February 10


The BS excuses and the price we pay

By IsayaBelle

February 10, 2022

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So …
Now that we’re almost mid February … It finally seems like the year has started…
And at the same time… you might well be feeling some resistance and/or some procrastination looming over you.
And you’re kinda waiting for 2022 to start “really” before you get seriously involved.
But I invite you to have a good look at the cost of that for your life.
And your business.
Concerning the Covid crap, we now have to decide that we simply cannot stay another year on stand-by or wait for the whole pandemic situation to be finally over BEFORE we get on with our lives and businesses…
Because the cost is immense.
Financially and otherwise.
Yet, for many of us, there is a temptation to wait and see.
I’m here to tell you that it’s time.
If you’re a spiritual entrepreneur… NOW is the time when the world needs you.
If you’re an online spiritual entrepreneur or you’re considering pivoting online… NOW is the time when you can really be of service.

And we might have been using Mercury Retrograde as a second excuse not to get really start moving in 2022.
But hey!, great news… Mercury Retrograde is over now!
So.. Let’s get going!
Have you taken the time to dream your 2022?
Have you taken the time to really map it out?
Have you taken the time to get it organised?
Have you taken the time to plan the crap out of 2022 ?
And more than that as a matter of fact.
Do you have a system in place in your life?
Do you have routines and habits and rituals that are supporting you and making you happy?
Or are you living on a prayer (yes, I can hear Bon Jovi as well!), cruising life on spontaneity and wishing for the best?
And failing to reach that “best happy ever after”.
And procrastinating.
And feeling bad about yourself.

I used to be that person.
I used to believe that anything spontaneous had value and anything planned was boring.
I used to let the rebellious teenager in me rule my world and drive my car into the wall of disaster…
I used to believe that the words organising and planning only meant “constraints, restraint, obligations, obedience” in the words of a client.
So I rebelled against all that.
I dreamt of a 100% spontaneous life, a life made on impulsive decisions and instinctive choices…
Guess what?
Nothing I desired came true.
Nothing I was dreaming of took place.

What happened was that I fell into the “Victim of the Universe” trap.
“Nothing ever comes true for me, my dreams always fail, I don’t have enough time to do all the things I want to do, things never work out for me, I’m overwhelmed, I can’t get a break, I simply can’t be successful, it’s like I don”’t deserve it, the Universe has it against me…”
That was my inside talk.
Fun, ain’t it?
No, it wasn’t.

The truth is that I was creating that reality for myself.
As we all do.
I was organising that life and those feelings for me.
I was designing myself an unhappy life … just to comply with my beliefs around organisation and planning.

I dug deeper.
I understood that this was my creation, that I simply needed to give myself a chance to create a different life, a different belief, a different set of feelings to feel.
I decided to envision a life that I would love, build a life that would suit my plans and create the results I wished for.
And I did.
I am writing this in Greece, in a house by the sea where I’m spending 3 weeks (for free!) working alone “with a view”... Which has been my dream for years.. I planned the crap out of my life to make that happen.
And mind you, this is just the beginning!
Oh and by the way, I’m 54 years old… So it’s never too late to start!

Because there was an underlayer to all that.
I did not plan my life. I did not have any plans.
But other people had plans.
For themselves.
That included me.
Whether I liked it or not.
So I ended up being part of their plans.
And feeling even more unhappy.

And just so I make myself clear.
Yes I am advocating for planning and organising.
Yes I am pleading for designing a life that YOU like, that suits YOUR plans and creates YOUR results.

No, I am not saying that we should never be impulsive, spontaneous or intuitive…
First of all, the best laid plans are based on intuition, on listening closely to the voice that knows inside your belly. Not to some cookie cutter organisation guru (including me!) explaining how we should organise our lives.

And, because I'm a TooMuch woman and why shouldn’t I, I also believe that following your intuition and impulses once in a while will bring joy and happiness too!!

Yet this is not the same as resisting ALL the plans and ALL the organisation.
Which, to me, is like shooting yourself in the foot before you start walking, as we have established by now.

So …
What am I saying here?
I’m saying you SHOULD plan.
I’m saying that if you resist it, that is EXACTLY WHY you should plan.

Hear me out, you should plan. Not let someone plan FOR YOU.
And maybe you have no clue how to.
Then… you need to learn!

And here I am … ready to help you out.

Because I have been educating myself about planning and organisation for years now.
I’m a fan.
And I’ve been practicing.
Like a lot. And created solutions, invented ways and came up with ideas.
I have skills!
Today, my life is a planner’s dream!

I also have tips, tricks, techniques, ideas, alternatives and possibilities by the dozen !
I have templates, hacks, methods and some sweet secrets to help YOU out!

And I’m giving some away for free!
It’s still time to join my Free Get Organised 4 days workshop.
This workshop is choc-a-block full of info and implementation ideas to change your life in just 4 short days …

And it’s free !
To get the Workbook, the replays and play along ... Opt-in to my email list here: https://isayabelle.com/get-organized

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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