April 21


What do you choose to look at ?

By IsayaBelle

April 21, 2017

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So I am an upcycling artist.

What ? Explain please …

That means that I create artworks and beautiful artistic objects using a lot f things YOU would have trashed, binned or discarded … (at least I choose to think so! Go and have a look on my shop page or here  for the artworks and shoot me a comment if you agree … or not)

I am also on a path to more abundance in my life, to manifesting more love, health and success in my life…

More about that some other time, suffice it to say … I love you Denise Duffield-Thomas … I love you too Gay Hendricks … Seriously, more about that later  (oh my Goddess I realize I have a humongous load of things I want to write about … Feeling so abundant!!)

Anyway … I have a problem … In order to upcycle, I have to actually KEEP trash… And everyone agrees that in order to manifest more abundance (more money to put it bluntly!) one has to DECLUTTER !

See the problem ?

I decided on a way to handle this problem… I AM decluttering anything in my life that is NEVER going to be used in any kind of art (old clothes, my kids toys, useless papers, etc) and, considering I have a house that is 1000m² (yes, I know, bu it is also a B&B !) there is a pretty giganormous mountain of decluttering going on!

BUT I keep, sort and organize (I looooove organizing, I know … It can be considered an mental illness!) anything that rings an arty bell, that gives me an idea of a creation …

As you can imagine … that mountain is also quite ginormous …

And it has to live quite close to where I create because it is inspiration …

Thus my creative space is … full. Crowded ? Messy ? Ugly ? Trashy ?

This is a photo taken from my chair.

That is what I’m looking at when I work.

Sure , as you can see, there is a lot. But the “trash into art” stuff is … BEHIND me!

I choose VERY CAREFULLY what I look at every second of my working hour …

Beauty, inspiration, healing stuff, crystals, artworks I love, rainbow colors, flowers, candles … my lucky gold coin, plus my BEAUTIFUL “informed water chakras colored water bottle” i9 (please ask about that, I’ll tell you all about it, I loooooove it!).

What are YOU looking at ?

It’s so little work and care to create a view of beauty” for yourself … and it changes EVERYTHING!

I keep saying that, I know, broken record but Beauty will change the world. It changed mine, it can change yours.

Sending love, light and gratitude,





  • I love this(!) ~ your blogs. They are like a mirror of what I feel. And I love the colors you surround yourself with. And…messy? I think not. You are far more organized that I am…..

    • Hello… I just read your comment .. I think you are the very first “unknown” person to comment on my blog. THANK YOU, my heart is so full of gratitude for your appreciation… Internet is such a crazy good invention … We get to touch so many people so far away … Thank you, thank you ! Today is my 50th birthday and I was thinking … should l keep on blogging ? Does that even interest anyone … And l read your comment … Amazing synchronicity … So I’m off to blog some more!

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