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Time to Take Your Tech Skills and Mindset to the Next Level? 

Kristy Iris

Conscious Creative Connecting Home & Soul

Isaya is the tech witch. She has a magical way of transforming baffling tech into a useable friend. I especially love how empowered I felt after ten minutes of her walking me through what I couldn’t figure out on my own and with tech support for 2 months. Total magic!

Isaya Gabriel

Tech Witch Goddess

If you're lost in the Tech ... or soo sure it "won't work for you" ...

 ... Lost in how it works ... Running around in circles trying to understand what has to connect with what, which tool is right for what, how to make this bit of tech work with that bit of tech ... And remember, Tech is also a mindset job !

Join Tech Goddess Witchery for a month (or more!) and get the 1:1 support you need to create magic in your business!
Whether you are just beginning, or more advanced in your online business endeavor, I'll use my 6 years experience running an online business, all the mistakes I made on the way and all the solutions I found to help you brew your customized online business.

Discover and choose the ingredients to mix in your cauldron for a joyful and flowing experience of the tech involved in running a profitable, scalable, streamlined business, effortlessly ! You will get Tech advice from the Tech Goddess herself!

Together we tackle the ideas that all the tech is complicated and that you're not good at it, find solutions for your individual problems and un-complicate the whole process !

What is Tech Goddess Witchery ?

What would it be like if you could finally master all the Tech tools for your online business AND rock the mindset around it so you never feel helpless again ?

Together we build the foundations of your mindset around Tech, choose the best Tech tools you require for your project and want to learn, and get you the help you need around mastering them !

Learn the tricks, Find the peace and Become a Tech Goddess !

We work on Mindset

We dedicate time and energy to change your mind about the Tech ... Until you feel like it's all a breeze and you actually have the capabilities to do it ... just the way you want it!

You choose your focus

We work together to define what is the focus of our Tech month together... We define a project to work on .. and tackle it!! 

What will change 

After a month  together, you will feel more confident with your Tech skills and we will have completed your focus project ... Opening the way for more  ! This will get you from "OMG, I hate this!" to  "Let's do this"!

About Isaya

Having worked on a computer for more than 40 years (OMGoddess, am I aging or what !!) and having had an online business for more than 10 years... I know all the tools, love sharing my knowledge and my peeps frequently say that I'm a Tech Goddess!

Your Focus Project

It can be anything ... From creating a podcast, starting a blog, going live on Social Media, starting a website, audience building, branding and graphic art, choosing and using an email provider, creating a freebie, funnels, installing your online course platform, automations, landing pages, cart and checkout pages, organizing a webinar or masterclass, video and audio editing, mastering your Social Media presence to mapping your whole online business!

Here’s What You’ll Get When You Sign Up

If you 're done with procrastinating it and want to experience the tech with ease and breeze, jump in ! From where  I stand, I promise it's no big deal ! Together we can tackle anything ! 

Here is how it works:

1 x 90 min session

We dig deep to tackle mindset blocks, real tech problems and issues and decide on the project we will focus on !

3 x 60 min sessions

 We come together weekly for brainstorming, accountability, Q&As, support, Tech tutorials and hands-on tweaks !

Personalized tutorials

If/when necessary, I will create or curate videos, audios or PDFs to accompany your progress and help you along the way !

Why my lovely peeps recommend working with me

Ruby Coupe

Positivity Artist

Isaya is amazing, she really knows how to tap into your goddess and help with what you need, I was on a call with her and wow it was powerful, she helped me make sense of so many things, I feel a huge weight has shifted, what a blessing to this world you are Isaya, thank you thank you thank you!

Roni Walker

Writer and Way-Finder

That's why I love you as a teacher, the practical, not just mindset !

Ruth sandoval

Wisdom Coach

Isaya has a way of making me feel that helping me is her most important focus. And, after working with her, I know it is true. Without judgement, Isaya helps me to see through what is blocking me, and with a firm and loving manner, she points me in the right direction with so much support and resource that it is impossible for me to fail.

Just one month to change your mind about Tech and get going !

1:1 Tech Goddess Witchery

1:1 Tech GODDESS Witchery, LEARN IT !

1 x 90 min session
3 x 60 min sessions

  • Voxer/messenger support for a month
  • Immediate Start
  • Curated or Created personalized tutorials
1:1 Tech GODDESS Witchery, DONE FOR YOU!

1 x 60 min session

6x hours of Done For You work on your Focus Project

1x30 follow-up session

  • Voxer/messenger support for a month
  • Immediate Start
  • Curated or Created personalized tutorials

Still on the fence? Let’s jump on a free discovery call !

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