March 29


So… I’ve got cancer.

By IsayaBelle

March 29, 2024

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So... I’ve got cancer.
At least there is a 95% probability that I do.
Not a very aggressive one, nor a very fast or really dangerous one.
It’s cancer.
And despite the "pretty" image above...
It’s frightening.
And I know, from all the personal development and growth and spirituality studying that I’ve done… that fear is not a place I want to live in. Ever.
For those of you who are interested in the minutia and gory details, read on for a short version of how the diagnosis came to known…

Before I go there though, I want to briefly discuss authenticity.
I’ve literally just learnt that I’ve got cancer.
And it’s Thursday night so I’m supposed to be writing a blog post. You see, my blogging is NOT some AI scheduled marketing shit show that I "batch" in January for the whole year… It’s a weekly time of connection with myself and the energies at play, it’s a time of vulnerability and sharing. It’s me being authentic and hoping to reach some of you, to inspire if only one of you every week to implement this "Living a Goddess Life, undeterred" model that I practice and teach.

So the question that I asked myself tonight is: am I sharing this? Am I really going to be open and share about this new and scary journey?
If you know me, even a little, you know that I believe, from the bottom of my heart and from the depths of my soul, that everything in my life happens FOR me, not TO me, that everything, hard or easy, joyful or sad, comes with a lesson, a message, an opportunity to learn, to grow and become a higher version of myself.
So of course I was going to share.
I’m the Inspiring Isaya, right?
The one whose purpose and mission is to Live a Goddess Life and inspire you to do so.
No cheating, no hiding, no filters (unless it’s the fun TikTok ones that make me look like a mermaid!)

You will get it all.
The good, the bad, the ugly.
And the messy.
Because life is messy.
And if we wait until it finally isn’t to begin Living a Goddess Life…
We might well not be around long enough, as I have learnt the hard way very recently.
And by the way, I’m not committing to keeping you posted either.
Because, as from TODAY and forever more I, me and myself are my first priority.
So I will share if it is good for ME.
I will share as much or as little as feel good for ME.
If there is one thing coming out of this immediately, that is it.
I have to put myself first.
And if I may, I’ll recommend you do the exact same thing.
For real…
Not just pretending and taking 10 minutes for yourself … at the end of the day.

So… here goes my story.
I’ve been bleeding.
Yes, from my uterus.
Problem is I was supposed to be menopaused.
So, following a harsh reminder about untreated, undiagnosed illnesses leading to death, I decided to get a medical opinion.
The various exams and scans, and blood work and OBGYN appointments...brought back… nothing.
All negative, all the way.
In one of the scans, they found 2 worrying things.
A little mass in my right kidney and an unknown thingy in my lungs.
And after another round of exams, MRIs and the like…
The urologist was quite clear.
I’ve got cancer in/around my right kidney. And there is a good chance that I won’t need chemo or radiotherapy, but surgery is almost a given.
As for the lungs, it seems to be nothing, but I’m still getting a whole lot of other exams to confirm that it is benign.
15 minutes appointment.
Changed my whole perspective of life.
I really really believed that I "was not a cancer person", whatever that meant.
Deal with that now Isaya.
I will. I am.

So how am I going to deal with that?
4 part plan came into mind immediately, in the car when coming out of the doctor"s.
1. Allow all the modern medicine and welcome it.
2. Investigate all the alternative medicines and implement all of it.
3. Work on the mindset and energetics with any and all tools available to me.
4. Make myself a priority AND ask, allow ad dwelcme help and support.

This is not an either or situation.
This is throwing everything at it and healing.
On all plans.
I will not dismiss anything.
I will love myself back to health.
I am and will live a Goddess Life, Undeterred.

Because that is what I do.
Because that is what I love.
Because that is what I teach.

In the next few weeks I might be sharing some of the tools I found and use, some of the help I got along the way, some lovely messages that I got (so many already!), some of the tips and tricks I’m using, etc.
Or not.
Depending on how I feel.
I hope to feel strong enough. I hope to share, from my heart, whatever I go through.
Not just to document the journey.
But also for the sharing to BE the journey.
A journey of healing, of vulnerability, of authenticity and self-love.
And of sharing my truth.
To inspire and heal in visibility and support.

