October 28


The Witch Wound, an in depth exploration

By IsayaBelle

October 28, 2021

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Do you find yourself hiding your oracle cards when your mother visits?
Are you silent about your spiritual beliefs around your friends?
Are you experiencing waves of panic and fear just thinking about stepping out of the spiritual closet and doing the healing work, the intuitive work, the psychic or spiritual work that you always wanted to do?
Have you realized that your mental and physical health suffers when you suppress your true self, your gifts and your intuitive or magical abilities?
If you answered yes, then you may be experiencing what is called the Witch Wound.

1. What is a Witch?

A wizard or Witch is a person who practices witchcraft. The Witch is a recurring character in the contemporary imagination, through tales, novels, films and popular holiday costumes. In fairy tales, the Witch is generally an ugly woman, who possesses supernatural gifts, which she uses to do evil. The Witch is often an old, repelling, unpleasant, even mean and evil woman.

If the image of the Witch varies greatly from one culture to another, in the Western world the Witch is mainly associated with her ability to fly on a broomstick, on Sabbaths. The Witch is sometimes seen as a seer, others associate her with the shaman, who is a specialist in communication with the Dicine, the powers of nature and the Spirit world.In reality, a Witch is a powerful healer.

he Witch is the one who knows more, who has knowledge, who stands in her power, who gives her light and her gifts to the world, the woman who threatens the patriarchy, and who uses this knowledge to build herself a beautiful life too, as well as to help others.The main danger here for the patriarchy is that the Witch aims to be happy in this life and aims to help other people become happy in this life, and this threatens the church's belief in an afterlife that would be the only place where one could be truly happy.

Let's go back in history to better understand …

2. Witches of yesterday

Here in Europe, there was a time when we did not laugh with magic, even “white” magic, which is suposed to be innocent. Witchcraft was satanic at worst, obscurantist at best.

Indeed, what does history tell us? The Witch has always played a fundamental role in traditional societies, where she helps women to give birth, the sick to heal and the rain to fall.

The Witch is a healer… the ancestor of the doctor, the wise woman who knows the “simple remedies”, the aromatic and medicinal plants, who lives alone near the forest, perhaps she is a widow or even has refused to marry… She is the one who knows, the one that we go to see when we need it, but who all the same frightens the ignorant villagers ...

Roman emperors readily used her services, and later even priests walked through her doorstep.

But, feared as much as she is necessary, the Witch is also a scapegoat. And when the Church of the very end of the Middle Ages began to run out of heretics to burn, witches were used to fuel the pyres.

It was enough for the judges to obey the biblical texts. "You will not let the sorceress live", says the book of Exodus (22:18). Now, isn't the woman, daughter of Eve, the privileged target of the devil, the weak link in Christendom? In an acute crisis of misogyny, the Church ended up creating a monster: the Witch, who lays with the devil on the Sabbath.

However, it was necessary to prove it, this orgasm, thus the excruciating torture which pushed the victim to confess what the judge suggested to her and to convince herself of her own lies. "Yes, I fucked the devil," said the woman with the crushed legs. The Woman. Especially the woman. Because, if men - and in particular young boys - were burned as sorcerers from the 15th to the 17th century, 80% of those executed were women.

Despite the difficulties to quantify the mostly female victims of Witch hunts, the estimates are 110.000 witchcraft trials resulting in 60.000 death sentences from the end of the Middle Ages to the beginning of the modern era, in France. only.

Of course these are the "official" figures, those from the trials and archives of the Church and the State…. But we should not forget the savage trials, the raging villagers who lynched the wise woman they feared, the one who failed to save their wife who died in childbirth or their heir strangled by a misplaced umbilical cord.

However, if we add to these statistics those for the whole of Europe, if not the world, the numbers climb ... to 9 million of dead women (and men) over a period of 400 to 500 years.

Burned, hanged, drowned, deprived of their simplest rights, exiled, presumed guilty, despoiled of their property and separated from their children, for more than five centuries, women payed the price for their knowledge and their gifts.

I also have to emphasize that this massacre did not take place in some kind of barbarous Middle Ages, but also during the Renaissance, a period deemed to be turned towards humanist themes (tolerance, freedom of thought, peace, education aimed at the development of the individual , etc.), and was to continue in the United States for example until the 17th century.

I guess that the Renaissance themes were only for men ...

Faced with so much horror, one can ask the question: who opposed it? Ronsard, the gentle poet of "Let's see if the rose", scolds the executioner for not having executed "Denise", the Witch of the Loire Valley who, according to him, overwhelmed him with horrible images. After him, baroque poets but also doctors were to pronounce the harshest of words against "evil" women. They stink, they said, like the goat, like the devil. As for the great jurist Jean Bodin, he demanded that witches be executed in the name of the interest of the State in his best-seller, "De la Démonomanie des sorciers" (1580).

