February 18


Ease and joy and making money

By IsayaBelle

February 18, 2022

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So, as you might know, I’ve been here.
By the sea.
On my own.
In the winter.
For a few weeks.
In a gorgeous newly renovated house I’m being offered for free.
The amount of joy, gratitude, and feeling blessed I am experiencing is over the top.
The beauty of the view, the salty air, the sunshine (yeah, well, that is Greece for you… Sunny even in February!), the aloneness, the peace… SOOOO much to enjoy (and remember my word for 20222 is enjoyment!)
I’m living my dream life.

Yeah, cool Isaya, but besides bragging, what’s your point here ?
I have two.

Point number 1: if I can, you can too…
I am nothing special.
I am a human.
I am an embodied Soul.
I am a TooMuch Woman.
I am a Child of the Universe.
I am a Starseed of the Cosmos.
I am a Shard of Light of the One Source.
I am an incarnated Goddess.
As are you.
And if you can dream it… you can do it.
Just remember to dream as big and as bold as you can.
Place your “order” to the Universe… Get these affirmations in place!
And then expect it to happen.
Because it will.
A few steps might accelerate the process…
Work on your mindset.
Declutter your life like a mofo (objects, people, beliefs, get rid of anything that is not aligned with your vision).
Give yourself permission to get there.
Celebrate all of your successes however big or small.
And breathe, trust and enjoy the journey.
It’s happening.

Point number 2: it’s exactly that enjoyment and celebration that will bring more of the same… as in Like Energy Attracts Like Energy…
Let me tell you about what is happening to me…
Last week I signed my first client for the new branch of my business, a branch that I didn't even think was something I could make money from just 3 months ago.
Why ? Well .. Because It's way too easy (lol!)
And indeed it has been so easy, transitioning to working on the Tech side of business with Spiritual Entrepreneurs... So fun and easy.
So (of course!) I resisted it. So hard.
Until the amazing Kris Wallace asked that simple question: Why don't you do that?
And my answer was .... Because it's too easy.
After a long hard laugh, I gave myself permission …
I tapped the crap out of these limiting beliefs.
And put myself out there.
And wouldn't you know it...
Here come the ideal paying clients…
In ease, in joy, with no pushing, no hard work…

The moment of truth was last week when I did NOT send an offer because I felt the price was too low... and I was over-delivering (one of my classic self-sabotages!).
This time, I stopped in my tracks, course corrected... And sent an offer with double my prices (while mostly shitting my pants!).
The client answered a sounding yes.
Yes, it can be that easy.
Yes it can be that fun.
Yes It can make me double the money.
This is what a wealthy Tech Goddess looks like.

And I’m certain that both “circumstances” go hand in hand.
Me being in the enjoyment.
And me getting the clients.
Like Energy Attracts Like Energy.
That shit works.

And please remember to refer to point number 1 …

So little by little I’m adding more Tech offers to my palette/ curriculum of offerings, 1to1, group courses and freebies…
A short review if you’re interested…

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Wow… Not that short!

That’s me teaching by example.
I'm "finally" transitioning my coaching and teaching business career towards more and more Tech ... Although I've been working on and with computers for more than 40 years, I was shying away from really owning it...
Today ... I'm a Tech coach for spiritual online entrepreneurs, I help them untangle the tech and rock the online world while remaining sane and true to themselves!
And I’m not saying that I’m leaving life coaching and business coaching and Goddesses behind… I am the TooMuch Woman and I can own it all.
As much as I enjoy !
So my career is more and more an "original one".
I'm a 54 years old spiritual and creative woman…
Not your traditional Tech person…
But something you might not know about me .. is that I owned my first computer at the sweet age of 13 … in 1980, when no else did! I've been playing with these toys and having fun ever since and created my first website from scratch in 2001!
And I believe I can be of so much help to a certain type of female spiritual or creative online entrepreneurs that have both mindset issues around the Tech AND the Tech itself... and usually don't relate to a "classic" Tech young man…

The path I’ve taken (and still walk upon) my whole life is one of curiosity, learning and allowing for more, more fun, more joy, more knowledge and skills… Who knows where it will lead me now…
So let’s remember together…
Yes we can change anything.
Yes it can be fun.
Yes it can be easy.
Yes we can be successful now, just the way we are…

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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