December 9


The Too Much Woman had an epiphany (again)

By IsayaBelle

December 9, 2021

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Friday November 26th will remain in my history as the Friday of all Fridays!

I had not one but three people sending me nudges (well literally kicking my ass) to reconsider my business and mindset.

And I had an epiphany… another one… I know, it feels like every other week Isaya has another epiphany…well… maybe I was (and still am) blind to so much in my life…By the way, the word epiphany comes from Ancient Greek and means “apparition” “becoming visible”, so literally I was blind and then I saw… Not to go for any biblical analogies here!

Anyway, Isaya, enough of the etymology discussion … To the point, Isaya, to the point.

A few weeks ago, I told you guys about letting go and the incredible power it holds.


It’s true.

And my recent epiphany comes to prove exactly that.

I let go of something that was really “valuable” to me. It felt right but also like a defeat. I wasn't feeling it so I postponed one of my new programs to an unknown date... Even if I strongly believe in it, even if I love it to bits... I'm still not feeling it NOW. 

So I gave myself permission to walk my talk (see my blog post here: and let go. Feeling lighter... And brighter! 

Wouldn’t you know, in the next hours (not days, not weeks) I was pushed by Divine Source (wearing the garments of Kris, Kristy and Joanna) to open up to so much, so more ease and joy and flow in my life and business.

There I was discussing with Kris and she asked a simple question (she does that so well, asking questions!)

“Why don’t you talk about Tech in your live streams on Facebook?”

And the answer, straight from my heart, was: “it’s too easy and nobody cares.”

Now obviously, and even my troubled self could hear it, this is straight BS.

If nobody cared about Tech in the online world.. Well the online world simply wouldn’t exist.

And “too easy” should be the one indication that I’m in my zone of genius (don’t have a clue about zones of genius ? Stop what you’re doing and read “The Big Leap” by Gaye Hendricks. It changed my life)....

Thus it should be pushing me even more to talk about and work on this Tech thingy…

So… the Tech…

What is it to me ?

When I was 13 years old, in 1980 (OMG!) my father brought home the most expensive gift he’d ever bought for the family. It was a personal computer, an Apple II. Ever since that day, I have had computers around me, And I have never stopped learning, practicing, enjoying, playing with these amazing devices. That gives me 40 years experience.

At some point I switched to Microsoft for ethical reasons.

I created my first website in 2001, when basically no one had a personal website.

I love doing Tech work.

It combines graphic design, copywriting,  puzzle solving, learning new skills, creating and so much more…

Tech was, is and will always be my thing.

I love it.

And I actually love overdoing it!

I am an AppSumo groupie (and if you don't know AppSumo, well, you don’t qualify as a Tech buff… And that’s OK, that’s what I’m here for!)

Now why have I NOT been talking about Tech?

Now this is the interesting part…

Because I was judging Tech, and my interest in it.

How do I judge it, you ask?

I can see myself judging it OUT of my income and life with statements like:

  • There is no way I can get paid lots to do that type of jobs (this is VA jobs or Fiverr jobs) 

  • It's ok to receive money, never ok to make money (big, big belief… And I know it might seem stupid, but I was really holding that close to my heart… People who “make big money” are bad, naughty, corrupt people. Safer to never make any money and stay on Santa’s nice list!)

  • It's way too easy…  and I recently realised that I was finding it easy but other people weren't…I h Leeab

  • I seem to believe it's “less than” spiritual work …

And immediately another voice asks … Why couldn't it be spiritual altogether ? Why couldn't this work be addressed to spiritual entrepreneurs?

But my twisted brain has another layer of crazy beliefs…

So… to be a really “good” person, by my own standards, I have to receive money only,  never make money, because making money with Tech is way too “easy” and “unfair” for the really poor people (I actually have just enough to survive right now)...And I can't make money because that would make me a bad person …OMGoddess.. So much crap… So much BS…

So just before the last Dark Moon, I did a lot of forgiving, a lot of tapping, a lot of cord cutting around the people who pushed these beliefs upon me, and the beliefs themselves  and a lot of letting go.

And I still am…

It's time to forgive and let go of these useless beliefs…

It's time to stop telling the story of the limitations…

It's time to dissolve the story of the difficulties…

It's time to give less energy and attention to my issues or problems…

It's time to start writing a new story.

And to start believing it.

Because mindset is everything.

Whatever the subject.

So I’ll follow my own advice!

And remind myself:

Few people know about Tech.

Few people find Tech easy and joyful.

Few people want to learn about Tech.

But everyone needs it in the online world.

And it doesn't have to be "boring" or "bland" .. Hey! just have a look at my desk from which I do both the Tech and the rest of my work! ... Tech can be colored and fun and joyful and easy!


Let me tell you how I can help you with Tech!

All through December I'm sharing FREE “Advent Calendar” with FREE Tech Tools to help you sort out stuff in your business. Just because I want to help!

And I’m going Live most days to discuss one or several of these tools… Find the Calendar here:

Now, if you’re looking for some individual help with your Tech, there are a few ways we can work together.

  • You can jump in one of my Tech Witchery packages for a month (or more) and we tackle one of your projects togetherFind more info here:
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  • Or you can join HER Enlightened Business Matrix, a 6 months container that starts in January 2022, where me and bestie Kris Wallace help budding female entrepreneurs create the foundations of your online business and launch it through a Summit experience... the intuitive feminine way! Here is a summary of what you will experience:
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    • Grow your audience and create a community
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    • Own your story to build your service
    • Learn more and apply here:

So much for today ...

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.

Thank you in advance for your comment.

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.











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