January 13


Musings on Winter and Stagnation

By IsayaBelle

January 13, 2023

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Lately I’ve heard and read a lot about wintering.
I believe the best sum up is this quote by Donna Ashworth:
You may think yourself lazy or flawed. Yet your body is made of almost exactly the same elements as the stars. Your bone composition matches the coral in the seas, And you my friend are ruled by the moon and the sun. Whether you like it or not. So no, you are not lazy. Nature is simply pulling you to rest, like the life, the flora and fauna around you. It is not your moment to rise. It is winter. You are wintering. And you are right on time.

If you know anything about me, you know that this is a subject that is close to my heart.
Connecting with nature.
Remembering we are a part of it, first and foremost.
Making an alliance with the parts of us that are cyclical.
Aligning with the rhythms of the Universe.

So this conversation led me to want to recap a few things…
No indeed, we are not lazy or flawed when the Crone calls and urges us into her dark cave for deep rest and rejuvenation. And that can happen daily (give yourself permission to sleep at night, for Goddess’ sake!), monthly (yes, our bleeding time/ the Dark Moon is a time for deep rest and rejuvenation) and yearly (Wintering indeed!) …
If you’re lost here, you can find more about the magic of the Crone Energy in this blog post: https://isayabelle.com/meet-the-crone-one-of-the-four-feminine-archetypes
Or read my poem to the Crone here: https://isayabelle.com/to-the-crone

Something really strikes me though, is the resistance that so many of us experience towards that "natural" state or pull …
It’s like we so much want to be MORE than animal.
And I get it.
Humans are the ‘most intelligent species". True.
But we are NOT fundamentally different or separated.
Actually, let me rephrase.
We are.
Because WE created a world that is all about separation, all about feeling superior to nature…
I believe that is the sheer definition of patriarchy… (subject for another day!)

In our modern world, in between insulation, heating and air conditioning, we can have a constant and even temperature all year long inside our houses. (and in many places around the world, we do). In some places, we have even created a situation where the exterior is heated/cooled according to this desire for regularity… Think Montreal where in winter the whole "exterior" is below the ground in heated tunnels… Or think Athens where they insist on heating up the terraces of the cafes with gas devices…
Have you tried to buy a hot jumper lately? Or a pair of woolly socks to face the cold outside? You won’t find any in the regular fashion clothes. They don’t make them anymore, because we don’t need them. Only in stores that provide outfits for "the great outdoors", for hiking or skiing, etc, will you find items of clothing that will actually protect one from the cold.
There is no cold anymore in our DAILY life... As little as possible, if any. Then we go and search for it (along with search for nature!) during our vacations or weekends...

Even when we can’t manage to regulate the exterior… We try to simply eliminate it… Think of the big cities where someone can literally go from their regulated house/flat to their regulated car or to a regulated underground/bus to their regulated workplace, and back… (and there regulated supermarket, of course, where every natural product is encapsulated in plastic to make it feel "safer"...)
Almost impossible to "feel" the seasons, to cycle along with them and experience the abundance and variety that nature offers us daily.

In the same way, we have made the night disappear… With our city lights, electric interiors, TVs and computer screens, flashlight in phones and altogether luminous world, it’s unlikely and pretty much impossible to see the stars at night, or simply be in the dark.
Can you feel how much of a disconnection that involves?
Of course we did that because we fear the dark. We are afraid of the shadows, of what lies in them. Very human of us.

The problem is the separation.
The part where we forget we are a part of this natural world, that we too cycle with the Earth around the Sun and can (should?) experience day and night, hot and cold, low and high tides, sunny and rainy, the rising vibration of Spring and the descending energy of Fall, the call for rest in Winter and the call for joy and celebration of Summer…
Living cut off from the seasons makes us feel isolated and often lonely, disconnected and lost for meaning…
We have forgotten our nature.

Sure, we are comfortable.
No cold, no heat, no darkness, no overpowering light either (think sunglasses and shades of all sorts).
No extremes.
Just a regulated, curated environment.

No wonder so many of us are unhappy.
They have no "lows". They also have no "highs" in their lives...

They live in a comfort zone.
Which, if you agree with me, is the only place where nothing ever happens, where nothing ever changes.
Sure, change is frightening too… What if next was something worse?
But surely we know that change is not optional.
Everything, everyone that is alive changes.
The only permanent thing is death. (and even that… don’t get me started!)
Also… What if what comes next is soooo much better, like beyond our wildest dreams?
Well, the chances are… what you make them.
Remember: you create your reality. So just go about and create positive change!
And to do that, I strongly invite your to get closer to nature, to a more natural, cyclical way of living (don’t worry, I’m not suggesting living naked in a cavern eating raw meat and nettles!)… I call that Living a Goddess Life and I practice it every day of my life. If you want to know more, simply reach out for a conversation on how that would look for you!

Anyway, I digress...
Back to my conversation around winter.
No. Winter is not stagnation.
Thinks about the seeds, dormant underground and just waiting for the heat and light of the Spring Sun, as well as a little rain… to burst outside their shells, grow like mofos and bloom ?
They don’t DO anything. Just patiently rest and wait.
Maybe they simply dream of their future lives as flowers?
Same with you and me.
Winter is the time for rest. For dreams. For being. For experiencing interior, invisible, silent preparation in the darkness… Imperceptible change.
Winter is a time to discuss inwardly and intimately with yourself.
And give yourself permission to take your time.
It’s not like nature teaches us that change is a linear process or a regulated system…
Nothing seems to be happening (key word = seems) for a long time and then BAM!…
Winter is hibernation. Winter is dream time.
Winter is preparation.
And wintering is paramount to our vivacious Springs, to our glorious Summers… and even to our sparkling Autumns.

Sometimes we need help dreaming bigger, and someone to hold space for our dreams.
If that’s you, if you’d like a hand with creating your awesome cyclic Goddess year, your awesome cyclic Goddess Life, if you’re ready to open up to new ideas and possibilities, ready to trust and leap into full empowerment, if you desire to grow and create a magic life of opportunities, abundance and generosity … I’m here for you to support you, listen and appreciate you and offer a unique way to transform your life and experience peace, wealth, freedom and safety !
If you're finally ready to back yourself up ! ...
Make an appointment for a free 30-minute DARE TO SHINE call here
: https://bookme.name/isayabelle/lite/30-minutes-free-discovery-call

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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