intense female Energy Archetypes take their turn to emerge during our menstrual cycles—both our individual moon cycles and the cosmic, lunar cycle overhead. Throughout the entire solar year, the same phenomenon occurs, with each season representing one of the four energies. Each one is a version of femininity and a pattern of energy.

These four energies, or Archetypes, are the Energy of the Maiden, associated with the waxing moon and the pre-ovulation phase; the Energy of the Mother, associated with the full moon and the ovulation phase; and the Energy of the Enchantress, associated with the post-ovulation phase and the waning moon and the fall. Finally, there is the energy of the Crone, the wise old woman, which is, of course, associated with the bleeding phase, the black moon, and winter.
And, on an even larger scale, each of the Archetype takes her turn in our lives … We begin a young Maiden, become an energetic caring Mother, before going into the peri-menopausal Enchantress phase and finally entering our Crone years after menopause is complete.
This way of understanding the female experience of life isn’t new of course and you’ve heard me talk about it plenty.
Now a few weeks back, my good online friend Tj Jo asked a very interesting question…
"I’d love to know your thought on how the pandemic has effected these cycles. Obviously the cycles are still happening but I feel for me personally stuck in Crone energy. I’m 4 years without a personal cycle."
I thought I would address that fascinating idea in a blog … and then forgot...

Last week something came up that made me revisit the conversation… and brought new light on that...
I "finally" caught the infamous virus and went down with COVID for 7 days. My symptoms were minor, slight fever, runny nose and a little cough… And an intense tiredness, like I’ve seldom felt. My body and mind were sending messages of exhaustion and overwhelm and I had no option but to listen and rest. So I did.
Of course, being me, and having made earlier in life a decision to consider all events and experiences in my life as insights from the Universe sent to me for pondering, as "lessons" or answers to my existential questions, I do make fire of any wood, so to speak.
Anyway, I locked myself down again for a few days...
And a few ideas started to form in my head regarding a more philosophical, spiritual feminine way to make sense of the pandemic…

Just today, finally all COVID restrictions were lifted in Greece where I am at the moment.
Just today.
It’s been 3 years since the first lock-down.
3 years of some sort of pause.
3 years during which one of our main focus as humans was fear, protection, basic safety… and survival.
3 years when we also (more or less patiently) waited.
Until it was "over".
Until we could go back to "normal".
And even if, since the vaccines in 2021, the situation has become less "dangerous" worldwide… Still so many of us were concerned, worried, anxious, frightened… you name it.
All words defining fear in some way, shape or form.

If you’ve been reading me, you will remember Hawkins’s vibration scale.
Fear has a vibration of 100hz.
COVID-19 has a vibration of 5.5hz. It dies above 25.5hz. For humans with a higher vibration, usually, COVID manifests itself as a simple cold…
The reasons for having a low vibration are numerous… Living in fear, malnutrition, anxiety, fatigue (mental or physical), rage, hate, nervous tension, pain, stress…
The "positive" or "high" vibrations start at Courage, at 200hz.
Of course, the various tips and ideas I’ve been sharing lately around raising your vibration and maintaining your high energy… apply here too...
So I reiterate the importance of feeling joy, of drinking clean water, or focusing on the positive in life and expose yourself to the negative as little as possible, etc … That is the basis of Living a Goddess Life, as I call it, and keeping your vibration as high as possible. Find more around that in this article:
Also remember that if the frequency of the Earth today is 27.4hz, there are places that vibrate very much lower (often under 20hz) and if you have to be in those places, your vibration will be affected… Like hospitals, cemeteries, anywhere underground, jails, casinos, bars (… no comment), etc.

So.. back to my pondering…
3 years of fear.
Well then of course.
Of course we’re feeling "low"…

Now about the Crone question…
The energy of the Crone is the lowest of the four basic Archetypes. The Crone invokes the Dark Moon's reclusive, silent, and secretive powers. She requests isolation, silence, and time for introspection. With the darkness, our creative, intuitive, and spiritual powers grow stronger.
She is not changing or disappearing; she is simply static. She accepts the way the world is because she is complete in herself. Because there is no ego, motivation, drive, or need for change, simply the calm oneness of the spirit of the Universe, she is able to forgive and forget.

During the pandemic, I found myself very much drawn to the Crone energy indeed. I actually wrote a series of articles on the Crone energy… Way more than any other Archetype… you can find all of them here: and learn everything in detail about the Crone.

So I believe Tj Jo is actually very right.
For many women, the pandemic, the lock-downs and the fear induced were an invitation to visit their Crone more, more often, and deeper. And for many, that invitation was more of an order.
Which some women have answered. And some haven’t. Some might have tried to push through, to fight the Crone and keep going and doing all along… I wonder what is the price they paid...
For the others, of which I am part, the Crone has been ruling our psyche, energy and vibration for 3 years now.
It might have manifested with a physical stop to menstruation, or simply a longing for solitude and isolation, an immense tiredness and feeling of exhaustion, either physical or mental, or both.

To be honest, I believe we are not completely "over it" yet…
I believe we are slowly emerging from a deep Crone phase and we might still need time to rest, recover and dream our next life phase… maybe even as a collective.
I believe me actually "catching" COVID and recovering, thus destroying the irrational fear that I had… is my invitation to emerge from the Crone and embrace the Maiden renewing, spring energy…
So… Back to life we go.
Back to a new (it has to be different now!) normal.
A fearless, joyful, springy, optimistic, active normality.
One that also encompasses the wisdom of the Crone around taking care of ourselves, resting, dreaming and being mindful of our vibration, at all times.
I’m sure this is the way forward.
I find myself actually grateful for the fact that the Crone has been called into the light and that we were forced (almost) to experience her energies… Considering how ignored and blamed She has been for millennia… it was long overdue.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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