January 6


The TooMuch Woman travels in time (and space), episode 10

By IsayaBelle

January 6, 2023

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Lessons about water, knowing myself and healing

Picture this.
Mintaka, a planet far, far away … a long, long time ago.
I am 120 000 years old.

Let’s fast forward a little bit though (like to last October!) so you’re not lost in the time space continuum…

I was lucky enough to be in a Shechinah session with Julee Duessing, where Julee connects with the Shechinah who is the feminine presence of the Divine and the energy of this transcendent presence descends upon us.
During the session, she was in connection with the energy of my soul and any other beings called and she relayed what she was seeing, sensing, and hearing.
I came into the session with a question around weight issues and skin disease, which is something I have been working around for a couple of months now, with various modals and practitioners, since I believe they are linked with self-love issues, abundance blocks and a deep sadness that I’m just coming to get to know.
In Julee’s answers and perspectives, I found so much clarity, both on a spiritual plan and on a very practical, down to earth, joyful way. The way she communicates with the Divine and transmits any information is crystal clear, spot-on and very caring. I loved it!
Julee also was very encouraging towards me, repeatedly telling me that I was capable of getting my own answers, and suggesting ways for me to connect with the Divine.
Thank you so much, Julee!
Very early in the conversation, we were pulled to discuss swimming, water and mermaid consciousness.
If you’ve been reading me lately, you know that I’ve been visited by some galactic ancestors and relatives, mostly from the planet Mintaka, a deceased water based planet where I have spent centuries in other lifetimes. Find more about this on my article: https://isayabelle.com/the-toomuch-woman-travels-in-time-episode-4

The "mermaid" energy has been around in my life for as long as I can remember…
At age 3, I learned to swim underwater and my Greek grandmother used to say that she needed to remember the design of my bikini bottom, since that was the part of me that was visible… the rest being underwater most of the time!
Later on, at age 13, on a trip to the USA with my parents, we visited an amusement park where there was a mermaid show (don’t ask where, I have no clue.. I still have pictures though and I remember the magic when I watch them). I was mesmerized… I decided I wanted to become a professional mermaid when I grew up….
And then… well, life…
As a teenager I used to train myself to stay underwater without breathing, at the local swimming pool or in the Mediterranean when I was on vacation in Greece at my grandmother’s. I spent so much time playing in the lukewarm water, pretending I was a mermaid, learning to somersault endlessly and creating my own version of synchronized swimming. Read more about that here: https://isayabelle.com/the-toomuch-woman-travels-in-time-episode-7

I practiced underwater tumbles, somersaults, splits and handstands…
I was never interested in real synchronized swimming or anything like that. This was gymnastics, sports. I considered living underwater to be … life.
I knew I had lived a life as a mermaid. It felt normal, easy and simple to move, breathe and live underwater.
I watched all the movies, read all the books.
I wanted a tail. At that time, where I lived, there was no way to get a tail (nowadays you can find whole websites with tails to buy that you can actually swim in… for less that $50!).
I desired a mermaid doll. None existed… (yes, I’m that old!)
So slowly, "real" life took over. I "forgot" my mermaid dreams...
I still loved to swim and play in the sea and basically any water around.
As a matter of fact, I still do today.
Many of my best memories involve water or the sea.
A few months back I was reminded of a past life on the planet Mintaka (during a session with Katische Haberfield, which you can find on her podcast here: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7c8XwkpSBgeerGunQ2edgV?si=72624a62a50a4ae9

So Mintaka was a water planet with mermaid/fish like inhabitants only. The planet doesn’t exist anymore so many us Mintakan Starseeds feel an utter sense of homesickness… Like we long for home but we know we can’t ever go back. Mintaka was located in the Orion constellation. It was a water-based planet and their waters were less dense than the ones we have on earth, being airier in texture thus more crystal clear because the low density allows light to travel through it a lot easier. You could see for miles and miles underwater. Mintakans mostly lived underwater. They swam up for air from time to time but they could go without it for up to three days.
Mintakans were a galactic race who saw the light in everything and everyone. They were the first star beings to travel to Earth and are believed to be the original Lighworkers.
And Mintakans, just like the legendary mermaids, were amazing singers, their beautiful crystalline voices traveling far and wide both under and over water.
You might know that about me (or not) but singing has been a very important part of my life for as long a I can remember, both solo and in groups, choirs and bands… Another "sign" of my Mintakan/Mermaid origins I guess!
I’ve found some Mintakan "music" and songs on YouTube… and I’m really astounded to say that I understand the words… at a deep level… I know how "weird" that sounds!!

Earlier this year, I gave the reigns of my life to my 8 year old for a while (see why, in this article: https://isayabelle.com/unweaving-weight-and-skin-disease) … and finally met HER needs and listened to HER desires… Guess what…
The one thing she really wanted was to play mermaid, to color mermaid drawings and to own a mermaid Barbie doll.. So I got her one…
I have been spending time styling that Barbe’s hair… and feeling all the feelings of joy, sadness and remembering… my childhood… and my other life...
I also committed to making it a priority to swim and plunge my body in water as much as possible… And I have… for my highest good.. and my highest joy!!
I had another session with Katische and met my "mother" from Mintaka… More revelations, more water stories, more mermaid …

Finally, I have vivid memories of my Atlantis past life (past lives?) where I was a priestess of water (lol!) and used both salted and clear water in rituals and ceremonies to purify, heal and empower myself and others. My connection to the Atlantean Council of Light is still strong in this lifetime and they help me along the way of my conscience evolution.

Regarding that, I’m prepping a retreat by the ocean in March in France for you lovelies, to share my knowledge about the magic of the sea, and accompany you in experiencing the healing and magic powers of water… So excited I could sing!!! (if you want to know more about that, DM me to be on the wait list!)

So ... I was a mermaid. I am a mermaid.
I know it. I am not discovering anything. I’m remembering everything.

It has been so healing to remember, acknowledge, accept and honor this heritage... this lineage. I have so much gratitude for the people on my path that helped me find that swimming and singing part of me again. And for myself ... for listening! It's amazing how much easier it is to love myself when I remember who I am, when I get to meet and know all the beautiful aspects of myself. This is my path. And it does include holding your hand to help you walk on yours!

I'm also reacquainting myself with the healing powers of water and the magic that can be accessed when connecting with it and merging with it ... And again, I remember who I was, who I am... I can't wait to share the messages and healing with the world!

Besides, you know the saying:
If your thighs touch, you are closer to being a mermaid.
Well… mine touch, without a doubt!!

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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