The Tech Goddess Academy

"Having worked on a computer for more than 40 years (OMGoddess, am I aging or what !!) and having had an online business for more than 10 years... I know all the tools, love sharing my knowledge and my peeps frequently say that I'm a Tech Witch Goddess!"

Isaya Gabriel

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Get your Socials ready for Business


Isaya clarifies the steps to creating a Social Media global appearance that is serving your business !

- lasts around 90 minutes

-  in depth explanation (with tutorials and shared screens) on how to prep your Social media presence and optimize it for business!

This approx 60 min. Masterclass was recorded Live.

Mercury Retrograde


Listen to the Masterclass and learn everything you need to take advantage of the period and take leaps forward!

If you want to know how to take advantage of what is present, prepare for it in serenity, and bounce back with joy,
If you want to learn the 3 essential elements which are always the same, the 7 ways you can use the period and the real benefits that are present each time, 
If you are ready to "nail" your Mercury Retrograde periods, and to align your energy with the flow rather than against it,

Create a Passive Income Product


In 60 min, create, promote and get ready to sell, from scratch, a Passive Income Product, without a website, cart or email provider!
We work together (or you can watch me work!) and create a Passive Income Product (PDF, Paying Webinar Invitation, Video file, Audio file or Image file) and get it ready to sell...
So you can start earning money while you sleep!

This approx 60 min. Masterclass was recorded Live.

Get Organized

4 days workshop

Planning and organization are often a"problem" for creative women .. If that's you ... I’ve got the right thing for you !

4 days to Get Organized!

Change your days from stormy waters to smooth sailing !

This workshop is choc-a-block full of info and implementation ideas to change your life in just 4 short days … an hour a day maximum!

The workshop was recorded live. Contains more than hours of video teachings and a 20 pages PDF Workbook.

Learn and Master Apprentice 4.0

Extensive Course

Master this amazing tool and create your online courses and online school asap ... the fun, creative way! With Apprentice, create Simple Courses, Drip Courses or even Memberships... the simple, no hard Tech way!

Learn how to :

Install platform on your website

Create 4 courses ( 1 long course - 1 video masterclass - 1 PDF freebie- 1 paid PDF/audio/video)

1 introductory 60 video for installation

4x40 minutes LIVE tutorials+ 20 min Q&A (ie 60 min tutorial and coaching)

This course can be taken solo or as part of a group with a 50% discount

6 Tech tools I recommend 


6 tools worth paying for to grow your online business and thrive!

 14 pages e-book with thorough description and explanations of the 6 Tech tools I believe will help you grow your online business to a higher level. Yes, they are paying tools … and I will also explain why you should be paying for them!

In this e-book, finally find how to create a complete online business Tech environment that will propel your business to new heights while still keeping you in control of your budget ... and keeping you from going crazy!!

The tools I recommend are EASY to learn and use so you can rock the online world while remaining sane and true to yourself!

Womb Business 


Welcome to a new way to do calendar, to do life, to do business! Aligned, feminine, colored, cyclic... I call that Womb Business!

Learn how to :

Use Google Calendar in a feminine, creative and aligned way

Organize your life and business according to your cyclic nature.

This approx 60 min. Masterclass was recorded Live.

Online Business Success Series 101

5 Masterclasses


5 days. 5 masterclasses. 2 teachers. Rocking Mindset. Tackling Tech

In collaboration with Kris Wallace.

5 days to tackle Mindset around Visibility and Post creating in Canva