March 10


The fundamentals of vibration: Music changes EVERYTHING!

By IsayaBelle

March 10, 2023

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As many of you know, I’ve been a singer for most of my life and I believe singing to be a huge part of my healing and energy alignment practices.
But it’s more than just the singing. It’s everything about music and sound.
So I thought I'd write about sound, music and singing and give you some hints as how you can start practicing alone today to help your vibration stay in the heights! (musical theater nerd pun intended!)

Ever since the dawn of time, people have employed sound to elicit particular emotions in their listeners. People are affected by noises in various ways. A violin sounds considerably different than fingernails scraping a blackboard (unless it's being played by a 6-year-old, of course). A mother's lullaby can calm a disturbed child, shamanic drumming can induce trance, and marching bands can energize an army or sports team. To synchronize the listener with the rhythms of nature, the many ragas of Indian classical music are tuned to certain hours of the day or seasons.

You can align yourself with the vibrations that promote health, happiness, and harmony by listening to the proper sounds.

How to use sound for aligning your vibration? Today I’ll be discussing the use of music and not all the other ways sound can be used… I might talk about the other ways sound affects us some other time… So, let’s go… Four ways to utilize music to raise your vibration...

1. Listen to the music

So my first invitation for you is to listen to the music … and fully immerse yourself in sound, thus choosing the vibration of your days and nights. It can be music, of course, or any other type of sounds. You can listen to the different notes within the music of nature - birds singing, rain falling, waves crashing or wind through the trees. And if there is no nature around…. Find a playlist that has those sounds of nature and immerse! You can choose the atmosphere of a cold rainy afternoon by listening to upbeat music and dancing around your kitchen… or put some Chopin while writing poetry wrapped up in a cozy blanket. The musical choice will support your mood. It will "set the tone" quite literally.

I’m sure you’ve seen those videos titled "music matters" where a famous scene from a movie is played with an alternative music soundtrack, thus completely altering the meaning of the scene…
Like when the final scene and lift from Dirty Dancing is played to the opening credits of the Muppet Show… it does indeed change the atmosphere, making it more of a comedic scene.
Or when Darth Vador’s arrival to the Death Star is displayed with a rendition of Spandau Ballet’s song True… The scene takes a romantic, even quite sexy and very unexpected turn…
If you want to investigate more of that, you’ll find some fun explanations in this video called the power of music in film:

My point is that the same thing is true in life. If the only music I listen to is a depressing litany of sad love songs… There is little chance my life will feel happy and uplifting.
So yes, the music we listen to is paramount. And more widely, if I can cover the not so uplifting sounds in my life (cars, ambulance sirens, vacuum cleaners and the like..) with positive, beautiful and happy sound sand music… I will change the vibration around me and in me!

So choose your vibration with your playlists, tone your moods and make sure you cover up the nasty and only allow the good stuff to reach your ears and mind.
You can find quite a few uplifting playlists, some aligned with the seasons, the Wheel of the Year festivals or some particular mood or emotion I was craving at the time, on my Spotify profile
Give me a follow or create your personal ones… But please remember the importance of the "soundtrack of your life"!!

2. Listen to the words

In so much of the music available, there are also words… Again my invitation would be to choose what you’re listening to… And here it’s even more important since I believe the lyrics of any song that you hear are literally words of wisdom, love and reassurance from the Universe to you… Words addressed to you personally to lift you up and cheer you up, to inspire you and make you fell good, aka to raise your vibration. I just changed the playlist I was listening to while writing this article and Ray LaMontagne just started telling me how he (and I!) were Born to Love… And now the Staves are telling me I’m a Good Woman…

So choose your lyrics as well and dismiss anything that is depressing, sad, angry or mean.
Decide that every song your hear is words of love or wisdom for you. If you need more of those, you can follow me on TikTok where I share ONLY positive stuff, mostly in song… and treat each of my videos like DMs from the Universe to you.
And considering how many love songs have been written… Can you see the amount of times the Universe wants to remind you YOU ARE LOVED!!
So here’s my TikTok for some love reminders:

3. Produce sound

So now that you’re fully practiced in the listening… how about you try producing sound yourself? That means that the sound actually travels inside your body and resonates in each and everyone of your cells … Game changer!

