February 25


Running a Womb Business

By IsayaBelle

February 25, 2022

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I’m a woman.
And as a woman, I am of cyclic nature.
I’m not even going to explain what I mean by that today.
I’ve been discussing the topic for several years now…
So you can go and have a look at other blog posts that address this question.
Like here: https://isayabelle.com/cyclic-women-meet-your-archetypes
Making a choice to align with the energy available for me in my body, connecting with the Archetypes of the cycles of my body, of the Moon above and the Earth below, that is what living a cyclic life is all about.
In fact, that is what I mean by Living a Goddess Life on a daily basis.

Cyclic and aligned...

This knowledge, this understanding (this remembering?) and this way of living has changed everything in my world.
It means I know why my energy seems to go up and down, why my vibration is calling me outwards or inwards… and when.
I love dancing with the Archetypes of my menstrual cycle, from the dynamic and fearless Maiden, towards the nurturing and creative Mother, to the magic and emotionnal Enchantress and finally the wise and still Crone.
I love experiencing in my body (even my post menopause body) the cycle of life, death and rebirth.
I love connecting with the twin cycle of the Moon above.
I love feeling Mother Earth undergoing the same cycle, albeit in a slower and deeper way, with each season representing one of those Archetypes.
I love being in a constant state of flux, moving from one phase to the next.
Because I know that the hidden or rejected Feminine Archetypes of society are the most powerful to get to know because we are unfamiliar with them and their power. The Maiden and the Mother are feminine archetypes that are most prevalent and accepted in our society, but not so much the Enchantress or the Crone.
But each phase comes with blessings, each Archetype comes with super powers (and some weaknesses, or “watch out” points) … Each is a part of me, a quarter of me, if you want !… Just not at the same time!

The four basic Feminine Archetypes

For a longtime, I didn’t realize the true super power of that aligned consciousness… I understand now that it lies … in my business.
I am a woman. And a solopreneur, for now.
So I make my own schedule.

One day, I thought…
What if I could use the different Archetypes to optimise the work I do, the organisation I choose in my online business, and the schedule I create for myself?
What if I could plan a Womb Business?
Well… I did.
I do.
I have made a plan to harness the various energies, qualities and super powers of each Archetype to their fullest for an optimal business plan!
And being the Tech and Creative Goddess… I came up with a way to infuse my Tech tools with this aligned energy, to let it wash over all the bits of Tech in my business…
But the most crucial one is my Calendar.
I use an online Calendar (Tech Goddess here!).
As a matter of fact I also use a pen and paper one … Why I use 3 agendas, planners or calendars is a story for another time… It has everything to do with my slight obsession with planning… and my being a devoted member of the Stationary Addict Anonymous Society.

The table I'm working on these days... Stationary Addict Anonymous anyone?

So I use the Google Calendar (I’m a Google fan anyway, so many great free tools!!)
Now I found ways to merge my cyclic knowledge, my creativity, my love of color, my planning obsessions into creating a truly unique way to visualise my days, weeks and months in my Google Calendar.
And it’s not just for the “pretty” calendar.
It’s not just for “visual clarity”.
It’s mostly to be able to feel into the energy of the day, week or month when I plan my business moves, my masterclasses, my events, my vacations, etc…
Because I can see what energy is available… I can plan accordingly.
The benefits of that in my business and life have been.. Out of this world!
I wouldn’t even believe you if you told me how much that would change the way I FEEL in my days!
And the productivity… OMG the productivity!!

It’s kind of difficult to explain what I mean, I know. It’s a very “visual” kind of explanation.
That’s why I decided to create a Free Masterclass on how I Use Google Calendar in a feminine, creative and aligned way to organise my life and business according to my cyclic nature.
Feeling interested?
It’s happening on March 2nd, 7pm UK time
In my free Living a Goddess Life Facebook Group.
Now if you want the workbook so you can adopt the principles and create your own Womb Aligned Business Signup here: https://bit.ly/3BP996g

This is what my Calendar looks like ... Creative and Aligned!

Now, just so you don’t think I’ve now completely turned on you … Let me tell you about some magic around all this Tech … I’ve heard recently about something called Human Design.I’m not at all a specialist, not even a real connoisseur of it. But I was told I’m a Generator. Very succinctly put, it sees that this category of people are more “successful” and happy when they “answer a demand”.
Which to tell you the truth felt like a bummer for me.
I felt like I had to “wait” for a demand, instead of creating stuff based on my intuition, my Divine Downloads, my creativity and my ideas…
After having a good look around, I suddenly saw it.
All the decisions that I made that led to me opening to teaching more Tech in my business…
All those decisions were prompted by … a demand…
Someone asking me about a tool…
Someone asking me about the way I deal with this or that…
Someone asking me how I created this or that…
By desiring to answer those questions and demands.. I created a whole new branch to my business…
Total Generator.
Wouldn’t you know?
I love it when the Universe is facetious and teaches a double lesson…
So I learnt that I could be both Spiritual and Techy.
AND I learnt that I could be creative AND answer demands.
Thank you Universe.

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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