January 4


Hello 2024, I’m coming for you!

By IsayaBelle

January 4, 2024

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Hey everyone, it’s Isaya. Isaya Gabriel, from isayabelle.com.

Some of you know me well.

Some don’t.

This is me reintroducing myself.

New year, loads of new people around, new vision for my mission, new ideas and plans for 2024.

Same old me though… And I’m fine with that.

So if you’re looking for a "proper presentation", the dreaded "elevator speech"…

Head over here and watch a video instead! https://youtu.be/_MVQF0TzqVU

You will find a written presentation in the description…

Or head on to my website and get the in depth about me… https://isayabelle.com/

Today I want to talk about the new stuff, about my ideas for 2024.

Like many of us, 2020, 2021 and 2022 were difficult years for me.

In 2023 I gave myself permission to slow down and stop pretending everything was fine.

And guess what… It worked.

I decluttered like there was no tomorrow: limiting beliefs, clothes, insecurities, old projects, stale ideas, all sorts of fears, perfectionism, people pleasing tendencies, not so good friends, lack mentality, visibility issues, good girl attitudes, victimhood, objects, inner abuser and hidden saboteur, inferiority complex, feelings of unworthiness and imposter syndrome, money blocks, princess mentality and witch wound…

I’ve visited all of them.

And said bye bye to as much as possible.

I spend most of the year looking at my wounds in the eye, whether I wanted to or not.

And healing.

I also let go of a lot of grief and sadness.

I slowly rose.

And today I stand before you.


Same old me.

Just not hiding any more.

And ready to embrace the new, the joyful, the fresh energy and the incoming adventures.

So for 2024, I choose the word FACILE (in French). In English, according to the dictionary, it might translate by:

- effortless, undemanding, easy, easeful, simple, easily done, easy-peasy, easy as pie, a piece of cake.

- simple, uncomplicated, straightforward, elementary, basic, foolproof.

- fluid, performed smoothly, fluent, flowing, graceful, well-oiled.

- relaxed, easygoing, free and easy, carefree, natural, chilled, calm, peaceful.

- tolerant, lenient, soft, merciful, indulgent.

- wealthy, without financial or other worries, comfortable, of leisure, carefree.


That is my 2024.

Effortless. Simple. Fluid. Relaxed. Tolerant. Wealthy.



I’m done with the hard work mentality, with the tenacity mindset…

I’m inviting ease.

Undeserved ease.

Not ease AFTER effort, not ease AFTER hard work or diligence or burn-out.

Ease now.

Unearned ease.

Ease just because.

Not as a reward, a prize or a compensation for pushing myself to the brink of exhaustion, coughing up my lungs and sweating like a cow in the process…

Ease and joy and happiness and success … just because I ask for it.

And it doesn’t mean I’m not going to work or commit or be consistent.

I love my work. And I am dead sure that consistency is the ONE key to success.

I know I will always have high standards and love achievements!

I’m simply done with over-achieving, looking for perfection, over-delivering and undervaluing my stuff.


I don't consider overworking as a badge of honour any more, as if sacrificing my well-being nobly was the measure of success.

No. Pushing myself to extreme limits and trying to fill a leaky bucket with a teaspoon are not admirable signs of dedication or the price to pay for triumph, glory and abundance.

Overworking oneself excessively and enduring physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual strain shouldn't be glamorized or seen as an acceptable price for success or dedication.

The Judeo-Christian philosophy has significantly influenced the perception of hard work and the potential for an overworking mindset in Western societies. Rooted in teachings from both Jewish and Christian scriptures, this philosophy emphasizes values such as stewardship, diligence, and the idea of work as a moral duty. The Protestant work ethic, deeply ingrained in Western culture and often traced back to Protestant Reformation teachings, accentuates the virtue of hard work as a means of glorifying God and achieving success.

The idealization of industry and success linked with divine favor has encouraged excessive work habits, blurring the boundaries between dedication and unhealthy levels of toil. The constant pursuit of productivity and material success that can be attributed to the influence of Judeo-Christian principles is fostering an environment where overworking is seen as a pathway to fulfillment and righteousness.

Also… Continuously feeling one has to improve their performances and being sure that one day, one will reach the success finish line… that is the masculine way of dealing with entrepreneurship or with life for that sake.

In 2024, I commit to the feminine way.

The way of ease and opening up to receive and celebrating each tiny step ahead as a victory… and commitment to keep on walking the path.

The way of determination, dedication, and perseverance in achieving goals. In ease.

The way of no failure because setbacks or difficulties are nothing in the face of resilience, of bouncing back and keeping at it.

Because achieving the goal is not success.

What, Isaya?

Nope. Achieving the goal is not success.

The path is the goal.

The path is the success. The amount of joy and love and happiness we experience along the path… is success.

Not someday, in the future, when we "get there".


The living, laughing, loving, feeling grateful and having fun along the path of life… THAT is the goal.

There is no arrival point.

Our Souls have chosen to incarnate this time around, to experience life as a human.

So let’s!

I can succeed in ease and joy.

So can you by the way…

I am done with adhering to the work hard mentality.

Oh and by the way, this NOT me saying I am the woman on the other side, the woman who overcame … this is not my rags to riches story.

This is BS.

There is no other side. There is no "winning", no Heaven on Earth or anywhere else.

One is never done doing the growing and the healing and the learning and the choosing our thoughts and creating our reality.

This is it.

This life. This moment. Now.

So get living. In ease. In joy. In gratitude.

The title of the book I’m writing is: Living a Goddess Life, Undeterred.

Because there is no waiting for a better moment to live a Goddess Life.

Now IS the better moment. The best moment actually.

So if you want a handbook on HOW to live a Goddess Life…

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Now… I have been dreaming a lot for 2024…

So many things that I want to bring to life and share with you … hoping they will help you feel happier, more joyful and peaceful and loved… and Upgrade to Living a Goddess Life in 2024!!

So …

Here is the page on my website with all my goodies for 2024… Online and IRL Retreats and Workshops, New online Programs, short and long, and Summits and Conferences and more coming soon!


So much for today ...

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.

Thank you in advance for your comment.

See you soon, for my next online adventures!

Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


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