Discover the “Magico-Pragmatic” approach to changing your life !

If you are here ... you are ready ...

... to transform your beliefs, your life, your business ... to flourish in all areas!

You need a coach who accompanies you in your flight, who masters spiritual practices and technological tools, the business world and magic!

I'm here for you !

Come and meet

the Goddesses

on the sacred land of Greece

SAcred experience

We will wander in the ancient places of worship, celebrate by the sea and in the wild mountains, gather with the nymphs in ceremony, meditate on the beach, remember the Goddesses rituals and bask in rejuvenation. You will also eat Mediterranean fresh food, enjoy some rest and quiet time and get to hang out with me !

Sacred Sites

During the Retreat we will be visiting sites and temples that are connected and consecrated to the Goddesses since the 8th century BC. 

Sacred Accommodation

Our retreat accommodation is a whole secluded villa with swimming pool, on top of a hill offering breathtaking sea and mountain views, 20 minutes from Athens airport. 

Sacred Promises

You will leave feeling …
Nourished – physically, emotionally and spiritually
Understood, supported, held and grounded by the Goddesses
Relaxed, replenished and restored, with a gentle energy boost
Re-connected with your sacred self and with the Goddesses
Enriched with knowledge, tools and means to keep walking towards your Higher Self
Equipped with result-focused ideas and tips

On the whole .. Feeling GOOD !

20-21-22-23 September 2021


The Athena System

6 weeks to get you organized and change your routines for ones that make you happy !

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about me

a little more info ...

Hello everyone ... I'm Isaya, a mixed media spiritual artist and crafter, as well as a magico-pragmatic mindset and biz coach, goddess teacher and traveling priestess.
I have been working with the Divine Feminine for over 20 years, in real life and online, and have facilitated women’s circles, red tents, artist workshops and sacred retreats all over the world.
I write a blog in both French and English, have a French podcast, have created several online courses and was a guest speaker in several programs worldwide.

I accompany women in the re-connection to themselves, nature and the Universe. I work with the Greek Goddesses archetypes to attune my clients with the Divine Feminine so they feel supported, live their best life and raise the vibration of the planet as a whole!
I'm from Greece and discuss daily with the likes of Athena and Aphrodite !
I'm trilingual and I have worked as a language teacher for over 15 years. I love teaching pretty much anything .. I was a salsa instructor for a while ! I was a bookshop keeper for years so I loooove oracle cards...


Here's what I can do for YOU

If you're tired of playing small and being stuck ...

It's time to transform your beliefs, get out of your shell and fly like a butterfly!

I know that inside of you there is a woman who was born to thrive, to live her full potential, to embrace her greatness and to share her light with the world ...

It's time to get the support you need .... and rise !


Check what these amazing women said about me ...

Marie S.

Thank you for this wonderful time! It was very good and simple! I was able to do a big cleaning and I filled myself with love!


I love your determination to nurture the positive and break out of limiting beliefs.


Thank you for your benevolent insight which makes your feedback relevant to move forward.

Joanna Hunter

"It is a mark of strength to be able to ask and allow yourself to receive advice when you need it."

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