Isaya's Web Design Special Offer Package

This is a very Special Package for Website Design, Creation and Maintenance.

Get your own, custom designed Wordpress Website with 12 months maintenance and Learn to do it yourself Tutorials for less than 1500€.

Isaya is both Techy and Spiritual

Isaya is a Tech coach for spiritual online entrepreneurs, and helps them untangle the tech and rock the online world while remaining sane and true to themselves!

Having worked on a computer for more than 40 years and having had a Spiritual Coaching online business for more than 10 years... She accompanies women in the re-connection to themselves, nature and the Universe. And she knows all the tools, loves sharing her knowledge and her peeps frequently call her The Tech Goddess!

Special Offer features

Let's break it down.. What's in the box?

The Plan

Recommendations for a “mapping out" of your website. We take the time to discuss what your needs are and how your website can be truly unique to you.

The Result

A website of maximum 10 pages designed on Thrive Themes and hosted on Wordpress (does not include domain, hosting or the installation of Wordpress).

The perks

Your website will be mobile responsive and cross-browser compatible.

The  Bonus

Tutorials and Website Design Coaching (6 hours included)

The follow-up

Updates and Maintenance, as well as Legality and Compliance during the first year are included in the contract.

The Plus

The Special Offer includes 3 revisions. Please understand that edits are not complete makeovers, just tweaks to the original design.

What's Special?

Your website will be created using the Thrive Themes Suite, which is, to my opinion, the best group of Wordpress Plugins today, which are fully customisable, yet so easy to learn and master.Thrive Themes also incorporates the possibility to host your own Online Course Platform, Membership site and create Amazing Quizzes. Thrive Themes usually comes with a yearly membership, which Isaya is gifting you for the first year. This will give you time to learn how to take care of your website on your own, also helped by the 6 hours of included tutorials!

Important Notes

The subscription to Thrive Themes is included for 1 year (12 months) after the site goes live.

At the end of the year, it’s up to the Client to subscribe her own Thrive Themes Membership (using Isaya’s affiliate link), or to make a new contract with Isaya for continued maintenance and updates to the website, or to cancel Thrive Themes altogether and choose other solutions (in which case the website becomes non modifiable). 

Limits to the Maintenance Contract

The Content Marketing Services and SEO or anything not specifically mentioned during the first year are NOT included in the contract.

Your Pages

The 10 pages will be decided with the Client but will have to include the legal and compulsory ones (Terms and Conditions, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, 404 page, Home) and cannot include a Course platform Page (using Thrive Apprentice) or a Quiz (using Thrive Themes Builder), or a whole shop using Woo Commerce which are considered additional features and will mean additional cost. It is possible to book extra features, please reach out for a conversation.

Kristy Iris

Isaya is the tech witch. She has a magical way of transforming baffling tech into a useable friend. I especially love how empowered I felt after ten minutes of her walking me through what I couldn’t figure out on my own and with tech support for 2 months. Total magic!

Conscious Creative Connecting Home & Soul

EVen if you're not techy!

Grow Your Online Business Faster and Better

Pricing Plan for the

Web Design Special Offer Package

The Web Design Special Offer Package has a Special Price as well! Here's how it breaks down:

for Website



for 12 months Maintenance


Total Price


The payment can also be divided into 6 payments, with a monthly payment of 236€

And remember... Everything can be customized !