November 25


Giving thanks and letting go

By IsayaBelle

November 25, 2021

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So it's Thanksgiving week.
Here in France we have no clue.
And I know that in the US there are opinions about what the holiday means in terms of historic symbols and cultural appropriation.
Yet… I still feel the desire to do exactly what the word means.
Give thanks.
Sue me for cultural appropriation if you wish …
But it's no wonder that I feel called, since seasonally speaking, for us in the Northern Hemisphere, it is really the last moment of the year to give thanks for the harvest of this year, for all that was planted, and blossomed and grew, for all that failed as well...
Because Thanksgiving is also about letting go.
We enter now The Dark Night of the Soul part of the year, where we face ourselves in the dark labyrinth, meet our Shadows, strip to nakedness, and let go of everything that is now passed, good, bad, finished or not.
Everything has to go to make room for our new dreams and hopes and seeds to be planted freely next spring.
And we start dreaming a new dream.
In order to let go, to surrender with grace and joy I find myself more at ease with giving thanks first. 

Giving thanks for my successes, for the beautiful experiences I've been through this year, new friendships formed, business projects that succeeded, the new peace that I'm creating for myself daily... and so much more.
So yes... I'll give thanks for my joys and successes.
I also give thanks for my losses, for my mistakes, for my failures, for all the moments I was put in front of my flaws and defaults, and prompted to do better, to learn powerful lessons and to change the way I do life.
Finally I give thanks for all the places where I gave up, for all the unfinished projects, the ideas that never came to fruition, the plans that failed to come true, the uncompleted tasks and jobs.
I give thanks.
And allow for all to fall away from me, like leaves from a tree in autumn, painlessly and effortlessly.
I carry so much gratitude for all that I did or tried to do this year.
So much appreciation for the 2020 me who made all these plans.
So much thankfulness for the 2021 me who walked these paths.
Whether successful.
Or not.
Whether the outcome was good or bad or still not here.

And the more I express this gratitude, the more I am aware of that feeling, the more I can release all of that into the darkness.
And make room.
Make room for the new dream.
And I feel the fear, make no mistake.
The fear of facing my failures, the places I completely missed the “target”.
The fear of seeing my uncompleted projects and feeling the disappointment.
The fear of being judged for all that (and yes the hardest judge does live inside my head…)
And the fear of letting go of my successes, of what I feel I “have”, of my “I did it'' pride, of my “This is” me security…
But fear is not the master of me.
Not anymore.
So I give thanks for all and everything and I let go.

And I face the bare, the empty, the naked.
I face the vacuum and the darkness.
And I hold my heart for dear life.
And I remember that empty does not mean lacking.
I remember that I have enough.
I remember that I do enough.
I remember that I am enough.
I remember that lack is nowhere to be seen in my universe (lol!).
I remember that fear of lack is just fear.
And that I don't need to let it rule my life.
I have more than enough to let go of some.
I do more than enough to let go of some.
I am more than enough to let go of some.
Hey! I am the TooMuch Woman after all!
And aren’t we all TooMuch Women?

So today I let go.

I let go of the extra food.
I let go of the extra limiting beliefs.
I let go of the extra books.
I let go of the extra “shoulds”.
I let go of the extra clothes.
I let go of the extra fat.
I let go of the extra people.
I let go of the extra duties.
I let go of the extra stuff.
I let go of the extra fears.

I let go of the fear of lack.
I let go of the fear of the vacuum.
I let go of the fear of darkness.
And I feel lighter and brighter in the dark cave.

Whether these fears are truly, really mine, or whether they are inherited from past generations, or even from previous visits of my soul to Earth, I choose to let go today.

I choose to let go easily and joyfully of the fears of lack in all of myself, in all of my cells, in all of my beliefs, in all my emotions, in all my energy, in all my actions.
I choose to let go easily and joyfully of the fears of lack through all time, space and dimensions, in all directions, through all lifetimes and planes of existence.
Any behaviour, action or belief that is based on the fear of lack, I let go of, today.

And I come to understand …
There is no lack.
Smoke and mirrors.
Why would I believe I might “end up” in lack when all evidence points to abundance?
It's all abundance.
All over. All the time.
I can tap into that abundance anytime.
And feel the gratitude.
And give thanks.

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: if you feel this is your path, that you need help to let go of your past and fully step into your present, and into Radical Responsibility towards yourself, Absolute Self-Love and stop betraying yourself every chance you get, if you're ready to invest in yourself … I’ve got several spots for 1:1 coaching starting in December !

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