Another question that rises when studying the Witch hunts: could this mechanism have existed without the plot imagined by the Church, that of a satanic sect ready to subvert Christianity? The claim was delusional, but everyone believed it, popes, kings, parliaments, etc. In the 15th and 16th centuries, women were the main victims.

3. Witches today

Dreaded and burned yesterday, witches today symbolize the power of women and their freedom. For many young women, it is indeed a way to feel better, to develop their potential, to assert themselves as independent, free and strong women. The Witch claims to be able to manipulate the occult forces? She is therefore the Woman with a capital W, the one who, freed from patriarchy, moves the walls to change her life, to change the world.

Today's Witch is me, and you who are reading this blog.

However for many women it seems impossible to develop this potential, to stand up, to be free, genuine, rich, happy and powerful.

Why ? Probably because of the Witch Wound.

4. What is the Witch Wound?

The Witch Wound is the psychological trauma that all women carry after millennia of invalidation, loss of power and abuse.

Patriarchal culture has consistently invalidated feminine gifts like intuition, embodiment, collaboration, emotional intelligence, and healing.

The Witch Wound is what lifts its ugly head when an awakened woman dares to stand up in her authentic, powerful, healing, intuitive, witchy self. It gets even more triggered when that same woman decides to charge what she's worth for her gifts.

The Witch Wound prevents us from accessing wealth - not just financial wealth, but the wealth of inner fulfillment, meaningful relationships, a beautiful living environment and vibrant health - through shame, the subliminal and the feeling of not being “enough”.

It is the trauma, stored in our energy bodies, of thousands of people - men and women - drowned, hanged or burned at the stake only a few centuries ago for having dared to work with plants, use their intuition or follow the cycles of the Moon. Basically, having dared to live in a different way from what mainstream society offered.

And for the record, choosing to start a spiritual business online and making money from your gifts is choosing a different way...

This is still a place where the Wound is open, this rampant idea that sharing your spiritual services should be free ... It is less dangerous that way … There are less chances "they" might come to hang you if you work for free …

The Witch Wound is deeply rooted in our modern culture, in education, parenthood, healthcare, relationships, business, religion, and finance.

It is not specific to those who practice modern witchcraft, let me be clear on this. It's the psychic scar in the collective consciousness that women (for the most part) begin to awaken and feel deep within their bodies as soon as they consider stepping into their power.

It is the shock, deeply stored in the shared subconscious "memory" of thousands of people murdered around the world for "witchcraft", when many of them simply had beliefs outside of official religion (such as honoring cycles of the Moon, using herbs for health issues, meditating, believing in the spirit world, etc.).

The Witch Wound is what sets women against each other, women who compete and compare, shirk ideas and dishonor each other.

It is the fear that arises when one of our friends, relatives or colleagues tells us about her gifts or her spiritual interests and we panic, begin to judge them, maybe to humiliate them, for fear of being marked with the seal of the Witch and sent to the gallows by their side.

In mainstream school education, it is the omission of spiritual teachings, tha absence of teachings around the development of intuition and subtle energy management, a complete avoidance of the Feminine or any true encouragement of creativity, of intuition or inspired thought.

In medicine, it is the ignorance and fear of a different experience, and a system that offers labels and drugs to people having a spiritual or transformational experience. It is also the imbalance in the way men and women are treated in health care.

If your throat closes when you stand up to speak or face an authority, it is the Witch Wound that closes your throat chakra, it is the shared memory of thousands of hanged and persecuted spiritual brothers and sisters for generations.

Inside every awakened woman I accompany to navigate the emergence of her power and towards her goals, it is the Witch Wound that appears with every step forward, to challenge the growth. It's similar to what Eckhart Tolle calls the “pain body”. Every step upwards in life or business of some women wakes up the Witch wounds and stops progress, unless we agree to work on it ....

It can appear as resistance, fear, self-sabotage, procrastination or even flashbacks, cellular memories that manifest in the body in form of health problems.

It is the insidious fear that has erased women from religious history, it is the lack of awareness behind the misdiagnosis and medication of our mystics, it is the fear that prevents women from being who they are truly and to fully own in their feminine power.

In my own life and my family, it was the Witch Wound that sent my great-grandmother to the “crazy people” asylum because she wanted to paint, and painted the invisible.

It was the Witch Wound that brought my grandmother closer to the traditional church in search of protection, safety, and comfort, at the expense of exploiting her talents.

It was the Witch Wound that sent my mother to architectural school when she wanted to do fine art.

It was the Witch Wound that kept me from living an authentic life for years, and it is the Witch Wound that makes it difficult for me today to trust my intuition, my gifts, my power.

The Witch Wound comes from this Wound that each of us carries within, in an acquired and innate way, from the unconscious certainty that danger exists in really being yourself. That magic, witchcraft, a life that you create for yourself presents in itself a danger of death.

From this forgotten Wound emanates a scar which prevents you from being fully visible, which makes you feel separate, different from others and lonely.

