February 1


Poetic Presentations, Aphrodite

By IsayaBelle

February 1, 2020

I am the Romantic Lover, the Magnet, the Mistress and the Seducer,

I am the Lover, the Sensual, the Sexual, the Passionate and the Courtesan,

I am the first chakra, the root of your being,

I am Venus, the planet of a thousand beauties

I am Friday, a day of relaxation and celebration,

I am the cocoon of your creative egg,

I am the number 9, that of eternal youth, of permanent renewal,

I am the red of your blood, which marks your sex and punctuates your life,

I am the pink of romantic love, the blue of the sea of which I was born,

I am the white of the foam whose name I bear,

I am the swan, graceful and noble, the beautiful and sweet dove,

I am the golden apple, the laurel and the rose, flower of beauty and sensuality,

I am the shell, which hides a beauty secret,

I am the mirror of your inner being, the hidden side of your inner beauty,

I am the Femme Fatale, the Manipulator, the shadow of your beauty too,

I am Self-Love, I transcend narrow notions,

I am Beauty and Grace, the muse of your creative inspiration,

I am water, fluid and sensual, cleansing and powerful, healing and changing,

I am each of your senses, exacerbated and irresistible,

I am the one who demands passion and fascination from you,

I am the alchemical goddess, the balance of yin and yang,

I am the extrovert who dares passion, beauty and love,

I am sometimes lost in my love of myself and become insensitive,

I am your vulva and your vagina, your sex and your uterus,

I am the face of your self-confidence, the inspiration of your creative desires,

I am the bright and precious emerald,

I am romance and eroticism, I influence the arts and inspire your creative spark,

I am the sea and the ocean, the purifying salt water, the salt of life,

I am Love.

I am Aphrodite.

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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Do you feel love is something for other people ?

I see you.  THAT is when you need assistance from Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of Love and beauty.
Assistance in listening to your inner Goddess and taking time to walk the path of beauty, the path of the lover, assistance in going back to the basics of love, in giving love a chance to change your world and reconnecting with your “loving muscles” and the magic of love.

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