March 5


Gaia, a story of empowerment, creating your own destiny and grounding !

By IsayaBelle

March 5, 2021

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Once upon a time long before the Olympus ever existed, there was eternal chaos. Nothingness.

And at some point, for some reason or for no reason at all … Something changed.

Gaia arose and created herself.

She was alone and she was all.

She was to be the everlasting everything.

And so she was.

For a long, long time ... which didn't exist by the way.

But she got bored (understandable, isn't it ?)

All alone. In the nothingness. Doing nothing.

As we all know, idleness is the mother of all vices and thus we should not be surprised by what happened next.

She started thinking... (as women do !!)

She could devise anything.

So she decided to give birth to some companionship.

She then created Ouranos, an equal, a blanket to envelop her, keep her company and mate with her.

He is the sky around her earth, the blue around her brown.

He was her son.

Then he became her husband (yes... this is Greek mythology for you ... These people did have weird traditions ...)

Together they created all the rest ...

And then they rested and watched the gods and mortals play … and fail ... or succeed ...

And have been ever since ... swirling in the Universe as the primeval couple, the Alpha and Omega of creation ...

But Gaia came first. Out of her own womb of chaos and life ... she emerged and everything else after her.

Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life.

Gaia is the mother to all gods, titans and monsters, creatures and humans…

Gaia is our mother.

Gaia is the center of creation.

Gaia is the Earth, the personification of the planet.

Gaia is the womb and the breast of life.

Gaia created harmonious beauty on Earth and around…

But we must remember that she was the first.

And that we don't know ... Maybe she will get bored again, as some wives do after so many years of marriage ...

Maybe she will start creating again, out of thin air ... Something new. Something different. Something lovely ... Or something that might want to kill us ...

But she can also bring back the original chaos ... and make all disappear in the wink of an eye ...

She was the beginning. She could be the end.

Maybe some caution should be mandatory when addressing Gaia.

Some respect at least.

Gaia has been worshiped for millenniums under 1000 different names.

I just call her Gaia.

When, you ask me, do you need to call her ?

Well ... almost everyday !

I call upon Gaia for assistance and support on various aspects of my life. For instance, when in need of some boost in my creativity ... I ask Gaia for a push ! Or if at some point, I stop believing that my abundance is infinite and easy coming ... I remember to bask in Gaia's abundant nature to reinforce my beliefs and energy ... Inversely when I feel exhausted and I've spread myself too thin ... I invite more of Gaia in my daily life to rejuvenate and replenish my energy ... And I try to keep in mind, that I, unlike Gaia, am not all-powerful and that I need to take care of myself !

But the main reason I have for invoking Gaia or her archetype in my life is to ground myself.

Sometimes I feel like I'm floating ...

Like I don't really know, deep in my belly, where I'm going ...

Like the choices are made without me actually making them ...

Like life is happening TO me …

Whenever I find myself feeling something is missing in my life, experiencing lack in any form, I am literally disconnected from Gaia, the Source of all abundance.

And I know that grounding, reconnecting my physical and energetic bodies to the ground, to the heart of Gaia is THE way to go to ...

THAT is when I need assistance from Gaia ... Assistance in GROUNDING ! Which is actually a very simple process !

I believe I'm doing it daily ... Because it is both vital and simple, crucial and easy, fundamental and fun !

If you don't know what I'm talking about, or if you feel you might need more grounding, If you need help putting your feet back on the ground and choosing you path you can join the first of my Goddess Sunday Free Events.

The first Goddess you get to meet is Gaia … on March 14th !

Meet Gaia, spend the day with her and experience how much strength and love she has available for you !

You need to sign up though ! (even if you’re already on my list !)

Click here to jump on that special event list and get all the info asap!

Every month, you get invited to another Goddess Sunday …

You get to meet a different Goddess … and attune to her Archetype !

You get to take a whole day for yourself, for the Goddess in you !

Give yourself the gift of a day of self-care and self-love, in the comfort of your own home (or garden! or the nearest beach! or forest !)

In the morning, I’ll send you a PDF full of ideas, Fairies rituals, music, witches’ colors, fun facts, journaling prompts, Goddess secrets and seasonal magic … and maybe more !

And suggestions on how to delight in your Goddess Sunday !

In the evening (7:30 pm UK time), we met live on Zoom and after a cosy discussion anmaybe some Goddess stories, we end the day with a powerful Goddess invocation, to call upon the Archetype’s energy into your life, anchor the vibration into your energetic body, and prepare you for a peaceful sleep.

And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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