Start with simply chanting. Just follow along some video or audio and do some vowel chanting. Do that alone or with friends or family, do it regularly and feel the effects! It requires no pitch or qualifications… Simply using your vocal chords to align your vibration...
You could try this simple 7 Vowel Sounds Guided Meditation which associates one vowel sound with a Chakra. It’s only 5 minutes long and oh so easy… but the results in well-being and vibration are impressive… Find it here:

If you’re feeling brave, you can even try chanting the OM sound (or AUM sound) with these people for 5 minutes for instance
On YouTube you can find Om Chanting videos from 1 minute to several hours I believe… So just give it a shot and see the results for yourself!
Again regular practice is everything… And though I keep repeating myself… Start today, start small, keep going…
Then maybe dare chanting longer mantras… There is a world of magic there too! (an article for another time!)

4. Sing

Well, of course I was going to suggest singing.
Singing changes EVERYTHING. Because now the notes, the vibrations that travel through each and everyone of you cells are HARMONIOUS… They have actually been composed to sound beautiful. And that means that they uplift everything (you may remember my theory that Beauty is a life changing experience… for each of us and for the world as a whole… if not, you could read this article:
So yes.
Everyday, every hour.

Alone. In groups. In choirs. In bands. In the shower. In the bus. In you car. While working. While exercising. While writing. While cooking. While doing dishes. With the radio. With Spotify. With the TV. At night. In the morning. In tune. Out of tune… Whether you know the lyrics or you make them up, or even just go da bada bada… Whether someone is listening or whether you are alone in the woods.
It doesn’t matter.
Just sing.
Not to be heard.
Not to "perform".
Not to be judged (don’t do that to yourself!!!)
Just to sing.
Sing as therapy.
Sing as a well-being practice.
Sing as an energy healing.
Sing as a ritual.
Sing as an act of self-love.
Just sing.

And watch your life transform!!

Now if you’re finding this difficult…
I’ve got a few tips.
a. Listen to more music (on Spotify, they give you the lyrics to help you!)
b. Start small, alone and dare not to judge yourself!
c. Get help…
So there’s many ways to get help in order to sing more and more confidently.
Join a choir, take lessons, sing wit a friend, go to karoake…
Or join me on TikTok …
There is an amazing Duet feature where awesome musicians invite you to sing and harmonize with you… search for a song you like and the words duet or sing along … Then record yourself with a backup singer and a pianist or guitarist… for free! You can delete and record again as many times as you like… Most people also share te lyrics on screen so no problem… And you DON’T have to share you videos publicly, simply save them as draft until you feel confident enough to share… and uplift other people’s mods and energy as well!!

No excuses.
Now you know the importance of sound and music for our vibration.
And you know how to curate tour soundtrack.
And how to get singing!
So get going!
And have fun!!!
Then come and tell me all about it!
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS1: If making small changes to uplift your life is something you’d like to investigate… Simply reach out to me to see if we’d be a match to work together.

PS2: More resources...
You can also find a very interesting article on How to Use Sound to Heal Yourself:

And a longer video on Vowels as Mantras and a practice chanting by Jonathan Goldman here:

PS3: And yes this is so much part of Living a Goddess Life.
Because every part of Living a Goddess Life is making sure my vibration is clean and up…
Since everything is energy, it’s all about my energy being high and up and happy… and music is such an EASY and joyful way to get there!

PS4: I couldn’t finish without a song… So here is the ultimate song for this article… Form the TV show Zoe’s extraordinary playlist (if you haven’t seen it… WATCH IT. ASAP.), a cover of a song called "Sing" … explains my point in music and under 2 minutes… Enjoy!

  • […] Let’s also beware of the choices we make in our genres of music… or the lyrics that we are inundated with… Maybe make sure that both music and lyrics carry positive vibrations and meanings…Yet we don’t have to choose one genre …We can change with every mood, every need of your Soul (or body), every season, every hour of the day. I often use music as a tool to calm myself down or lift myself up. I use it to soothe me to sleep at night, I use it to get me going in the morning, I listen to music to meditate and to connect with the Earth’s cycles… In fact it’s more that "a tool"… it’s THE tool for me to feel connected with the invisible and heal my Soul (and my body too, if we consider Vibration Frequency!… you read more about that aspect here: […]

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