February 9


Yep, I’m grounded AND galactic.

By IsayaBelle

February 9, 2023

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If you’ve been following me for a while, you will know that I’ve recently discovered my galactic past lives and attachments – if you don’t know what I’m talking about, head on here to read more: https://isayabelle.com/the-toomuch-woman-travels-in-time-and-space-episode-10

However, I’ve been reminded quite insistently by the Universe that all these galactic, spiritual, ethereal, angelic connections do not in the least mean that I should give up my humanity. And by humanity I mean body, incarnation.

I had a talk on my podcast lately with Trudy Malins about that topic – you can find the whole episode here: https://pod.co/isayas-inspiring-evenings/things-women-don-t-talk-about

And today I wanted to share a few more thoughts about that…
In "Spiritual" circles and Social Media these days, there is a strong urging to "prove" you are spiritual.
Sorry what?
What’s the issue here?
Because the Spirit world and Angels and Goddesses and the like are invisible, we’re supposed to authenticate our connection by…
Yeah, by means of what actually?
That’s the issue here.
Because one way to do that and show up as a "true" Spiritual" person is to… bring everyone else down (yes, I’m using this expression intentionally…), thus feeling "higher" than them...

So we separate. We indulge in duality.
Heaven and Earth.
Good and Bad.
Up and Down.
Spiritual and … Grounded.
And here the word grounded has to be understood as "materialistic", "down to Earth", in a very derogatory way.

So often, it’s about the perception of somebody who's spiritual, who gives tarot readings, who's a mystic or a psychic or a medium. The minute you get that thought in your head of what that person is like, you immediately assume that they are in that higher place, the heavens, wherever, that they're communing with Angels.
And not only that, there is this whole persona that you're supposed to be, a particular type of person that dresses in white and pastel colors. You can't be foul mouth, you can't laugh loudly. You can't go out and get outrageously drunk with your friends, you can’t be overweight or shamelessly enjoy sex and pleasure.

The idea being that "real" spiritual people barely need a body to exist, they don’t need food or water or sleep or sex or have any bodily functions... They could actually survive on Prana (Prana is the Sanskrit term for vital energy).

Truth Bomb N°1: These beliefs are actually based on a patriarchal view of life and society…
Let me deconstruct…
Up is better than down. And what’s up? Heaven.
Heaven is good, right?
So the sky is high value. The sky is where the good things come from, right?
Where Father Sky lives and rules.
Who "communes" on a daily basis with that amazingness?
Well.. priests and monks.
In the Christian view and explanation of the world, up is good, low is bad (think Hell and dirt and plants and nature and Mother Earth).

Every time we cut ourselves from the Earth, we follow the patriarchal invitation.
Every time we cut ourselves from the Earth, we increase our belief in duality, opposition and competition.
The Universe is neither nor.
The Universe is like a Yin Yang symbol.
Where black complements white.
Up complements down.
And intertwine.

Truth bomb N°2: Our heads are not in the clouds and we don't float two foot off the ground communing with the big Whole all the time (last time I checked!). And it is actually very costly to believe that on your spiritual path. It will cost your your peace of mind and happiness.

At the bottom of that, there is a fear.
There is a fear in fear of the dirt, a fear of the root, a fear of the incarnation.
A fear of being incarnated.
I believe with all of my heart that we are souls first and foremost, but souls who've made the choice right this minute to take a voyage for a while in this vessel, in this body. We decided to incarnate.
Let me remind everyone that the word incarnate comes from the word "carnis" in Latin, which means meat.
So we are bodies, and we are in bodies.
These bodies are subject to gravity, so they are grounded per se. Although we might try and float around, we don't.
These bodies need sleep. These bodies need food and a lot of other things.

Grounding is something that should be innate. And my worry for spiritual people who try to kind of "disground" themselves, lift themselves up, is that it's not going to happen and you're just going to end up very unhappy because you're not angels right this minute. Maybe later, not just yet.

Truth Bomb N°3: I repeat… This is not an either/or situation
One crucial question: Where does all the nourishment come from?
It grows out of the ground in combination with the rain and the sun that comes from Father Sky.
Material and Spiritual vibrations meet.

If we all just realize that we can all be grounded AND we can all talk to the angels, we remember we are supported from both above and below, we are a magic conduit for energy. A conduit from Sky to Earth AND BACK. A conduit conducts from A to B. There needs to be a B. You can't just have the A. The information would go nowhere.

