March 17


Feeling the layers of energy and aligning

By IsayaBelle

March 17, 2022

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Writing is one of my happy places…
And yet today again, I woke up with no idea about what to write…
And yes, just in case you wondered, I am writing this on March 17th 2022 … I can't do batch blogging.. I have to “feel” the energy of the moment before I know what I’m writing about … I have a vague annual plan… which I fall back onto when nothing seems to be “urgent”. But most of the time I follow my gut.
And my “gut” is divinely guided.
It’s all about feeling the different flavors of energy, aligning with the layers of energetic vibes around me at any given time.
And I know and I trust that what I write needs to be read. Now.

My best ever Tarot Deck is the Amazing Light Seer's Tarot by Chris-Anne

So I remembered I just had to listen inside. The first layer is always inside. Where all the answers are.
Turn inwards and ask… then listen…
Personally my way of asking inside is to pull cards, usually tarot cards.. That is how the Universe (aka “Big me”) speaks to me … most often.
So I pulled a card. It was one of the “dark ones”.
I thought.. “Oh bugger”…
But I didn’t “feel “buggered”.
And again I remembered that the answers aren’t in my thoughts, in my mind, in my brainy gremlin self …. The answers, all the answers are in how I FEEL.
And the answers came flowing… as usual.
So the 3 of swords.
At first sight, there is this painful image of a broken heart and woman crying…
But looking closer at it, I notice the heart is mended.
I notice it’s all about vulnerability.
About my tender heart.
About being kind to myself.
About finding inspiration again.
About shadows coming to light to be healed.
About separation from the past.
About remembering that I am not who I was. That I will never be that person again.
About allowing myself to outgrow my past beliefs about myself.
About being open to change. To turn pages. And corners. And become someone new. Again.
Being ok with the journey of healing, however painful.
Being ok with the end of this journey too. Freeing myself from the “healing process” as a lifestyle. Not staying attached to my past pain, my past beliefs about suffering as a life purpose or justification.
Embracing resolution. Of this layer. For now.
Allowing myself to open up my heart completely. However frightening. However risky.
Giving myself permission to open up to more. So much more.
And bask in love and light.
And remember my essence. Of unconditional acceptance. Of love. 

Then of course, after this swift shift of energy - from OMG to OMGoddess! - I went looking around for the next layer. The energy of the moment… As I do. And guess what… I had forgotten again…
Of course!
Tomorrow Is a Full moon.
And today already, everything, enlightened by the soft light of the Moon Goddess, everything gains clarity!
We all are invited to have a good look at ourselves and our beliefs, using the clarity offered to us by the Moon …
In the pause that the Full Moon grants us every month, the invitation is as as:
Stand still.
Take a moment. In complete stillness.
Have a good look around. Feel it.
Assess. See. In the light of the Moon. Where I stand. And decide what to let go in the waning Moon coming…
List the things, intentions, people, ideas, beliefs, objects, relationships, conceptions, judgments and more that I will release, let go, abandon, set free…
Bathed in the soft light of the Full Moon I can see clearly.
Bathed in the soft light of the Full Moon I can also shine. Like a star.
Just shine. Just be. Who I am. In full visibility and clarity. No self-judgment. No self-blame. Just be.
Open and tender, authentic and visible. Just shine.
And breathe.

After that pause … I went looking for the “wider” energetic vibe, the atmosphere on a broader level.
Of course.
We’re almost at the Spring Equinox.
Another invitation to pause. Where day and night are equal. Before we tilt towards the light, towards the Summer Solstice (in the Northern Hemisphere of course, sorry lovely friends from the Southern
And a strong pull to “spring” out of the winter energy, the overall stasis of hibernation and stillness. To harness the sap rising energy in our lives and businesses.
And wake up! Back to creating, blossoming and riding the Maiden Energy!
Ostara is an awakening. A call to start afresh. To let go of the winter coats of energetic sleep. To free ourselves from the gangue of heavy rock we have been hiding in. To walk away from the Crone’s cave. For now.
A shift into the light.
And it might be frightening to leave the comfort of the Crone’s embrace. In the darkness, we might have felt really good. And safe.
But the Maiden is pulling. She is talking about rebirth.
She demands that we embrace her dynamic and potent energy and spring back into life and action!
And yes, this shift is a pretty big one and it can feel overwhelming and tiring.
But the Maiden's energy is there for us. And She is oh! so powerful. She wants to bloom. She wants to rise. She wants to grow. Let’s allow her in and enjoy the ride.
Time to take flight in the light!

Rings a bell?
Well yeah of course!
Same kind of energy I found inside myself earlier.
And under the Full Moon.
Isn’t it awesome?
That the energy inside is reflected outside.
Or the reverse if you'd like.
Whatever. Same same. Big me -aka the Universe- and little me -aka Human me- are mirrors of each other.

So? Why did I write this?
Well.. for you to read! Lol!
And remember. That if/when we align our energy with the layers of energetic vibes “available”, we go “with the flow” instead of against it.
Life gets easy to navigate. And joyful.
Pain free. Difficulty free.
We can just tap into the energy available and ride the waves!
And thus is true for our personal lives… But even more for our businesses…
Because we are women, we have at all times, 3 layers of energetic vibes available. Our menstrual cycles, the Moon cycles and the Seasons cycles.
Getting to know them and aligning with them is life changing. And business changing!
Then we can have what I call a Womb aligned Business. And thrive with ease and joy … and flow. More about that some other day.
For now… Welcome into the Light season!

Now if you feel that you would enjoy some hand holding for the passage, I’m hosting a Circle of Women for Ostara this Saturday.
We meet and create our circle together. In the circle, we talk and give birth and a voice to our femininity. We celebrate the seasons and the passage of time together, through collective rituals, individual creations and sung or body moments, but also meditations and relaxations.
Schedule: March 19th, 7pm to 9pm UK time (small break in the middle)
Financial investment is €15
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So much for today ...
I would be so happy to hear from you about all that.
Thank you in advance for your comment.
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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