Which also brings me to something else…
Maybe you feel like you want to support me?
Weirdly enough I have been preparing some passive courses and programs in the last few months... as if I knew what was coming…
So if you feel like supporting me from a very material point of view while putting your hands on some amazing Goddess Connected programs…
Head on here:
or here:

Another thing I I can tell you now is that I was doubting myself around the timeline yesterday. Was I going to be sharing DURING the healing? Or wait until after I’m cured and healed and all perfect (when is that again, Isaya?) to share my rags to riches story, my cancer to wellness journey?
When I asked in an amazing coaching group call I was attending yesterday, I got so many messages pushing me to not wait, and do it now (if I felt like it)… You can read some extracts below...

I think its so important to share your story as lots are going though the same.
I think the cancer is giving you the opportunity to be even more genuine; and people will learn from your learnings.
Sending you love and all my good wishes Isaya. You are so inspiring!
There are so many dealing with cancer that would really benefit and love having someone like you that then truly understands what they going through and would prefer to work with you rather than someone that has not had that experience themselves.

So yes.
I will be sharing.

Yet it doesn’t mean that I will ONLY be talking about that.
Because life is all that AND everything else (I am going to New York in a month!!)

I was lucky enough to meet the incredible Kris Carr in London last October. She’s a New York Times bestselling author and wellness leader, who’s been thriving with stage IV cancer for more than 20 years.
I asked her how she feels legitimate, being "unhealed" to be teaching about healing.
Her answer was two fold.
First she helped me understand the difference between cured and healed. She explained that she might never be cured but she feels healed. Thus she can teach about healing. At that time for me, it wasn’t about medial illness, but about other stuff. Her point is still sooo valid.
Then she added that if she hadn’t shared her journey, wrote 7 books and filmed her Crazy, Sexy Cancer documentary… she wouldn’t have helped so many people. She insisted that our work is needed, that the world is waiting for me and I should juts DO IT!
By the way, if you want to now more abot Kris Carr, head on here for instance.

So… I’m doing this.
I’ve got cancer.
I’m sharing the journey.
Living a Goddess Life
Care to stick around for the ride?

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: and for the laughs… March is Kidney Cancer Awareness Month!

  • Sending you so much love, dearest Isaya. I am so glad that you are putting yourself first, and also that you’ve clearly stated you will share more about this new cancer journey if – and only IF – it serves you.

    Kris Carr is one of my heroines, and I found her so inspiring when going through my own (Triple Negative breast) cancer journey back in 2011.

    And I’m here for you, in any which way you need support and friendship … and I can’t wait to see your New York photos, a place I love but have never visited at this time of year (we always go in November and December, for some reason!)

  • Isaya, thank you for sharing your vulnerability, courage, authenticity, and the core of your precious self (and I witnessed the beauty of your Be-ing when we spoke last week). You are an inspiration for so many and have touched me deeply. I walk with you, serving as a companion along your journey, and embrace you within my heart with love.

  • Hi Isaya, sending you loads of love and healing energy. You are an inspiration, and I am sure you will help many people by sharing your journey. Take care beautiful Goddess 💖✨️💖

  • So saddened to hear your story beautiful Isaya, heartfelt love and blessings sent to you for your journey. I have been working for 3 years now with a Spiritual Master/Healer/Teacher and can recommend a conversation with her if you feel called.
    Huge Hugs Valerie xx

  • Isaya I admire your courage and openness in sharing your experience and thoughts. Sending positive vibes and energies your way.
    Through the power of your thoughts and words, incredible transformations can happen and being authentic and true me within your life right now. You are one amazing lady.

      • Thank you for your authenticity and realness as always. You sound like you’ve got all the bases covered and I’m holding you with the vision of being healed and coming out the other side a goddess full of wisdom. I’m sure you’ve got a crowd of support but msg if you’d like me to add you to our group healing that we send monthly. You’ve got this Isaya. Sending you a big hug. Xx

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