November 5


The TooMuch Woman discusses deadlines and achievements

By IsayaBelle

November 5, 2021

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OMGoddess it’s already November …
What a year.
The main conclusion I am taking away for now is ...
Fuck deadlines.

This time last year I was creating a 12-months plan for my business which was going to make me exponentially successful, and bring a massive income and create a massive impact.
These 12 months were going to change everything.

I had a dream, a vision.
A solid one. A huge one.
I made a plan to bring it to reality.
A detailed one.
With dates.
And steps.
So it became a goal (or rather a series of goals)
Then I walk to the path.
I acted according to plan.
For months I followed my plan and backed it with my actions.
In joy.
Fast forward 12 months
And …
It didn't become my Reality.
What does that mean in terms of mindset?
Well it doesn't feel good.
It feels like failure.

And I know it's not.
Firstly because we only fail when we stop trying… And I have no intention to stop.
And secondly, although not every bit became true, a lot of the plan became reality and I have had an incredible year so far.
One of my mentors teaches “Evolution and Growth over a Lifetime” and I fully understand and agree with that motto ...And live by it usually.
But last year I got carried away.
I made a huge plan (well, I’m the TooMuch Woman after all, when I plan… I plan too much !!)
With deadlines.
Intermediary steps and targets to be met.
I listened to the marketing people and my plan was filled with due date, expectations, objectives and milestones to be attained.
It was all about achievements and accomplishments.
With deadlines.
Not so much about listening to my intuition and my Divine guidance.
Not so much about factoring in life, death and other animals.
Not so much about maintaining a High Vive, enjoying the ride and having fun along the way.
Not so much about adjusting and tweaking and changing my mind.
Not so much about creating a balanced life with work and play, creation and rest, flow and ebb.
And guess what?
Well … It didn't happen.
Life happened.
I changed my mind.
I lost and grieved people
I evolved.
And some of the perfectly planned steps and projects are not so aligned anymore …
So the plan changed.
And so did my reality.

Some of the things I want to discuss here are the emotions that this situation triggered.
the main one is shame.
Shame for failing
Shame for dreaming too big
Shame for not meeting any of my deadlines
Shame for not fulfilling my own expectations.
Shame for even daring to have such big dreams.
Shame for having told everyone what I’d planned and not delivering.
Shame for failing.

And here is the deal.
There is no way I (or anyone else) will succeed at anything with the feeling of failure and
shame as my main emotional state.

What do I do?
I change the way I feel.
I spend time and energy reframing my past 12 months.
I remember the accomplishments, the successes, the happy clients, the crazy things I created, the awesome feedback, the sales (big or small) and I write them down.

So here comes …
In 2021, I…
Created a podcast and recorded 30 episodes in French and English
Uploaded meditations to Insight Timer (and got raving reviews and … got paid !)
Created four big passive income programs that are now assets in business
Co-organized a Summit hoisting 13 incredible Women Lighting the Way for others
Participated in a collective book about life during the pandemic.
Collected wildly enthusiastic testimonials from my 1:1 clients.
Increased my audience exponentially!
Finally launched the Goddess Quiz I came up with 5 years ago and watched it be a huge success daily!
Got my articles published in Medium.
Revamped my branding, offers, website and social media presence.
Had so much fun teaching about the Goddesses, the 4 basic Feminine Archetypes and more!
Repurposed some of my free content and built my online course platform to host them .. and sold some!
Created 3 virtual oracle decks
Created a planner

And that is only in my business.
As for my personal growth, I also:
Took some massively life-changing courses with several of my mentors.
Committed to a mastermind that supports and motivates me weekly.
Engaged with several peer groups and got both help and a chance to share my wisdom.
Finally dared to be coached by my mentor for 6 months and got my life transformed in the process.
Changed pretty much everything about how I do life and business.
Manifested a 5-stars house by the sea for free for a month… twice!
Went through another grieving process and supported everyone around me on the way.
Had a series of revelations that led to me being more and more self-reliant and self-accepting.
And so much more.

So yeah, I change the way I feel about my evlution, whether personal or professional.
And I write about it.
To remember.
And to help YOU remember as well.
That we are more than our numbers, our missed deadlines or our failed goals.
So much more is happening on the inside than what meets the eye for the bypasser…
Grieving, overcoming trauma, deep personal healing and reconnecting without Sacred magic Soul-Self is not a job done in a day.
Neither is it for the faint of heart.
I seriously feel like I'm going to hell and back in the last 4 years.
And maybe I'm not even fully back yet.
And maybe I will never be fully back.
And maybe I will cut myself some slack.
More often.
And switch back to loving myself unconditionally.
Whether I meet my deadlines or not.
And maybe I will even dare to not set rigid lines anymore.
Because you see I was creating a reality where I missed them.
I was the only one responsible for installing them in the first place.
From a place of duty,of shoulds and judgements on myself.

So today again I change my mind.
And I'm going to be dreaming a dream so big it will get me out of bed jumping every morning…
But with no due date.
Not with a best before date splattered across it.

I will wake up every morning and walk the path to my dream.
One step at a time.
And I will climb the ladder of success.
Day in, day out.
In the absolute certitude that it is happening.
Not on some date in the future.
And I will trust.
Wholly and completely.
That I am getting there.
And making sure that every step I take is in the right direction.

Oh and I will also make sure that I enjoy the ride.
And put joy back in the centre of my being.
And put self-love back in the centre of my life.

Because deadlines were Killing Me Softly, making me feel bad about myself.
And feeling good is, I remember now, my main job, my only compas, my superpower to manifest my dreams.

So there is no possible failure.
When I walk on the path of Love, Ease, Joy and Success daily.
There is no going wrong, no chance of not making it, no odds of feeling inadequate, when I choose Joy, Love, Enjoyment, Ease and Success each and every day and stick to these choices.
There is no end to that path. I can rise exponentially in Love, Joy, Ease and Success.
Because …
I am a child of the Universe
I am a starseed of the Cosmos
I am a shard of Light of the One Source
I am a magic Sacred Soul
I am an incarnated Goddess

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: oh and ...

If you know you’re a TooMuch Woman and are finally willing to embrace that,
If you now understand that you have been coding for crap, and you want to move on,
If you’re done living in fear and are eager to become the Creatrix of your best life,
If you have had enough of letting the world police you, belittle you, shame you, guilt you and push you to fit in,
If you know you desire to align with the Goddess in you, for the next evolution of your TooMuchness,
If you feel you need assistance to let go of your past and fully step into your present and glorious future,
If you’re ready to rewrite your story for one where happiness is a daily given,
If you’re ready to move from letting yourself down into radical responsibility towards yourself,
If you’re willing to stop betraying yourself every chance you get and embrace absolute self-love,

If you're finally ready to make your well-being a priority, put yourself first, invest in yourself … and back yourself up !

Book a free Dare to Shine discovery call and let’s see if we are a fit for coaching to unleash your inner Goddess!


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