April 14


I’m in Japan… Seriously ???

By IsayaBelle

April 14, 2017

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So I’m in Japan.

And my “almost coach” Joanna Hunter said… Have your tribe live vicariously through you…. take them to Japan with you … Post about your trip, your food, etc …

So I decided I would.

Here are a few beautiful photos of Japan … a magnificent though tiny Japanese garden … I loved walking around it …

There was even a blossoming tree (might well have been a cherry tree!!) Beautiful isn’t it ? I am really impressed at how different things are over here …

So I’m a big fat liar, on top of being lazy and old !

These photos were taken on March 18th in France, in the south west of France, in a beautiful medieval city called Pau.

I was visiting there (it’s 2 hours away from my “middle of the country” house!) and spending part of the weekend with a bunch of my besties ! I WILL write about this women circle at some point!


This is indeed a Japanese garden, a tiny one that was created by Japanese gardeners in honor of the twinning of their city with Pau.

So why did I post these today ? Well …

I’m both a VERY lazy and VERY “live in the present moment” woman.

I will be turning 50 years old in a month. I’m in Japan for the first (last ?) time of my life. I want to ENJOY, visit, soak up every minute, every second of it … I don’t want to “loose” time writing …

So I decided to keep you posted … before leaving!!!

I’m not sure I  will be posting photos seriously from Japan, and I didn’t want to disappoint you people!

PLUS … Because there is a plus …

You DON’T REALLY NEED to live vicariously though me …

Maybe, like for myself, Japan is just two hours away… Maybe you can find, very near you, something that will have you travel far in your imagination and joy … some Japanese restaurant … clothes shop from Japan … anything.

And if it’s not Japan, you get the idea here … Maybe the “exotic” supposedly unattainable or too expensive is just around the corner …

Go have a look! Don’t just live vicariously through anyone.

Live. Now. Abundantly. Enjoy what is.

Or create something better !

Sending love, light and gratitude (from Japan!!)








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