April 4


The Wise Goddess takes up cancer

By IsayaBelle

April 4, 2024

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You might have heard.
I’ve got cancer.
And I’m sharing this journey.
I take up cancer.
I choose Healing.
I have a four part Healing plan.
1. MEDICAL Healing: allow all the modern medicine and welcome it.
2. HOLISTIC Healing: Investigate all the alternative medicines and implement all of it (or as much as I feel like implementing!).
3. MAGIC Healing: work on the mindset and energetics with any and all tools available to me.
4. SELFISH Healing: make myself a priority AND ask, allow and welcome help and support.

Actually… a five part Healing plan… Part five might be the most important...
5. JOYFUL Healing: Find the joy in all of it.
Find the joy in the daily magic.
Find the joy in the lessons.
Find the joy in the support.
Part five is also the one that I can feel already!!
I’ve got so much gratitude for the support, for the love, the care I’m getting already…
This is going to be EPIC!!!
This is not an either or situation.
This is throwing everything at it and healing.
On all plans.
I will not dismiss anything.
I am living a Goddess Life, Undeterred.
This Goddess happens to have cancer for now…
Living a Goddess Life, Undeterred.

I’m going to be sharing anything and everything that feels good to share… so stick around for the ride if you’re up for it!
I’ll be sharing anything that seems relevant that particular week and hope that you find it interesting… I’ll try and relate everything I share to one of the 5 parts of my plan, in any order that feels coherent.

2. HOLISTIC Healing
I had an epiphany when investigating the holistic approach…
Rest, Food and Water are number one priorities.
Changing my diet and being mindful for my water intake is going to be so helpful. I’ll come back to the water and rest later, but as for the food, I started reading and researching at once...
And here’s the epiphany: all the recommendations around "starving cancer", around implementing a diet that is helpful for preventing/healing cancer… are the SAME ones that are recommended for…
- psoriasis (which I’ve suffered from for a good 15 years…)
- weight loss (which I’ve been pretending to try for … another good 25 years…)
I’m guessing the Universe REALLY wants me to take care of everything in one go … the weight and the skin disease weren't "loud enough"… So I got cancer as an Agent of the Universe… to take that seriously and get going to take better care of myself!

I love that.
I really do.
Such a nice reminder…
Even if I knew all that… I know have reinforced motivation to implement.
So here is what I choose to focus on:
- more greens
- more fruits
- no sugar
- no dairy
- no gluten
- as plant based as possible
- Low Glycemic Index foods ("ancient" variety cereals, etc)
- legumes galore
I do not promise perfection.
In fact I’m going to avoid it.
I’m going to do better.
Not my best.

3. MAGIC Healing
Healing is a word that resonates with different meanings for each person. In its purest, most spiritual form, healing transcends the physical and delves into the ethereal. It's about mending not just the body but also the spirit, mind, heart, and soul. It's the art of restoring harmony and balance in every facet of our existence.
To begin this journey, I choose to watch my language and not use any words referring to war, battle, struggle or fighting.
This cancer is both a messenger and a message, not an enemy.
My body is also my friend and wants to heal.
So I’m choosing words like accord, surrender, truce, easy, perfect, peace, allow, permission…
And I write my own affirmations.

I’m giving myself permission to heal.
I’m allowing a full and miraculous healing.
I’m inviting perfect health and harmony.
I’m surrendering to the healing journey.
I’m accepting the cancer message.
I’m making peace with cancer.
I’m at peace with my healing journey.
I receive healing.
I’m in full accord with my body and together we come back to perfect health.
I welcome easy healing.
This healing journey is easy, peaceful and perfectly successful.

I take up cancer.
As in "I take care of cancer".
Yes, care.
Because for now, it is a part of me.
A part of my body.
Deserving love.
Like all my bits and parts.
As I said before, I will love myself back to health.

4. SELFISH Healing
Healing the soul requires introspection, self-discovery, and often, letting go of old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve our higher selves. It's the willingness to confront our shadows, make peace with them, and let our true essence shine forth like a beacon of light.
That takes time. Time with alone. In stillness. In silence.
My personal way to do this is either with a journal or with oracle and tarot cards… or again with brushes and paints and pens and collage…
Which mean I’m going to be doing a lot more of these in the next weeks and months.
I might share.
Or again I might not.
Whatever feels right to me. In that moment.
Please understand that keeping you posted, keeping you in the loop or even talking to you is a choice that I might make… or not, depending on the number of spoons left AFTER taking time for and with myself.
Now if you don’t know what the heck I’m talking about with my spoon thing…
The Spoon Theory is a metaphor used to explain the limited energy and resources that people with chronic illnesses or disabilities have each day. Spoons represent units of energy, and every activity, from getting out of bed to socializing, requires a spoon. Once all spoons are used up, a person has no more energy left for the day. It's a way for people to understand the challenges of living with chronic conditions and to prioritize self-care and energy management.

To finish up this week’s "news report" and introduction to my Healing Cancer Journey, I want to share one thought for now...
I am embracing the idea that healing is not a destination but a continuous process of self-discovery and growth.
I am OK with Healing being my path for now and for as long as it takes until I feel healed enough to do more, to do different things or take another path altogether, because healing might well be the link that unites the physical, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical aspects of our being. It's a sacred journey of rediscovering our essence, releasing the past, and embracing the present moment with open hearts and minds.

Maybe you feel like you want to support me?
I am OK for receiving any Reiki, Prayers, Light, Love, Hugs or any other healing modal sent with pure intentions and love.
As far as advice and "recipes" are concerned, please ask me before you download your knowledge, links or recommendations onto me.
Overwhelm is lurking already…

On a very practical way, because I’m going to be focusing on my healing, I will have less time for promotion… and less money coming in…
One way to help and support me is to actually buy something from me!
You can find some of my Goddess Connected programs here: https://isayabelle.com/the-magic-goddess-online-programs
And the info about my Sacred Retreat in Greece in September here: https://isayabelle.com/sacred-retreat-in-attica-greece

Please also bear in mind that I am reclaiming my journey and that my solutions and my path are mine and mine only.
They are not intended to be a guide or a list of advice, a handbook or manual or any kind, least of all medical.
This is just me sharing my journey.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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  • I loved reading your piece💓💓💓 and I feel your deep wisdom, inspiration and love transmission 💓🙏🏽
    Thank you for sharing your journey ✨💚🌈

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