January 8


Isaya, the butterfly returns

By IsayaBelle

January 8, 2021

And so, discreetly 7 months have passed since my last podcast, since my last article on this blog.

Life has taken over ... Or rather, death since these few months have been in a period of mourning for the death of my father.

I come back to you today, full of new enthusiasm, refreshed, regenerated by this absence, emptied and full at the same time ...

The return of the butterfly

Like the caterpillar / butterfly emerging from its cocoon, after a long process, a long journey in the dark, I open my eyes again. I slowly extricate myself from my gangue and begin the cleaning process that will allow me to unfold my wings and become a full butterfly.

Like this caterpillar, like this butterfly in the making, today I embody change… And as you may know, change is not always pretty… Very often, like during a birth (a rebirth here !), the goal for the butterfly that leaves its shelter, is to wash itself, to detach itself from the caterpillar and the cocoon.

If I abandon this metaphor here for a moment to explain myself more clearly, I mean that this moment in my life is the one where I let go, where I give up, where I cleanse myself of my past, of the limiting beliefs that held me back, that have kept me a caterpillar.

I choose today, after a few months of gestation in my shell, in my shelter, in the darkness of my cocoon, to go out again in the open air. I choose to put my two feet on the ground, take a deep breath and prepare for flight.

And to prepare myself, to prepare my wings for flight, I choose now, in this moment of time conducive to new beginnings, to eliminate from my life and my daily dwellings all the limiting beliefs that do not really belong to me.

And I also choose to let go of the perfectionist belief that has cost me so dearly in the past and kept me from flying ever so often.

Word of the year

Besides, my word for this year is the word flight… it just jumped out at me! If you want to know more about this idea of words of the year, how I choose it and how you can choose it too, I invite you to go read on my blog the article on this subject. Just click here.

This year, I chose two words, since the word quicksilver imposed itself to me! It is an ancient synonym for Mercury (in Greek Hermes), this God and this extravagant metal, half liquid half solid, remarkably mobile, often called androgynous, symbol of change, magic, travel and curiosity. It is also associated in numerology with this year 2021, a year 5, which is Hermes’s number.

But back to our butterflies ...

I spoke earlier about this time being ideal for beginnings. In fact I am writing this article a few days before the Dark Moon of January 2021. Beginnings or new beginnings are often appropriate at the start of the year ...

What's more, the Dark Moon period, just before the New Moon, is a particularly good time to let go of the debris of our old life in the dark. To let go of our old beliefs, people, objects, ideas, now obsolete, which no longer bring us joy or contentment.

This is why I am leading this Wednesday, January 13, for my French peeps, a dark circle, a very special circle of women, a circle of letting go, of renunciation; of giving up. This circle is part of my French membership, called Color of Goddess circle. I am considering opening an English membership … tell me if you would be interested to join and transform your life, one circle at a time.

Bye-Bye Perfection

As for me, what I choose today to let go is my perfectionism, this idea that I have always carried with me, and which weighs on me a little more every day, this idea that everything I undertake must be perfect. I let go of the belief that only perfection in each of my endeavors will bring success, this bar far too high to cross that keeps me awake and forces me to relentlessly improve every aspect of my life.

I choose today to let it go.

And I will be posting this article and the audio version on my podcast without over thinning it and over doing it, not spending more time and energy on it than the amount that brings me joy.

I am, indeed, every day a little more convinced that we are each the creator (or creatrix) of our lives. And I invite you not to hear this sentence in a metaphorical way. What I mean here is that literally, my intentions, my beliefs, my demands to the Universe materialize in my world, in my life on a daily basis.

So when I say that I leave my perfectionism in 2020, that I do not take it with me in 2021, that I choose joy, ease and flow in place of perfection, I know that from now on , joy, ease and flow are on their way to me and I to them.

Creative, always

I am the creatrix of my life: every thought, every idea, every emotion, on which I focus becomes my reality.

Of course, stating that very fact, I give up considering myself as a victim of circumstances, a poor little thing tossed about by the universe, from catastrophes to tragedies, from accidents to fatalities. I repudiate the victim, the martyr, and take full responsibility today for everything that happens in my life.

Nothing in my life happens to me, everything happens for me.

If you too want to test this feeling of empowerment, to learn to enjoy your life in every moment because you create it, minute by minute in joy, ease and flow, I invite you to join my Facebook Group, Living a Goddess Life, where creative, divine, women dwell and  create their lives following their ideas, dream their years to come and become the one who chooses… You can click here for more info…

I'll be happy to hear from you on these few big ideas. Thank you in advance for your comments.

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.


PS: In case you have any questions .. Of course “there is a goddess for that” and that would be Demeter, Goddess of creativity! It's her little character who appears in every photo in this article!

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