February 23


We are not wired for change. F***

By IsayaBelle

February 23, 2023

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So this morning as I was entering a bookshop/newspaper stand that I haven't visited for a while now while being kind of in a hurry since I was actually driving to the airport to fly to Greece for my mum’s exhibition (not heard about that? Follow me on Social to follow my travels and passions)…
As I was entering the bookshop…
Something in brain clicked.
I sped up and took a hard right turn, expecting to find the section I was looking for to be "straight ahead, towards the back" of the store…
The section had been moved and I had to actually search for it.
I found it, found the thing I was looking for and made a U-turn to head to the till.
The till had been moved.

Let me be clear.
I’ve known this shop since we moved in our remote South West of France area, so … twenty something years ago.
It’s on one of nearest towns and I’ve visited the shop at least a hundred times since 1999.

The re-organizing of the shop happened a good seven years ago.
I’ve been to this shop a minimum of ten times ever since the re-organizing.

Yet, when in a hurry, when "not thinking", my brain still directed me towards the "old" placement of both the section AND the till.

Why am I narrating this to you? What does this story have it do with Living a Goddess Life?

Let’s establish a few facts first.
1. You are not fully Living your Goddess Life YET.
Neither am I by the way, although I am getting better at it everyday!!! Yes, the pictures are taken in an airport Business Lounge where I spent an afternoon a few days ago!!)
How do I know that? Well, you’re reading this for one… Plus I know from experience that Living a Goddess life is a path, not a destination.
2. You (and I) need to CHANGE "something" (big or small, it depends) in your daily life to make it a daily Goddess Life.
3. Change can be … frightening. It does mean getting out of our comfort zone and daring to try doing things differently and being a different person, without knowing if that will be a success or an epic fail…

My story?
Well it adds another layer of difficulty to the change process.

It seems we are not wired for change.

When I first entered that shop twenty years ago, my brain memorized the structure and organization of the various sections, etc (unconsciously, obviously, it wasn’t a choice on my part).
I reinforced this "knowledge" by going repeatedly to that shop.

Fast forward a few years until they reorganized.
I still went to the shop quite a few times.

BUT my brain did not UPDATE the knowledge.

My brain is wired to assess and unconsciously memorize an environment to allow me to speed up my basic movements and inform me of any "possible dangers". (I’m guessing that is a "reptilian" brain function...)

It is not wired to update.

Obviously this is no scientific experiment and I am no neurologist or brain specialist.
So don’t quote me on this.
But hey, just think about it.

If we only memorize "correctly" the first thing we encounter a person, a place, an event, etc…
And we never update when we grow, the other person grows, the environment changes, etc…

That makes changing our lives so much more complicated.

Because we have to DECIDE to upgrade our knowledge of ourselves, other people, environments, actions, etc, etc…
It has to be a CHOICE.
And we need to be aware and conscious that our brains will fuck us up.
Every time.
And bring back the "old" versus the new we are trying to implement in our lives.

And I’m not talking here about some strictly "woo woo manifesting" or "limiting beliefs" theory.
This has to be understood through the way our brains function.

Let me repeat that.
We are not wired for change.
Our brains are set to fuck us up every time we try to change.
That is why change can seem so hard sometimes.
Not because you’re stupid or lazy or inconsistent…
You are playing AGAINST your brain.

And the cards you have in your hand are often foggy and under-evaluated… These cards are called heart, intuition, gut, soul… They have often been ignored or belittled.

And the brain has been over-praised … Supposedly the ONE thing that separates us from animals (which by the way are supposed to be "less than" humans ?!?), the ONE thing that makes us human, as coined by that French asshole René Descartes: cogito, ergo sum, (Latin for: “I think, therefore I am)
What can we do about that?

Raise our awareness.
If I could see that this morning in the shop, we must be able to pay attention to all the times we are being tricked by our brains to act in the "old" way…
And it doesn’t mean we need to "uncover" our limiting beliefs… and make that a "goal".
It’s more about noticing to the little things in life.
And making ourselves ABSOLUTELY unavailable for the old BS.

When your hubby says "Well, the banks are ALWAYS out to get us anyway"…
When you sigh and think "I’m too old for changing my career anyway"…
When your kids act out and you kinda find it normal since you acted out with your parents and you ignore how much it hurts and don’t even try doing anything to change your relationship with them…
When you get lost in nostalgia about the past and forget that you are still very alive now and could change your circumstances today, albeit in the smallest way…
When you start believing everything is useless and there is no way anything can change…

STOP. Make that voice in your head shut up. NOW.

Please remember the present moment is the only moment.
The past is gone and the future has not yet arrived.
The one when you can change anything and everything.

STOP believing your old self.
START believing your new self.
Trust your intuition, your gut, your heart, your soul.
Not your reptilian brain.

And START walking a different path.
Take a step in another direction.
And repeat.
And again.
Because you will need to be consistent and repetitive… Until your brain has no other choice but to catch up with the rest of you and understand, and finally KNOW, that you have changed.

Let me know how it goes!
And if you want MY voice in your head instead… If you’re ready to open up to new ideas and possibilities, ready to trust and start Living your Goddess Life today, if you desire to grow and create a magic life of opportunities, abundance and generosity … I’m here for you to support you, listen and appreciate you and offer a unique way to transform your life and experience peace, wealth, freedom and safety !
If you're finally ready to back yourself up ! ...
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I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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