August 5


On bartering and commitment

By IsayaBelle

August 5, 2022

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It feels like a long time since I actually wrote one of my “wake up calls” texts to myself… So here comes…
Let me do some catching up first… So you’re up to date with the events in my life and business…
There’s this Free Summit happening in September… that my bestie Kris and myself have been organizing… (Women lighting the way, more info here )
It’s a project that is dear to my heart and my way of doing business… All about women telling how their story brought them here… and lighting the way for more women to follow their calling and their stories… towards a more enlightened, more joyful, more successful state of living!
I deeply believe that understanding your story, owning all the ups and lows of it and building your business on these solid foundations of weaknesses and strengths is the one way one can find bliss in life.
I also deeply believe that women need to hear these stories, all the stories, so that they can uncover their own… But also so that the world starts witnessing all the untold stories women have been carrying for millennia.
So yes, this Summit is a heart project.

And yet…
It felt so heavy for a while… like nothing was moving or joyful… like I was carrying too much and finding no way out of a maze…
We were struggling to find our speakers… Even though I knew so many women would be “perfect” for this…. None was signing up….
So I came up with an idea a few weeks ago… And it changed everything.
It’s a simple idea.
I took out the money factor.
I invited the speakers who I thought would be exactly right for this year’s summit... I reached out to them instead of waiting for them to reach out. And I suggested an exchange of services instead of an exchange of money. I actually proposed a live conversation to discuss that offer.
It worked wonders. I am proud to announce that we now have an amazing line-up of 13 out of this world women speaking in September!!

The benefits of that idea have been amazing:
1. Since I was “choosing” who I was reaching out to, the final line-up of the Summit is only made of incredible women whose stories are going to rock the world of the attendees… I’m so proud of each and everyone of them!
2. The barter means I’m going to get some amazing benefits for my life and business… Akashic records visits, past life regressions, tarot readings, lymph nodes healing… you name it… So many ways to take care of my energy, health and business… Feels like a shower of goodness is coming my way! I’m not sure I would have invested that much money (the equivalent) in myself this year when my business is still struggling… so … it’s such a bonus!!
3. I got to meet so many women (not all of them were available and willing for this year, but hey… there is always next year!) in person (well, Zoom!) and to “sell” the Summit in person… It taught me that I’m very comfortable doing that, way more than I am “shouting from the rooftops'' on Social Media about my stuff… I’m now contemplating changing my marketing strategies altogether… More about that soon…
4. In a short while, 13 amazing ladies signed up, in ease, joy and flow… No worries, no anxiety, no doubts… either on my side or on theirs. I reached out because I knew they were aligned. They said yes because they knew that this was the thing for them (and an amazing opportunity for their business!) AND because they believe in the value of their part of the barter, i.e. the thing they are usually selling… So, as a “side effect”, it also reinforced their belief in the value of their offerings (which makes me sooo happy!).

Now… Why the hell am I unfolding all this publicly?
Well… Several reasons here too… I feel I have learnt a lot and I want to share with you … in case it’s useful…
1. In my area of business, bartering is often considered a no-go… because it might undervalue your stuff to “give it away for free” … and because “what you get in exchange might not be interesting to you”...
I myself was really convinced of that… I had assimilated bartering to “evil”... Well… I changed my mind! And even that is a lesson in itself… allowing myself to change my opinion, being ok with that… So triggering at first … yet so liberating!
I now answer that I was the one offering a spot in the Summit to that particular woman, and I knew who she was, that not only would she be an amazing addition to our line-up, but also that the exchange would be really “profitable” for me, that what she would be offering to me would be truly good for me.
And I will keep you posted in the next months as I get to experience all the sessions and goodness coming my way through this bartering… I can already tell you that my first session with Katische Haebrfield has been… life changing… She helped me let go of 3 spirits attached to me AND an alien device… as well as receive Light Language Activation … and yes, more about that soon!
So … if you feel like bartering… I highly advise you to give it a try… providing you check what you get is something you really desire or need!

2. Taking away the money factor from a commercial transaction also means that the amount of “anxiety” is way lower… Fear around money and our limiting beliefs around money are still so powerful and present that the conversation sometimes is impossible to have… So many of us are just “blocked” by the price of something… that we don’t even look past it, look at the value for our life or business for instance…. Offering a barter means that the women I approached got to truly decide if the Summit was a good idea for them and their business in 2022 … and commit in joy if it was, no fear involved!
It makes me so happy to have provided this opportunity to these women who might have been stopped by their fear or lack mentality… It also makes me so happy that I was ok to let go of MY lack mentality and give up “real” money payment… and experience bartering and exchange!

3. Where the world is going, I believe exchange, bartering and swapping are more and more crucial and, for me, show a degree of collaboration, support and basically love that is not yet existing in a simple money exchange. I do believe money is a spiritual teacher for all of us… I think so many of us are still studying though (lol!)

4. I am known to be honest and direct. I also think that things happen for a reason and that this life experience (or business experience if you want) that happened to me (or that I created !) can be another way for me to light the way… And maybe inspire some of you!

5. I am also obsessed with commitment, with the idea that we need to be consistent and committed to our evolution as women, as business owners, as human beings. Which means not giving up when things get tough… I’m so proud of myself for coming up with the idea of bartering… instead of giving in to my fearful self and giving up the Summit altogether…
In the same way as I am committed to the success of the Summit, I am committed to the success of my business as a whole… and to my personal success…
And sometimes that means changing points of vue, evolving into a different attitude or way of being… Commitment to success can mean changing my idea of success… It’s all about evolution and growth, not about being right on day one… And it’s over a lifetime (or more!!) 

6. Finally in this lifetime, it seems that part of my mission is to be a role model for authenticity, showing up honestly and consistently… and the incredible perks it offers, whether in life or business.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

PS: Oh and you can sign up for a Free ticket to the Women Lighting the Way Summit here:

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