March 24


The TooMuch Woman bought a computer

By IsayaBelle

March 24, 2022

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Yep, you read it in the title.
I bought a computer.
And why, pray dear Isaya, is that relevant/interesting in any way to ME?
Many stories in a story, just wait!
So …
A month ago or so, I finally decided to “give in” to ease, joy and flow and own that I am a Tech Goddess.
I know Tech, I love Tech, I enjoy doing Tech…
It took me more than a year between the day someone (you know who you are, Ruth!) mentioned that I was a Tech Goddess so one day I decided to own it.
Why ?
Well …
Because it seemed way too easy and fun to be “serious”. And again I needed someone to push me in the right direction (you know who you are Kris!) and ask me how long I intended to faff around…
Also because it seemed to me that working with Tech wasn’t really “elevated” enough for my standards…
After a powerful reframe… Here's where I stand.
Tech is like magic to me and I am still in wonder of what can be done, of what I can do with it!
I know I can be of so much service to the women in my world, i.e. spiritual entrepreneurs whose business I actually understand (I AM a spiritual online entrepreneur myself!) but whose Tech “limitations” I don’t share.
I am a Tech Goddess.
And by the way, being a TooMuch woman means I can be a Tech Goddess AND a Goddess Teacher AND a Magico-Pragmatic Inspiration Mentor AND a Traveling Priestess AND an Artist… 

But let’s dig deeper into the Tech Goddess stuff for today.
So I am a Tech Goddess (can you see how I need to repeat it to myself….)
I am also, as of early March, an Agency!
I have an Agency status for Web Design.
I have the legal right to design AND sell WordPress Sites on Thrive Themes, which is, to my belief, the BEST platform to own your online business, without owing anything to anyone, course platforms or web hosts like Wix or Squarespace.
I feel so grown up!
And so empowered.
I have actually already designed one website (and get paid for it!) and am in the process of creating 2 more… and help 2 women raise their business off the ground in the best, most beautiful, fully customized and efficient way possible!
This brings me so much joy!
Plus, of course, it’s easy … and I’m so in the flow when I work… Really one of my zones of genius.
And clients are now looking for me, instead of me looking for clients… Such a nice place to be!
I’m so thankful to myself for listening to those nudges and deciding to own it.

There is a but.
If I was going to be the Tech Goddess, I needed a machine to work on.
As in, a proper Goddess computer.
Not the one I have which was bought with a “That’ll do for now” mindset…
So I made up my mind to buy one.
And I did my research,
Now I’m a Tech Goddess but I don’t really know everything about the computer characteristics…
So I needed advice and a sounding board.
Lucky for me, I have 2 grown-up sons who are absolute Geeks (yep, runs in the family!).

By the way, a little segue here..I am amazed that my children are becoming such amazing individuals and are OK to interact with me and share their knowledge with me.. Feeling so grateful (and a sneaky feeling of "I must have done something right here")
Even luckier was the fact that they both visited and had some time to discuss the after with me.
Long story short, after 2 consultations with my expert (and my younger son is actually studying to be a computer engineer.. So he had MANY things to say!), I found THE computer that is going to be MY computer.
It has EVERYTHING I need…
Included… the longest battery life of the market AND a weight of less than a kilo…. Ideal for the Traveling Priestess and for someone who wishes to #workwithaview…
I was really happy.
And I proceeded to buy it.
Obviously, old patterns of lack mentality kicked in and I started looking for a “coupon”... After wasting almost an hour of my time… I gave up and decided to buy it on the brand's website… Where I’d seen it in the first place (lol!) because there was a 2 years warranty which I couldn’t find anywhere else…
I did have to forgive myself for the lapse of judgment… But, hey! I’m only human!
Now the Universe was looking out for me anyway… Just wait for it!

So… I choose the one I want, double check it (hey, it’s an expensive one for my past standards!) and just when I’m about to click on “BUY NOW'', a pop-up window opens up and asks if I want a coupon for 200€ off, because they have a special offer, just for today… LOL… Of course I said yes.
First “sign” of the Universe approving.
So the final price of the computer was 1199.99€…
Second “sign” of the Universe approving.
I then proceed to do a little dance… And go downstairs to my hubby to share my joy !
And he says “Oh, yeah I forgot to tell you, I intended to gift you that computer for your birthday, just tell me how much it was and I'll wire the money back to you.”
Free computer.
Third “sign” of the Universe approving.
So yes.
I feel certain that this was the good move!
The computer hasn't arrived yet but I feel so sure.
And grateful.
For everyone and everything that “pushed” me here and now.
I know and I trust this is the beginning of something grand. And fun. And that I can be of so much help.
Watch this space!

I am already offering Web Design Services AND a highly potent Mindset/Tech program called H.E.R. Enlightened Business Matrix, to help women build the solid foundations of their online businesses while preparing to participate in the second edition of a global Summit happening this September. Reach out if you want more info on either of these offers.. And hurry, both have limited spaces and they are filling in!

If you’re curious about the Tech…
Here’s the brand and model I chose and why…
I decided to go for a LG Gram 14” (slightly smaller than a “normal computer” but that makes it easier to carry in airplanes !) I intend ot buy a secondary screen for when I’m at home so it’s more comfortable to work with.
But for travels… The computer only weighs 999g !
Yet, inside, it has an Intel® Core™ i7 processor, a real “beast” that will allow it to be fast and do many things at the same time!
It has a RAM 16Go, which should provide enough “live memory” for me to have those 32 tabs open in Chrome while editing a video!
And it has a SSD 1To hard disk. So .. SSD means there are no mechanical part moving, i.e. the computer doesn't heat up as much… and 1To, means 1 Terra Octet of data can be stored.. Which is, even by my standards… quite a lot!
It also has an Intel Iris Xe Graphics dedicated Card, not THE best in the market, but close enough…
And the power supply uses a USB Type-C (less cables since it’s the same as my phone!)
The WiFi card is an Intel® Wireless-AX201 (Wifi 6) which should be much faster than the one I have now.
It does have a webcam, so I might not have to carry an external one (we’ll see the quality when it arrives…)
These are the reasons why I bought that particular one.
I will come back and tell you how it actually is.
Can’t wait!

So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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