I am so happy you found your way here !
I am Isaya, artist, coach, dreamer, teacher, mother, wife, creator of my life …

I am 50 something years old and transitioning to menopause …
I write about art, joy, laughter, students, the divine feminine, ideas, teaching, spirituality, creativity, magic, calming down, life, inspiration, and miracles!

I live in the South West of beautiful France, in the middle of my nowhere, with Hubby, 2 big boys and a few cats. I also welcome workshops on various new agey subjects (tantra, Qi Gong, Painting, Women circles, etc)

I was born in Greece and am close to the Greek goddesses in particular but I do feel a connection to any female goddesses around…

I am a Pagan (of my own coven !) and a researcher in spirituality.

I am an artist (of various kinds), a singer, a mother, a seamstress, a dancer, a lover, a women’s circle joiner and facilitator, an English teacher, a book shop keeper, a woman on the road to herself and to enlightenment, but in the meantime, let’s have fun !

I believe the path is the goal.

I believe love is all around.

I believe beauty can save the world.

I believe gratitude is the only way.

I believe each of us creates the universe.

I believe I can be of assistance to you.

Happy to meet you !

I am full of gratitude for your visit !
Love and light

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Living a Goddess Life