November 10


Conversation with my Higher Self

By IsayaBelle

November 10, 2021

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And here I am.
At my desk again.
Pen in hand and open journal.
And I don’t know what I will be writing about…
But does it really matter…
I write for myself and for the world.
Whatever Inspiration/Source/the Divine whispers in my ears about.
So today…
I write about allowing the not knowing.
Allowing the uncertainty.
The fear of the Unknown.
Allowing my human self to be fully immersed in that fear, in that paralysing place of mystery around what lies ahead.
And from that deep fear, allowing my Higher Self, my Soul Self, to rise and allow for the enigma to be the joy, the bliss, the glorious expectation.

- And how, pray do you do that, Oh Higher Self?
(Cause I’m feeling rather nervous around here in my human skin…)
Well, darling (yeah, She does talk to me like that!), just let go of one idea.
- Which one ?
-The one that says that you are small and helpless and powerless.
- Oh… that one …
- Yes.
And remember that
You are a magic Sacred Soul
You are a child of the Universe
You are a starseed of the Cosmos
You are a shard of Light of the One Source
You are loved
You are love
You are an incarnated Goddess
And YOU are the creator of your own reality, your rescue and your support, your salvation and your comfort.
You create the Universe.
You create your thoughts.
And those thoughts create your life.
Nothing and no one can (or wants to!) happen TO you, my love (She really likes me, sou see!!)
You make everything happen to you.
You create everything.

- So the fear … ?
- Well, it’s just a thought you create to keep yourself small…
How about letting go of that too?
And you know, all this can be seen as a traffic light situation … Fear is the force in us that makes us stop even when the light is orange… not red yet… So we stop ourselves from living for fear of the future, for fear of the red light… But sometimes the orange means go, go, go … Race the Universe for a chance to get ahead .. and maybe turn right!
And allow the Future, the Uncharted, The Great Beyond to be the one thing that makes you jump out of bed laughing in joyous expectation…
Allow for the Surprises, the Unmapped, the Unexpected and the Magic to happen daily.
Allow for me to be in the driving seat of our life.
And, girl, you're in for a ride !
I can foresee so much goodness in our future if you let go of the fear of this happening to you, if you let go of the idea of your separation from me, from the Divine, from the Universe.
So let's give ourselves permission to thrive daily, to live our best lives, to grow and expand in all manners and directions, in all plans and dimensions... and love.
So much love is in store for YOU, lovely, when you allow it to come in and shower you from all sources and all beings in the Universe.
Just say yes.
Say yes to allowing.
Say yes to being more.
Say yes to receiving more.
Say yes to doing more good in the world.
And for the love of me ( well of Goddess but it's the same, isn't it,) for the love of Goddess, start enjoying.
Maybe we can have a new motto, new values to live by, to replace fear and feeling small…
PLAY... Let's agree that all in this life is a game, an experiment that our Soul is conducting, an Interlude in our endless Soul life, a nice interval of experiencing an incarnation.

Allow for pure Joy to be the main feeling of our life, pure unashamed Joy, catching infectious Joy, pure Bliss about this experience we call life.
Enjoy all of it, warts and all.
Because that is what we came for.
The enjoyment.
And then of course the third complement of this new motto.
Always. Everyone. Everywhere. Everything. All the time.
- Pfff …
- Oh I know it sounds cliché and corny and hackneyed.
And I know that it's been used, abused, and that it's the oldest tale of the world.
But still.
I insist.
This is it.
The one and only recipe.
Oh and I mean the verb love.
So go on, lovely, and love.
All the time.
Use love as your compass, your Alpha and Omega, your beginning and your end, your only reference.
- And if I don't love it ( it whatever it is)?
Well then ... start loving it…
And this it we are talking about is yourself, beloved ( ok now she's just kissing ass!),
If this it that you don't love is yourself,
Just drop it.
Allow for your loving nature to take over and love yourself.
Unreasonably ( without reason without whys and hows)
Even if you don’t know why.
Even if you don’t know how to.
Just do it.
Allow the love.
Give yourself permission to love you, the amazing, incredible, powerful, awesome, out-of-this-world (quite literally!) YOU.
I do.
I love you. I love us. I love me.
- Thanks HIgher Self ...
Care to join me in this, Soul Sister?
And I don't really know who I'm talking to here, you dearest reader, my human self, my Soul self…
Maybe all of us…

Anyway my new compass, my newly found wisdom stands in these three words:
Let's see where we go from here, how this experiment of allowing the best, of giving myself permission to be happy all day, everyday, will turn out…
And I'm really excited …
Bring it on Universe!
Or rather…
Bring it on Higher Self!
- Well now you're talking … Let's do this!!

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: oh and ...

If you know you’re a TooMuch Woman and are finally willing to embrace that,
If you now understand that you have been coding for crap, and you want to move on,
If you’re done living in fear and are eager to become the Creatrix of your best life,
If you have had enough of letting the world police you, belittle you, shame you, guilt you and push you to fit in,
If you know you desire to align with the Goddess in you, for the next evolution of your TooMuchness,
If you feel you need assistance to let go of your past and fully step into your present and glorious future,
If you’re ready to rewrite your story for one where happiness is a daily given,
If you’re ready to move from letting yourself down into radical responsibility towards yourself,
If you’re willing to stop betraying yourself every chance you get and embrace absolute self-love,

If you're finally ready to make your well-being a priority, put yourself first, invest in yourself … and back yourself up !

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