If I, as a spiritual person, can trust that from deep down in my roots, pun intended, then of course I don't need to be deciding for other people whether they are or not spiritual. 

It seems so obvious that we can conduct light from up to down and from down to up. It has to be going both ways.
And it can only happen because I am grounded. Not despite that, but because of it.
The amount of light, of energy that we can allow to flow though our bodies is gigantic… Provided we act alike conduits, like canals for energy.
If we were to try and retain the energy, our human bodies would collapse. The amount of light would be way too much for a disembodied person.

We talk about energy, but energy is electricity, right? Yep, I’m talking about becoming the lightning...

Let’s stop for a minute and just remind ourselves, what do we mean by grounded?
I mean connected with the ground, literally. Just as simple as that. Connected with the ground, with the soil, with the land, with the place where I stand., with the Earth and connected to the material world, to nature, to everything that is solid and that gives me balance and that gives me power and strength. 

One of the things that I mention repeatedly, but I'm going to again, because it seems that we need a reminder is…
We wear plastic shoes. We disconnect from the ground by wearing plastic shoes. Just take off your shoes for a while, every day, ten minutes. Just ten minutes. You can do that outside, even better, but just even inside. And feel the difference. Feel the energy that comes from above can actually go down.
And you are then traversed by something. You are not holding all this thing. You then become a canal.
And on days where there is too much, if I'm in a bad mood, I can send this unwanted energy, these unwanted feelings down to the ground. I'm sending it to be grounded out of me.
Mother Earth is so good at recycling. That's what she does, right? So for me, in my spiritual beliefs, she is called Gaia and she is our grandmother, the grandmother that grounds us, connects us to our roots and the ancestors that were here before us. We are walking on their shoulders.

We are dis-empowered by not being grounded. We believe in the idea that only our thoughts are important, only our minds, our knowledge, an intellectual knowledge that is very often completely separated from the body.

Small example of that disconnection: in France, in the commercials for tampons or periodic protections, the blood is still blue.
If as a society, we cannot face the idea that women bleed red blood once a freaking month, that seems seriously fucked up for me.
That's half of the planet. Every Month.
This, to me is a sign that we are not living in our bodies.

A short practice for grounding:
Grounding is not a spiritual practice. It's first and foremost a body practice, a physical thing. How about putting your actually feet on the actual ground? There's a very, very easy practice. Just stand up, put your feet on the ground. If you can have no plastic between you and the ground, even better. And then you just put your hand flat on the top of your head, and focus on the soles of your feet. You just do that for a count of five and can feel the energy going down.

Being grounded, in our bodies also means taking responsibility for your own well being, physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional.
It’s when we realize… I chose this life, this body, this shit.
It means I can change it too.
And I don't mean floating ten foot above the ground OMing and wishing your reality to change.
That isn't going to change your reality. Your physicality, in the here and now, is where change happens.

Being grounded, for me, it's the simple things. Like this morning I needed to go into town, which for me means 45 minutes of driving. It's been raining for five days straight. I hate driving in the rain. And I thought, okay, this is going to be hell. I woke up thinking, this is going to be hell. And then I thought: Why? Let me not create that hell for myself, let me not.
When I opened up the blind, it was snowing and it was so freaking wonderful. So I waited until the snow stopped, it won't last long here anyway. And then I left and the scenery was gorgeous. I drove for 45 minutes in awe. And then I stopped to make photographs and just, you know, touch, feel the ground, touch the snow and feel the cold and take everything in. That for me means being grounded. I can immediately transform my thoughts if I go into thought overdrive. I can just change my thought by going back to the body, to the ground and to what am I actually experiencing?

Let me end this conversation with my biggest advice ever…
Be like a tree.
A tree is exactly the role model for being both anchored to Mother Earth and connected to Father Sky.
Remember to drink and get in the sun and you should be all right.

Now if all that seems a little too much to do on your own, and you’d like some hand holding in the daily remembering of grounding practices…
I actually have a three parts Grounding Program. It does involve practice. So actually doing the things and not just thinking about the things. It's called Ground with Gaia.
It's supposed to be listened in three days (but is self-paced) to get back to a grounded state, and will also allow you to meet Gaia.
You can jump in here: https://isayabelle.thrivecart.com/ground-with-gaia/

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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