December 27


About values, Tech, beliefs and … more letting go!

By IsayaBelle

December 27, 2021

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So .. the Tech… This thing that I’ve been talking about for over a month non-stop now …

“But, Isaya, how come you “suddenly” talk only about Tech?”

Well.. As previously established (and you can read more about that here:, I’ve been a Tech buff (and friggin Tech Goddess) for over 40 years (OMG… Ok Isaya, you got this… Breathe!) But … It was my dirty little old secret…

You see I was convinced (subconsciously of course, that wasn’t obvious to my conscious mind!) that Tech was “below me”.

That my real (and exclusive) calling was to talk, mentor, write and coach around the Divine Feminine, Spirituality, Mindset, the Goddesses Archetypes and the like …

And don’t get me wrong, I intend to keep doing that … as I love it and believe that it is soo useful in today’s world… That so much healing can happen in the world when women “re-appropriate” and reclaim their femininity, their Yin way of being in all their glory.. Whether at work, in the bedroom or in motherhood or art…

Thing is … It is not the only useful topic I know a friggin lot about.

As I said, I’ve been learning about Tech and Computers and the Internet for over 40 years.

And I’m good at it. Like really, really good.

Not only at knowing, or even at doing it (whether for myself or for others)...

I’m also friggin good at teaching Tech, at making it simple for non-Tech buffs…

And I looove doing that.

And yes, there is also the rooted belief that if we are going to change the world, one woman at a time, we need the Tech skills, the online presence, the computer proficiency… And we need that mostly for spiritual women entrepreneurs who, as a rule, are not that talented nor adept of “all the Tech stuff”... And that is where I can really make a difference! This brings me so much joy!!!

So what was keeping me from ever mentioning it outside some very private circles?

Well.. my limiting beliefs. My own friggin blocks… or locks…

My certitude that Tech is “less than”, that it doesn’t deserve” me, that it’s “easy” for everyone (lol!), that it’s below me and my talents and at the same time not worth much…

Lol, lol and lol…

“And where the heck does that belief come from, Isaya?”

Well, that’s when it gets oh! so interesting (yes, for you too!)

Because ever since I had this epiphany, I’ve started digging… and OMGoddess what emerged…

All my life it seems, I’ve been complying to other people’s values.

I’ve been, against my better judgement, functioning with two "goals" (which are opposite, and that defo makes it even more ridikunkulous!)

  1. I did the things I did in life, I became who I became… to prove others wrong (by others, I mean mother, father, aunts, uncles, husband, in-laws and the like .. even friends!), to show them they were wrong when they doubted me, if they doubted me.

So… not really choosing my choices or making my own decisions, but rather reacting to other people’s comments.

  1. I did things in life, I was who I was to show people (yes, the same ones!) that I agreed to THEIR values (never really stopping to assess what MY values were in the world..Lol!) and their money blocks of course.

All that in order for them to … you guessed it … love me!

Can you see the absurdity of that?… Of course I wasn’t seeing it!

That’s why we’re talking about epiphanies here!

“And what were those values, pray Isaya?”

Well…First comes the very common “Work hard for the money”

Something easy and joyful would be considered “shallow” and “bad”.

So many people around me carry this belief, this abundance block.

I believe I already talked about that… But there is more!

Another hidden value I was carrying that I uncovered recently wasa around Spirituality and all things Woo-Woo.. And how I wasn’t owning being a natural energetic healer because, once again, of other people’s values and beliefs. The idea here being that all this Woo stuff is rubbish and mostly a scam, a con trick to swindle the masses…

Wait what?

Of course I'm torn.

Because my conscious belief is that we are, first and foremost, Souls who chose to incarnate in this time and place.

So holding both those beliefs (values) simultaneously would be painful, limiting and harrowing.

But what mostly comes to my mind today is that all this was me asking, hoping, dreaming of external validation, outer approval.

And compromising aloof my values to the point of not even remembering who I was, who I am.

This stops today. NOW.

Yesterday the Goddess Kali came to speak to me.

When She appears in my world, I know that shifts and changes and losses and revolutions are at foot.

So I stop defining myself by my victim story.

I break the chain of my past, whether from this life or from Ancient ones (a story for another day!) and pronounce myself free from other people’s beliefs and limiting thoughts.

I can be all of it.

I can own all of it.

I am a TooMuch Woman.

I am an Artist.

I am a Magico-Pragmatic Inspiration Mentor.

I am a Tech Coach for Spiritual Women Entrepreneurs.

I am a Goddess Teacher.

I am a Travelling Priestess.

I am a Sacred Retreats Facilitatrix.

I am an Energetic Intuitive Healer.

I am a magic Sacred Soul.

I am a Child of the Universe.

I am a Starseed of the Cosmos.

I am a Shard of Light of the One Source.

I am an incarnated Goddess

I am IsayaBelle.

As I am writing this on New Year’s Eve of 2021, I would like to extend the invitation to each and everyone of you to use this symbolic moment to follow me in letting go of all the burdens, limiting beliefs, misaligned values and generally crappy feelings and beliefs and move on into the New Year naked, raw and vulnerable, owning ALL of YOU.

Let’s declutter the stale, the old, the out-of-date, the obsolete versions of ourselves.

And march into 2022, glorious, renewed, unique, becoming ourselves more and more everyday.

Every year, nature and the calendar opens up this opportunity for each of us…

You can do this with a cleansing bath, some practical stuff decluttering (symbolic objects of what you’re letting go are best), a journaling ritual (write all the things you’re releasing and burn the paper), working with the Violet Flame, or any other method that works for you!

Just a side note, though…

Remember to let go and release the “good” stuff too…

Because the past is past and trying to hold on to the “goodness” of the past is still going to keep you trapped in memories and forbid you to live the present moment … and thrive NOW!

So … Enjoy the last moments of 2021.

Remember the bad, the good, the ugly.

Sing Auld Lang Syne in your shower.

And then release.

And if you haven't had the chance to do that before the clock strikes midnight …Breathe .. you can still do it in the beginning of 2022… No one’s counting!

So much for today ...

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.

Thank you in advance for your comment.

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


PS: oh and … About the Tech…

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  • Yep. I needed to read this today. Thank you, Isaya.❤️ I think I’m guilty of the same things and I’m letting go of it with 2021.

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