January 15


Word for 2020, intentions and goals… Which Goddess are YOU listening to this year?

By IsayaBelle

January 15, 2020

Hello beautiful friend,

At the start of 2020 I begin by wishing you the happiest year of your life… so far !!

May each month be a source of new beginnings, may each week bring new and joyful surprises, may each day be the first of your new life, may each hour carry the promise of happiness, may each minute hide a treasure of serenity, may each second be a spark of positive energy.

And then I come to tell you about resolutions, good or bad, of these decisions that we make at the start of the year and that we keep, when everything goes well, for a few weeks or a few months ...

It has been at least 20 years since I have chosen to make these resolutions no more, to no longer confront myself with these programmed failures that decisions taken quickly on a happy December 31st or a comatose January 1st undoubtedly presage.

In their place, I opted for the selection of a word.

This word replaces New Year's resolutions. It's a word that embodies what you want to be / think / feel / do for this new year that begins.

Something that you can apply in small steps throughout the year instead of a concrete goal that involves failure or success.

It's a theme, a lantern in the dark, your guiding light.

But how do you choose this word? Here are some tips that can help you find the word that will carry you forward this year, that will support you, that will do you good, that will guide you…

1. Ask yourself what you need in your life now. Right now and at the start of the new year, what do you need? My word is almost always formed from this question. If the first word doesn't immediately resonate with you, check with a thesaurus and see if any of the words associated with it do. Ask yourself the qualities that can help you become who you want, to achieve what you need.

2. Make a list of words that resonate (or read my list below ...) Write down all the words that are calling you right now. It can be random words, don't think about it too much, just let the words come out and flow.

3. See if your goals for the year share a common idea. Write down your goals. If you are someone who likes to set lots of goals or resolutions, write them all down and see if there is a theme connecting them. Maybe your word needs to be "motivated" so you can tackle all of these things and do them, or "fit" to get you to move more.

4. Think about the qualities or traits that are important to you. Who do you want to be? I think it's common to want to turn a new page at the start of the year. Can you name several qualities that you want to cultivate in yourself? What characteristics do you want to bring into your life? Let your word inspire you to become that person.

5. Don't over-think, don't think too much. It sometimes takes a while to become clear. I usually start thinking about my word in the middle of December and sometimes it doesn't come to me until mid-January. You will know it when you find it.

6. Let the word come to you, let it find you. If there is a word that you just feel attracted to - even if it doesn't seem to make sense right now, make an act of faith and go for it, choose it!

This year ... I had no words. Lots of possibilities presented themselves to me, but nothing seemed to stick, no word really appealed to me, none seemed to contain everything that attracts me this year ...

So I waited ...

A few days ago, during a day dedicated to dreaming, planning, organizing and creating our year 2020 with a wonderful group of women on their way to empowerment, during a meditative work where we were looking for what value, what atmosphere, what color we wanted to give to our year 2020, came to me the following words, in that order and very quickly ...







And voilà.

A certainty.

This year my word will be turtle.

An animal which moves forward at its rhythm but with constancy, without haste, which does not deviate from its goal, symbol of wisdom, courage, tenacity and perseverance ...

The oldest figuration of planet Earth, of the goddess Gaia, allegory of the world for the Chinese, symbol of luck for the Japanese, the turtle has a shell which teaches us how to protect us from injuries, from the envy and lack of conscience of others.

This shell, which is also its home, its protective shield, travels with it, and the turtle knows the wisdom of traveling light!

The turtle encourages me to continue on my path with determination and serenity. Although it moves slowly on land, the turtle (tortoise) is also incredibly fast and agile in the water.

Peace, roots, patience, these are the virtues of the turtle.

It's up to me to embody them this year which for me will be that of the end of a cycle, it's up to me to be inspired by the turtle, its tenacity and its peace and quiet, it's up to me to find my right rhythm, to slow down if necessary in order to better arrive on time.

The turtle teaches me to align with the cyclical flow of life and demonstrates that the quickest path is not necessarily the best because ideas take time to develop properly. The turtle teaches harmony of the earth and attracts me to all that is honest, good and abundant.

And it is therefore with Gaia that I will spend the year first and foremost ... I'll talk to you about that soon!

And you ?

Below is a list of words, which I hope can inspire you in your choice.

Have fun finding the perfect word for you this year! And tell me!

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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And here is the list… in the form of a colored cloud!

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