February 26


Poetic Presentations, Persephone

By IsayaBelle

February 26, 2021

Sometimes ... I write in a different way ... I wished to create a different way for you to connect with the Goddesses ... I chose a poetic presentation ... I hope you like it ! 

Let's start with Persephone ...

I am a girl and I am a woman, a woman-child and a woman-wife.

I am spring and renewal.

I am the narcissus, the daffodil and each spring flower.

I am the pomegranate and its hidden secrets.

I am a shy and bouncy rabbit, fearful and reckless.

I am a torch in the night, light in the darkness, your guide in the black depths.

I am the daughter of my mother, passive in her hands as between these of my husband Dark Lord of the Underground.

I am a girl-woman who knows neither her desires nor her strengths.

I am white and I am black, hesitating between the two, I am Saturn.

I am a spectator of my life, pushed here and there by unconscious impulses which I know not if they belong to me.

I remain a mystery for myself, as for you, and I become what everyone expects, what my mother expects, what my husband expects.

I am malleable and feminine, lonely and intuitive, changeable and receptive.

I am dreamy and secretive, attracted by the supernatural and the mystical.

I am lost in the desire of the other.

I am the Earth that regenerates itself.

I am fluctuating and double, girl and mother, woman and child.

I am a girl whose mother does not recognize the otherness.

I must admit that my life is elsewhere.

I am onyx and obsidian, black and shiny at the same time.

I carry in me the transformation and the becoming, the strength of the action and the decision are hidden deep in my heart.

I am virgin and deflowered, pure and pregnant with myself and the world.

I am elusive and fuzzy, smiling and ageless.

I am double and between two worlds, between here and there, between spirit and matter.

I am the movement of cycles of life, winter and summer, descent and ascent, shadow and light, death and rebirth.

I am intuition.

I am Persephone

Please tell me if you like it !

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And I’ll see you lovely people.

In the meantime, I’m sending, as always, love, light and gratitude.

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