January 4


Here we are again … January

By IsayaBelle

January 4, 2022

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And here we are again…
If you’re anything like me, you might have that same “OMGoddess already” look on your face.
But hey, even if 2021 seems to me to have been a blur of failed expectations, crazy successes, wild discoveries and out of this world turnarounds… Life goes by…
I have a song in mind every year .. the January Man, I like Damh the Bard’s version of it… you can listen here if you feel like it… https://youtu.be/15YFSAQq66U
It narrates the ever cycling year and the “ambiance” of each month so well… And it helps me remember that every ending carries the promise of a new beginning …
So here we are.
New beginnings.
Any plans ?
But nothing like last year … As I’ve discussed previously, last year I had some MAJOR plans with deadlines and targets and goals… And having failed at those, it made me feel, albeit briefly, like a failure.
I extracted myself from this low vibration energy quite quickly, but I made up my mind to not go there anymore…
So for 2022, I have plans…
Plans on how I want to feel this year!
Plans on how I desire to experience my life, to appreciate each and devry moment.
I have been choosing a word for the year for a few years now …
And for 2022, I chose ENJOYMENT.
That’s what I desire to do, be and have.
I desire to have enjoyment of what I already have NOW.
I desire to “do” enjoyment, to really enjoy whatever I create daily in my life, to create enjoyable hours, days and months for myself and those around me.
An dI desire to “be” the enjoyment, to embody and incarnate it daily, hourly ever…
And never forget that time flies, children grow, life passes, people die …
And all the goals and targets and plans are in the future … which might never come…
And never forget that the enjoyment is in the present, that never lies, never dies and never betrays…
As long as I stay present to it.
So I choose to enjoy, create enjoyment and feel joy. And make that my goal for 2022.
I’ll surely let you know how this goes…
What about you? What is your word/feel/desire for 2022?
I urge you to take some time before the Full Moon on the 17th of January to dream on and choose a “colour” for your year!
You can join me on January 13th at 8pm Paris time for a fun and Inspiring online event that will help you define where you choose to go in 2022 … More info here: https://fb.me/e/27mFmeBv4

Of course, being the TooMuch woman, I do have a whole list of ideas and dreams, and programs and plans for 2022 as well… But I’m not going to tell you everything all at once… I’m going to keep a little suspense, mystery and anticipation going…
Just know that there is a membership coming (so much enjoyment there in the walking together with sisters!), a few spiritual courses and programs about the Divine Feminine and more, a couple of books and/or oracle decks, brand new offerings around Tech, some new orientations and themes for my 1:1 coaching packages (energy healings, gratitude, Tech mindset, art and creativity, etc)...
I’m also working on a new Pinterest account, cranking up my YouTube accounts with new videos regularly and I can announce the return of the podcast (soon to be renamed and relaunched properly!), with my classic subjects.. and some new ones!
As you see, I’ve been using my “Christmas break” for dreaming and mapping out my 2022 … Stay tuned for more soon…
In the meantime, I’m offering my Best wishes for a magnificent year ahead, a year that will rock your world for the best, for your Highest Good and that of everyone around you…

Another “event” coming soon that I wanted to mention in this post is Mercury Retrograde.
It’s coming (again!) and starts on January 14th… Now, I do not have the “classic” opinion about this ever repeating astronomical and astrological event.
I surely believe that it impacts our lives.
But I do NOT believe it is a “fatality”, a tragic exterior event that we need to beware of and/or get anxious about.
I stand firmly rooted in the belief that I create my life and the Universe around me daily.
As do you.
I am the Creatrix of my Universe and thus events that come “at me” do not define me, they present an opportunity to react to them, an opportunity for growth and learning.
I am NOT a victim of circumstances and life does not happen to me.
Everything happens FOR me.
As it does for you too…
Warts and all.
I am a TooMuch Woman.
I am a Child of the Universe.
I am a Starseed of the Cosmos.
I am a Shard of Light of the One Source.
I am an incarnated Goddess.
As are you.
If you choose to learn and understand and grow with each Mercury Retrograde, and own your Creatrix power,
If you want to know how to take advantage of what is present during a Retrograde, prepare for it in serenity, and bounce back with joy,
If you want to learn the 3 essential elements which are always the same, the 7 ways you can use the period and the real benefits that are present each time,
If you are ready to "nail" your Mercury Retrograde periods, and to align your energy with the flow rather than against it,
I've got the Masterclass for you !
Learn everything you need to take advantage of the time and take leaps forward!
Find it here : https://bit.ly/3Jurxom

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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