January 12


2024 is a Gaia Year

By IsayaBelle

January 12, 2024

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In Numerology, 2024 is an 8 year (2024=2+2+4 =8)
8 represents power, success, achievement, money, and the ability to manifest goals.
2024 invites us to follow our unique path and embrace individuality.
This numerological 8 year underscores the importance of seizing control and harnessing personal power, urging us to assert our rightful claims and establish ourselves at the pinnacle. Moving beyond the introspective phase of the previous year, we are now entering a phase of dynamic change.
The emphasis is on leveraging the lessons and experiences of the past seven years, integrating them into our identities for upcoming adventures. Brace yourselves, as it's time for everyone to independently stand tall and face the journey ahead.
The number 8, when flipped sideways shows up as the symbol for infinity, abundance and eternity.

8 is also Gaia’s number.
Gaia, Greek Goddess of the Earth, literally IS the planet. Gaia is the Wise Grandmother and Guardian of the Earth, the roots and grounding factor in any woman’s life. A woman who is very concerned with ecology and nature, ready to embark on crusades and trekking trips, that is a Gaia woman!
The Goddess also represents the abundance of nature and Her influence can be seen in gardeners, farmers, tree and ocean activists, etc.
Finally Gaia is also the sacred resting place of all our ancestors and thus is our direct conduit to communicate with them and connect with our lineage.
As far as self-care is concerned, Gaia also invites us to focus on your glorious body, on physical health and well-being.

Here’s Her story:
Once upon a time long before the Olympus ever existed, there was eternal chaos. Nothingness.
And at some point, for some reason or for no reason at all … Something changed.
Gaia arose and created herself.
She was alone and she was all.
She was to be the everlasting everything.
And so she was.
For a long, long time... which didn't exist by the way.
But she got bored (understandable, isn't it?)
All alone. In the nothingness. Doing nothing.
As we all know, idleness is the mother of all vices and thus we should not be surprised by what happened next.
She started thinking... (as women do!!)
She could devise anything.
So she decided to give birth to some companionship.
She then created Ouranos, an equal, a blanket to envelop her, keep her company and mate with her.
He is the sky around her earth, the blue around her brown.
He was her son.
Then he became her husband (yes... this is Greek mythology for you... These people did have weird traditions...)
Together they created all the rest...
And then they rested and watched the gods and mortals play … and fail... or succeed...
And have been ever since... swirling in the Universe as the primeval couple, the Alpha and Omega of creation...
But Gaia came first. Out of her own womb of chaos and life ... she emerged and everything else after her.
Gaia is the ancestral mother of all life.
Gaia is the mother to all gods, titans and monsters, creatures and humans…
Gaia is our mother.
Gaia is the centre of creation.
Gaia is the Earth, the personification of the planet.
Gaia is the womb and the breast of life.
Gaia created harmonious beauty on Earth and around…
But we must remember that she was the first.
And that we don't know... Maybe she will get bored again, as some wives do after so many years of marriage...
Maybe she will start creating again, out of thin air... Something new. Something different. Something lovely... Or something that might want to kill us...
But she can also bring back the original chaos... and make all disappear in the wink of an eye...
She was the beginning. She could be the end.
Maybe some caution should be mandatory when addressing Gaia.
Some respect at least.
Gaia has been worshipped for millenniums under 1000 different names.
I just call her Gaia.

Connecting with Gaia (a short meditation):
Close your eyes. I invite you now to visualize now roots growing below your feet and around your legs, and also starting from your tail-bone, beautiful, powerful roots that go deep into Mother Earth, which allow you to feel grounded.
They hold you in place and grow through the soil and the different layers of the earth and descend, descend towards the centre of the planet.
They keep you firmly anchored, rooted, and secure.
Your roots continue to grow even deeper, until finally reaching the heart of the planet.
You feel when you have reached the centre of Gaia, of Mother Earth because you feel bathed in a flow of unconditional love, all the love that the Earth has for you, this energy, this love that now comes back up through your roots, which slowly rises to fill your whole being, your whole body.
This warmth, this amber, coppery-colored light that is the Earth's love for you, fills your body starting with the feet and works its way up your legs, up your spine, through your arms, your arms and hands, then moves up towards your head, completely encompassing every cell in your body.
And you feel an immense sense of security, stability, of trust. You feel strong, loved, centred, full of a sense of belonging, because you know that you have your place here on this earth, in this universe.
I invite you now to use these grounding roots to let go of the thoughts, emotions and energies that are not important in this moment, that are from the past or about the future, and also to let go of the energies, emotions, thoughts, opinions of other people.
If there are still things from other people in your energy field, you can just allow them to flow out of you, out of your field, into the earth for your grounding.

Picture the nurturing embrace of Gaia, the Earth Goddess. She is the grounding force that connects you to the natural world around you. Feel her energy coursing through you now, anchoring you to the Earth's rhythms. Inhale, drawing in her strength and stability, and exhale, releasing any worries or doubts. You are supported and nourished, just as the Earth supports all life.

Connecting with Gaia and harnessing her invitation to abundance, her unconditional love and support, as well as her powerful grounding invitation, I have big dreams and big plans for 2024.
I'm organizing 2 IRL retreats in France and Greece, 1 online retreat, 3 IRL Goddess Self-Care Workshops (and counting!), 3 Online Conferences and finally bringing to life my 8 Greek Goddesses Programs!! And that is not counting 4 months of travelling and fun around the globe!
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So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: Some links for more about Gaia and the Greek Goddesses Archetypes.

Read the end of Gaia’s story and reflections here: https://isayabelle.com/gaia-a-story-of-empowerment

I have a three parts Grounding Program. It does involve practice. So actually doing the things and not just thinking about the things. It's called Ground with Gaia.
It's supposed to be listened in three days (but is self-paced) to get back to a grounded state, and will also allow you to meet Gaia.
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Curious about the Greek Goddesses Archetypes?
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With meditation, reconciliation to your menstrual cycle, guided hypnotic visualization, music and sounds, food or clothes, womb blessing and healing, touch and massage, connection to nature, tarot and oracle readings, EFT, scents and essential oils, Bach flowers or art, crystals or mandalas, journaling and affirmations any other of my many healing and enlightening modals.
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