May 6


The Tech Goddess is a lucky bitch

By IsayaBelle

May 6, 2022

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I'm celebrating the most incredible, amazing upgrade... It's a long story so saddle up ...

So I recently decided to own that I’m a Tech Goddess and that I love to work with Tech to help my fellow female spiritual entrepreneurs to expand their wings and rock the online world.
And I bought myself a new computer that ended up being the exact best thing for me right now (heavenly upgrade!).
And the computer ended up being free (gift from hubby! yeah!).
You can read my blog post about that here:
But when I wrote the blog post, the computer hadn’t arrived yet.
Here I am, on the other side of the upgrade.
I’m typing on this amazing tiny beast of a computer, loving every second and basking in gratitude…
Plus I gifted myself an extra new huge monitor so I can finally see what I’m doing (yep, getting old!)

The ease, the joy and the feeling of fulfillment are incredible… and they’re not getting old! Every morning when I see it on my desk… a spark of joy rushes to my heart!

OMGoddess, how lucky and grateful I feel… And as you may know, gratitude and joy are two of the best manifesting tools there are… I know that too… In my head… But it really hadn't downed into my heart and body and Soul …


Just read on!

Last Monday, I got an email from a logistics company telling me my delivery of a Lonchamp bag was scheduled for Wednesday, April 27th, between 2 and 6 pm.
Since I had not ordered anything from Longchamp (which, in case you don’t know, is one VERY expensive French handbag company, luxury items, ranging from 700€ and up…), I ignored the email (thinking, scam alert!) and proceeded to live my life.
Last Tuesday, I got a voice message on my mobile phone, from a so-called Diane from the same logistics company I’d never heard of, confirming the delivery of the same order and specifying that I could change the delivery time if I wished, simply by phoning her back.
Ha! I thought to myself, these scammers have some nerve asking me to call them back on what is surely going to be a premium rate phone number that will empty my bank account!
Nope. Not me. I’m not that naïve!
So I deleted the message and went on with my life.
Last Wednesday, April 27th, at 2:30 pm I got a delivery.
When I opened the box, you guessed it, there was a black leather computer bag, in a white dust bag labelled Lonchamp.
I smelled it and checked it from all angles and it seemed luxurious and legit.
I freaked out.
I checked the Longchamp website and the value of a similar bag was 800€.
I phoned my mum and my aunt and anyone I could think of asking if they had gifted me the bag as a surprise for my birthday…
I even thought at one point that Denise DT or Joanna H. had sent it.
I checked my bank accounts several times to see if some money had “fled” from it mysteriously… (although, I know, usually, scammers take your money and do NOT send you a very expensive bag…)
All my money was there.
And I knew for a fact I’d not bought it myself!
I could not, for the life of me, make sense of that delivery.
On the box, there wasn’t any mention of a sender.
I went to bed that night really anxious, as if something bad was happening or could happen anytime with … (anxiety programming...)
The bag was in the box.
I hadn’t dared taking it out.
It felt “dangerous”...
And widely undeserved.

The next morning, I went to the box again and found a small mention of a Diane and a phone number on the label of the box.
So I called, after having checked on the internet that the phone number was a legit French number and not some scam number…
I gave my name and said I’d received a parcel that I had no idea by whom it was sent and could they tell me please…
The nice lady (yes, Diane) on the phone checked and then said …
“Oh yes, you bought a computer from the X Brand lately, haven’t you?”
“Yep”, says I.
“Well, that’s a gift from them.”
Wait, what?
So I got a free computer AND a free 800€ bag for it (that I had no idea I was getting!!)
The Tech Goddess is a lucky bitch.
Beyond grateful!
Thank you Universe!
And more please!

Now why am I telling this story?

Just wanted to testify that sometimes, when the stars align and I (you) level up with the Universe and finally am OK to receive and allow and give myself permission to thrive in an easy, joyful and flowy fashion…

Magic happens.


And I get reminded that I’m the only one blocking the amazing abundance the Universe has in store for me.

As are you.

Let’s stop doing that and open up to the best of times, shall we?

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.


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Are you running around in circles trying to understand what has to connect with what, which tool is right for what, how to make this bit of tech work with that bit of tech?
Are you finally ready to invest in yourself … and to back yourself up?

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