September 2


Just like that

By IsayaBelle

September 2, 2022

change, guidedlife, lifestory, transition

And voilà.
Just like that my eldest son has gone back to his home and girlfriend after spending August with us.
Just like that, my youngest son has left home and moved in with his girlfriend into their new flat.
Just like that, it’s just hubby and me around here.
Just like that, my baby niece is married and expecting her first baby.
Just like that August has turned into September.
Just like that, the winds of change are blowing and the wheel of the year is turning.
And all is good.
It’s happy.
It’s sad.
It’s all the things.
Just like that, we’re getting older.
And wiser.
And freer.
Just like that.
So mote it be.

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