April 28


Am I super trendy ? Or just unknown and burying my head in the sand ?

By IsayaBelle

April 28, 2017

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So … I sent my second ever newsletter three days ago …

To ALL the lovely peeps on my mailing list … ALL 18 of them …

10 of them being my family and even myself (to check how it looks and feel some pride…)

Of course not many reactions… I considered sending myself a congrats email …

What’s my problem ? Well I’m trying to build an online biz here … and EVERY coach and/or marketing specialist will tell you … YOU NEED A MAILING LIST … YOU HAVE TO BUILD A MAILING LIST … (thank you Joanna Hunter)

Four months into my biz, I have a beautiful branded website, I blog once a week, share stuff on social media daily (i.e. facebook, facebook page, facebook group, instagram and pinterest). Everything I post is linked to my site where there is a pop-up asking YOU to register to my newsletter (which is once a month, not too invasive…) Plus I give freebies as advised, my site and in my newsletter and randomly on social media … And I add content on my site, and I share my travels…

I am doing EVERYTHING I was told I should do to BUILD my mailing list.

And I’m not. I have had 5 people subscribe … the others I added myself (friends and family and persons who had told me verbally to do so … one of which actually unsubscribed …)

I am NOT having confidence issues. “Trust” is my chosen word for 2017. I trust this is going to happen. The only thing is “how” ? Besides I have to say that among the 5 people who voluntarily subscribed, 3 have already bought something from me…  3 out of 5 seems to me like a humongous percentage… but in strictly financial terms… peanuts.

But … I’m having issues… namely 2 of them.

The first is this : what can I /should I do to BUILD MY MAILING LIST ?

Yes, I’m asking YOU… whoever has a clue is sooo welcome, reader, customer, friend, family member, coach, social media friend, angel, being of light, Goddess … anyone, really I’m open to it …

And the second is this… yesterday I was complaining at dinner that a friend hadn’t answered my email and my 20 year old son turns to me and very casually says … “but NOBODY reads or answers emails these days… EVERY communication is through sms or social media … I get way too many emails to even scan through them, let alone read them”

BIG SIGH … That leaves me either very worried or very relieved …

Thing is, you see, I have quite a large social media audience … considering …

I have more or less 800 friends on facebook

1000 likes on my biz page

70 members in my biz group

100 followers on pinterest

55 followers on instagram (I started instagram a month ago)

Sooooooooooooooooooooooo … wtf ? Should I just forget about “building a mailing list” altogether and just use social media ? is that the “new” emerging biz and marketing model ?

Because you see, the other problem is that I’ve started being interested in those issues 4 months ago and what is happening to me is that I am already so annoyed with the “marketing speech”  … I’ve heard it and read it at least 200 times by now… “I was poor and now I’m rich, buy my program or my package and I’ll explain how to do that” .. “I was lonely, now I’m happily married, buy my program or let me coach you into it too”…

Main issue here … I have NOT been unhappy/drastically poor/very miserable/depressed/etc (on this subject, read more on Rebecca Ives Rubin ‘s profile … she raised this issue for me and I thank her for that soooo much!) so I have no “miracle transformation story” for you guys … I’m just in the process of evolving … from … my birth I guess! I’m not finished … by far! And, as Buddha said… the goal is the road, not the arrival point … I like process, constant incremental change (thanks Denise Duffield-Thomas!) and I believe change is inevitable … and a good idea … AND FUN! (if you don’t believe that, maybe I can help you… just message me and we can discuss it!)

Plus … I don’t buy it. I feel like I’m getting manipulated and patronized by others to buy their products… and I don’t. So why in heaven’s name would I believe that I can convince people to buy from me with this type of argument ? I don’t…

So I do not intend to start lying around inventing a miserable past for myself … or a glorious “I’m all sorted out present” for that sake …

Thus … I’m in this either very worried or very relieved state of mind. What should I do ?

And then of course I remember … (thank you soo much Kim Eibrink Jansen)


I have done and am doing my best. So …

Trust that it’s happening. Be absolutely 100% certain that it is happening already. Be grateful for it happening. Not worrying about the HOWs … and watching it happen. NOW.

Thank you UNIVERSE.





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