The Witch Wound is a Wound that we still carry in our collective consciousness, although there are very rare instances today where someone is actually persecuted for practicing witchcraft. In Africa, in some countries, there is a high percentage of women in prison who are imprisoned for practicing magic or black magic. So there still are women punished for having accepted their gifts, for having healed, for having helped others see or understand, for having supported others, for having devoted time and effort to consciously create their reality, for having spent time praying, sending love and light, creating their own individual life ...

However, punishment is mostly in the past …

The world today is fully connected through the internet and if you cannot find your tribe near you, you can always find the tribes that will accept you and among which you will feel safe and happy through sharing online.

If the people in your building, if the people in your town don't understand what you're doing, don't know who you are, that doesn't matter as much today. You can choose to shine like a beacon to attract people from your community to you wherever they are on the planet. It is these men and women who will understand what you are doing and who will participate with you to the vibratory elevation of the planet.

The Patriarchy though, still perpetuates the Witch Wound, trying to control by fear.

As we begin to awaken, we challenge the status quo. As the world awakens to love, healing arts, intuitive abilities, deep awareness, new sciences, other dimensions, free power, Goddess, etc., the Witch Wound still awakens in all of us.

Growth brings out anything that could hold us back.

Love evokes everything that is not love.

Awakened women today notice the Witch Wound in themselves and in others.

We can choose today to let ourselves be controlled by fear and pain from the past OR we can feel it, honor its source, face it and heal it.

5. Heal the Wound

This is why it is crucial that you heal this Wound, that you allow this scar to close. We need you visible, we need you luminous, for yourself first, but also to reach out to others, to change everything. Now.

It's time to stop hiding.

It's time to dare to shine.

It is safe today to be visible and let go of fear.

We need a new generation of women without injury, without fear, who dare to be visible and powerful, standing in their wisdom, in their magic, in their talents and in their gifts, visible and peaceful.

We need a new generation of women who speak their truth, who affirm their choices, express their emotions, share their knowledge and dare to ask for fair retribution for it.

We need a new generation of women who set their own standards, who refuse to be labeled crazy, dangerous, Witch or nice, mean or obedient ...

We need to connect in depth with our tribe, with other women who understand, who share these values and beliefs.

So it is easier for us then to connect with each human, even if he or she does not understand us ... because it is less important ...

It is not a question here of forgetting our sisters and our brothers who perished at the stake, by the rope, by drowning.

But now is the time for humanity to move forward, to free itself from this ancestral Wound.

When I heal myself, when I close the scar, I stop embodying ancestral patterns, I no longer pass a model on to my children.

But I also heal back, up to 7 generations, and the planet's egregore changes, little by little but persistently.

To heal from this Wound, to close this scar, is to allow myself to become visible, just as I am, in my authenticity, on a personal, family, professional, and friend level.

6. How to heal the Witch Wound?

It is often a lifetime's work but it starts with awareness ,which can be extremely curative. Knowing that this is just old energy and old memory can also help us let go.

Noticing how this shows up in your life, relationships, and community is a huge start.

Notice the reactions of those around you when you speak or show up from your authentic Feminine.

Notice the prejudices and fears about anything mystical.

Notice how this prevents you from starting your spiritual business.

These are all ways of starting to see it and therefore to heal it, to close the Wound so that we can move forward with serenity and authenticity.

Fortunately, we live in a world where we no longer risk physical death for exposing our truths. But the psychic triggers are still there.

Next time you feel that resistance, that inner pull that wants to keep you safe in the status quo, recognize it as your Witch Wound. Give her love - she protects you.

And you can choose not to be indebted to the Wound. You can choose to heal and uplift in the powerful magic your soul calls you to.

Because believe me - if you're here, if you're reading this, your soul is calling you.

It's time to get up and choose another path.

A path where you feel safe to share your gifts, to be visible in your magic, to be valued and celebrated for your talents by your authentic tribe.

This wisdom is old, but it's becoming common enough that more and more women feel called to come out of the closet, share their truth (just look at the #metoo movement) and no longer accept the status quo.

The vibration today is already on the rise. Think of Beyoncé, Oprah Winfrey, Malala, Madonna, Leonie Dawson, Denise Duffield Thomas, Jacinda Ardern, think of all these women already standing, already visible and who assume their authentic Feminine ...

We are less and less afraid of being who we are - powerful, emotional and intuitive creatures who hold the mysteries of creation within our being.

Collaborative, harmonious and compassionate leaders who are here to change the game.

Confident, articulate and flawless women who speak our truths, activate our gifts and trigger movements with our message.

We will rise anyway.

Witches, healers, teachers and artists, intuitives and mystics, wise men and women. Together we will honor those who came before us, we will honor them by not hiding, not being ashamed, we will honor them by showing up, speaking out, working together and being who we are. We will honor them by being free and authentic, standing in our Sacred Feminine.

I feel shivering butterflies in my stomach when I think about it.

Because a woman connected to her true nature creates magic in the world.

And the world needs that magic.

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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