January 19


Finally … a system to get me organized!

By IsayaBelle

January 19, 2024

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My word this year is Facile (French!).
In English it translates with easeful, effortless, simple, fluid, relaxed, tolerant, wealthy.
If you want to know more about that, read my previous blog post here: https://isayabelle.com/hello/2024/im/coming/for/you

How do I implement a word like that?
How do I "make it happen" for me?

Basics first…
LOA. Law of Attraction.
Like energy attracts like energy.
Feel it to invite it.

So …
I have to feel relaxed, right?
OK, then.

I do have big plans for 2024 though.
And numerology tells me 2024 for me is a 22/4 year, aka a year of building foundations and work… A year of Mastery!
Simply check out that page: https://isayabelle.com/2024/with/isaya  where I share all the things I intend to birth in 2024...

So how do I not get carried away in the work hard, hustle, strive, hurry up, slave at desk mentality that culture sells us everyday as the only means of success?
How do I not get lost in work (which is a work I love, mind you… that might well be the issue!!) to the point of losing track of rest, play, social IRL interaction, nature, songs, books, art and the laundry?

I could, as Tash Corbin recommands, stick to the ELF philosophy aka Easy, Lazy, Fun.
Thing is … lazy for me still has a negative connotation…
No judgment here on her, but that word is not for me.
I’ll take the ease and fun, though.

Thing is … I’m a Slashie. Just read my job description and count the slashes with me… 

I’m a Magico / Pragmatic Inspiration Mentor / Tech Goddess Teacher / Mixed Media Spiritual Craft Artist / Travelling Priestess / Moon Mother and Remote Practitioner / Menstrual Cycle Companion / Sacred Retreats Facilitator / Creatrix of the Goddess Self/Care Oracle Deck / Co/Founder of the Women Lighting the Way Summit / Founder of OTALOCO, Oracle and Tarot Lovers Congress…

A multipotentialite, as they call it…
Not really, I love doing so many different things.
Well then, maybe the issue is that when I’m tired/bored of doing one of those things, I simply change and focus on something else… and get new motivation and joy… and keep on working...
Still work though.
No rest.

My personal antidote to hard work is… two-folded.
1. Planning and Organization (which makes work Facile!)
2. Cyclic Working (well actually Cyclic living altogether!)

In order for it to actually happen, I need to plan for rest and recreation just as much as I need to plan for work. So I came up with a system to do exactly that.

Plus I’ve come to understand that I can FULLY rely on my body to tell me when I can work effectively and when it’s simply not the right moment…
I’ve discussed cyclic living and what I call the Womb Business abundantly on my blog (here for instance: https://isayabelle.com/running-a-womb-business) so I’m not going into that again…

"Making a choice to align with the energy available for me in my body, connecting with the Archetypes of the cycles of my body, of the Moon above and the Earth below, that is what living a cyclic life is all about.
In fact, that is what I mean by Living a Goddess Life on a daily basis."

It’s a good idea.
If you’re a cyclic being, start living and doing business cyclically TODAY.
We’re talking life-changing perspective here.
And life-altering results.

When I align with my body’s rhythms and those of the natural world around me… I can harness the energy available at any given moment with minimal effort and maximal results.
In very, very short terms:
- Rest and Dream in Crone (aka imagine new stuff and slowly begin the planning phase)
- Plan and organize like a mofo and begin the Doing Process in Maiden phase.
- Create, Do, Work, Get out there full on in Mother.
- Do the Magic Work, Celebrate and enter the dark resting stage in Enchantress phase.
My life is NOT linear.
My energy is NOT linear.
My business is NOT linear.
Neither is yours if you’re a woman by the way.

I’m writing this towards the end of January, in the Northern Hemisphere…
So end of Crone phase and emergence of the Maiden.
And I’ve been dreaming and planning and resting quite a lot these last few weeks… (again see above the plans I have for my business in 2024).
Not really "creating" anything yet. And that’s fine.
Tis the season, right?

I have been investigating the 7 types of rest and how to practice them...
1. Physical rest
2. Mental rest
3. Social rest
4. Sensory rest
5. Spiritual rest
6. Emotional rest
7. Creative rest
Now I’m not going to copy and paste a whole article for you … So I invite you to go and read all about that here, from THE specialist, Saundra Dalton-Smith MD: https://ideas.ted.com/the-7-types-of-rest-that-every-person-needs/

If I had any doubts left that would definitely convince me. Even in rest, there are different needs… at different times!

So I had to come up with a system.
A system that would fit:
- my Slashie personality
- my energetic cycles
- my need for multiple types of rest

So I sat myself down to create just that.


Until I remembered to ask for advice and help.
And heard Goddess Athena’s voice.
Together we co-created a system.
I call it the Athena System.

Finally I had a way to organize my life that made sense, that was helping and not overwhelming, that felt fun.
It does involve commitment and consistency (the Goddess Hear helped for those… more about that soon) … yet allows for some laziness… and rest… and recreation.

I believe it can help you too.
So if you’re interested in a four-weeks program for planning and organization, with daily emails, short videos, audio meditations, workbooks and bonuses… to finally get organized … and keep at it… to go from loosing control to gaining momentum...
You can find it here: https://isayabelle.com/isaya-system-lp

So much for today ...

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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