October 6


Cyclic Women, Meet your Archetypes

By IsayaBelle

October 6, 2021

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Did you know that four distinct powerful feminine energy Archetypes take their turn to emerge during our menstrual cycle ? And this dance of the four Archetypes is found both in our personal menstrual cycle, in our own lunar cycle, but also in that of the actual Moon. And, of course, on a larger scale throughout the solar year, with each season embodying one of the four energies.

During our lunar cycles - both our own personal cycles and those of the cosmic lunar cycle - four distinct and powerful female energy Archetypes take their turn to emerge. The same happens throughout the solar year, with each season embodying one of the four energies. Each is a pattern of energy, a feminine behaviour, a model of womanhood.

These four energies, these four Archetypes they are the Energy of the Maiden, linked with the pre-ovulation phase, the waxing moon and the spring, the Energy of the Mother which is linked with the ovulation phase, the full moon and the summer, the Energy of the Enchantress, related with the post-ovulation phase, the fall and the waning moon. And finally, the Energy of the Crone, of the wise old woman which is linked with the bleeding phase, the dark moon and with winter, of course.

And, on an even larger scale, each of the Archetype takes her turn in our lives … We begin a young Maiden, become an energetic caring Mother, before going into the peri-menopausal Enchantress phase and finally entering our Crone years after menopause is complete.

As cyclical beings, women are in a constant state of flux, moving from one phase to the next. We’re not the same today as we were yesterday, and tomorrow we’ll be different still, but by becoming familiar with each archetype, you’ll be able to observe how her energy and behavior manifests itself in you, or is being stifled, as you move through each monthly cycle, season and phase of your life. If she’s not able to release her usefulness, the frustration caused by stifling her behavior can result in physical or mental disturbances.

When we cannot embrace all aspects of ourselves it’s almost as though certain parts of who we really are start to feel like they have been abandoned and forgotten, meaning that we can lose our way and feel that something is missing.

As women, we can cycle through the archetypes each day, each month, each lunar cycle and throughout our lives. By tuning into our archetypal energies and behavior, we can connect more deeply with our own cycles of our womanhood. We can see who we are and we can spot when something is missing.

Female archetypes teach us how to tune into our lives and what we need to pay more attention to.

It doesn’t matter whether you have a regular cycle—which lasts around 29 days—or if you’re infertile, or you no longer bleed. You still cycle, because women are cyclic beings.

And this means the moon and the archetypes are always present within you, and always available for you to work with.

Some women go through long phases in their life where they embody and express one archetype, and don’t create room for any others to emerge.

Sometimes, we can cycle through all four archetypes in one day, or week; or through each menstrual or lunar cycle, or the seasons of the year.

It all depends on who you are, what’s going on in your world today, and where you’re focusing your energy and attention.

The hidden or rejected Feminine Archetypes of society are the most powerful to get to know because we are unfamiliar with them and their power. The Maiden and the Mother are feminine archetypes that are most prevalent and accepted in our society, but not so much the Enchantress or the Crone. In order to explain why they are kept hidden by ourselves and society we need to understand who they are.

But if we abandon or fear one or more of these archetypes; or fail to recognize when they emerge (or when they don’t), we are left feeling frustrated, incomplete, and imbalanced. We feel disconnected from our bodies, and ourselves; and this can lead to deterioration in our physical and mental health.

Tuning into our sacred cycle, along with the four female archetypes, allows us to celebrate the divine feminine within, and without.

It allows us to recognize and celebrate the subtle shifts in femininity that we cycle through; all of which are beautiful and have their own unique gifts to offer us.

Understanding the four female archetypes begins with understanding your menstrual cycle. Because the shifts in your mood, your energy, and your wants and needs are not random, or irrational.

Our patriarchal society does its best to infuse shame around certain phases of our cycle; but if you tune into it, and learn to honor all of it, you will release yourself from this learned shame.

You will reclaim the divine feminine within you.

And you will be able to understand and tend to yourself in a way you never have before.

You will no longer feel like your cycle is a wave you get caught up in and thrown about by each month. You will regain control of your natural rhythms, and navigate the ocean with fierce grace.

This is deep, archetypal work, Goddess. And it is always available to you.

So if you want to start your journey … or desire to connect more profoundly with your Archetypes,

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On October 13th, we Meet the Maiden

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On October 27th, we Meet the Enchantress

On November 3rd, we Meet the Crone

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