August 12


Archetypes, How (and Why!) to work with them?

By IsayaBelle

August 12, 2022

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1. What is an Archetype?

You will find in my previous article (here a complete explanation about the notion of Archetype.

Let me sum it up for you today …

In Jungian psychology, an archetype is a collectively inherited unconscious idea, pattern of thought, image, etc., –universally present in individual psyches.

So for instance, one Archetype for courage and valor would be the Knight… You know the one, rescuing damsels in distress left and right while slaughtering dragons in his shining armor…

Yes, you got that… An Archetype is Universal, at least in a society that has similar cultural, historical and spiritual values and stories…

Now… since the Archetypes exists in our psyches (in our subconscious minds or souls if you prefer), it is deeply interesting to learn about them and become aware of which are "taking up more space", which do we believe in … If we can meet them, discover them and get to know them, we then become able to decide who’s in the driving seat of our lives at any moment, because the Archetypes are now in our conscious minds. So we are not at their mercy anymore, we get to choose…

Now, how many Archetypes are there? The number is infinite of course… But one can find the major ones in most pantheons of Ancient Gods and Goddesses…
That is why I work with 8 Greek Goddesses Archetypes (you can find more about each of the 8 Goddesses in this article here:

I believe all 8 major Archetypes are useful to a happy, enlightened, abundant, successful life… Not all at once, not all the time… But a chosen balance of all of them is, to me, the recipe for fulfillment.

2. Why work with the Archetypes?

Archetypes can be a fun way to discover ourselves and open up … to actually embrace ourselves, feel empowered and take action towards what we want…

Just imagine how much power, love and light you can harness by using each of them selectively, choosing who can "drive your life" at any given moment...

We can also know, at any given moment, who is "in charge", which ones are active and how to put them to good use for our higher good… and maybe also be aware of when they are blocking us or undermining us…

Once we know our archetypes, the world becomes much easier to navigate.

We can then go within to invoke the power of our Goddesses and the woman we’ve always wanted to be!

Based on our archetypes, we can make more inspired choices about everything from relationships to excelling at work to choosing a piece of clothing. Through the prism of those archetypes, the world is clearer. We can live a truly empowered life knowing which doors we should walk through and which are best left unopened. Knowing our archetypes gives us the vocabulary to help us understand ourselves and others better.

You can find a brief description of the Goddess archetypes in the article above to find the Goddesses that most closely resemble who you are, or who you aspire to be.… or you can take the Free Goddess Quiz to know which Archetype you need to tame and make friends with today and which Goddess Energy you need more of today ! (

3. How to work with the Archetypes ?

First and foremost comes the knowledge, the understanding of the hidden symbols and powers of each Archetype.

That is what I’m offering in my articles and videos… and in the Goddess Quiz.

When we learn about the Goddesses, when the unconscious is enlightened by our knowledge, it becomes conscious and the real work can begin.

Once we are clear about that (and that what I’m here for!), we can proceed to tap into the blueprint, to harness the power of each Goddess.

So, for example, if you have an imbalanced Athena, This is how it might show up… Too much Athena means not opening to your feelings, being overly structured and slightly OCD with goals, plans and calendars… Too little Athena might show up as a lack of structure in your life or business, a refusal or incapacity to organize, or as a tendency to not speak your truth in your relationships.

If you know that you have an imbalanced Athena, you can then proceed to correct that imbalance, by either adding more Athena energy to your life (baby steps in planning, buying a calendar, tidying your desk, etc) or taming her by opening up to another Archetype, maybe Aphrodite and her sensual call of beauty and love.

That is what I mean by "taping into the blueprint" or "incarnating the Archetype"…

It is in fact a very down to Earth and practical solution, an embodiment of the Goddess.

I have created a unique healing modal, called Rise, which encompasses all 8 major Greek Goddesses Archetypes, and literally helps us rise, from the Earth to the Sky… it follows the Chakra system upwards and when we work together through it, whether individually or as a group, we visit all the Archetypes, connect to them in the invisible, bring them back into consciousness and find practical ways to have them play a part in your daily life…

With meditation, reconciliation to your menstrual cycle, guided hypnotic visualization, music and sounds, food or clothes, womb blessing and healing, touch and massage, connection to nature, tarot and oracle readings, EFT, scents and essential oils, Bach flowers or art, crystals or mandalas, journaling and affirmations any other of my many healing and enlightening modals.

Rise is a unique way to reconnect to the Divine Feminine in you, to each of the Goddesses that you host in your womb, your heart, your body, your mind or your Soul. And thrive!

You can find more about my unique flavor of Archetype Magic Holistic Life Coaching and Mentoring here:

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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