May 20


The Tech Goddess faces Mercury Retrograde, Take One

By IsayaBelle

May 20, 2022

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As you might know, I’m also (among other magic things) a Tech coach for spiritual online entrepreneurs. I help them untangle the tech and rock the online world while remaining sane and true to themselves!
Something you might not know about me .. is that I owned my first computer at the sweet age of 13 … in 1980, when no else did! I've been playing with these toys and having fun ever since and created my first website from scratch in 2001!
I explain the Tech, I do the Tech for you, I handle the Tech issues, I solve the Tech problems… I play with the Tech daily.
Having worked on a computer for more than 40 years and having had a Spiritual Coaching online business for more than 10 years, I know all the tools, love sharing my knowledge and my peeps frequently call me The Tech Goddess!
And of course, also being a Goddess Teacher and having worked with the Greek Gods and Goddesses for most of my life… I’m aware of the connections between the Tech and my favorite Greek God Hermes (aka Mercury)
So ….
When your Tech collapses and you don’t understand your computer anymore, when you’re lost in translation, when you feel clueless and start to panic… That is when I come in…
It’s kinda like I’m Mercury Retrograde most days!
And before we get to work to untangle everything, I like to remind the both of us that we need to breathe… and that IT IS NEVER ABOUT THE TECH.

Often enough, everything goes smoothly.
Not last week though.

We’ve been in Mercury Retrograde since the beginning of May.
And let me tell you … I’m over it.

Let’s go back to basics for a minute and remind ourselves what MR means…
The Mercury Retrograde phenomenon occurs 3-4 times each year. It consists of various phases and to oversimplify it, during the episodes, the planet Mercury “seems” to be going back wards.
It is traditionally associated with: disorder, confusion, delays, frustrations, miscommunication … and Tech issues!
Indeed the energy of the Mercury / Hermes is closely connected to those themes as he is the God of commerce, travel and thieves, the Messenger of the other Gods (between them and to humans), and widely seen as a Jester, a con artist, a crook.. in short a beautiful and lovely … trickster !

When the planet he rules upon “goes backwards” … all his “domains of influence” have a tendency to do so too… and mayhem ensues in communication, anything Tech, travel arrangements, contracts and the like.
But not to me, right?
I love the guy… I actually named my son after him!

Last Friday, updating some clients websites as I do every Friday… I was surprised with a 404 page… Worse, as a matter of fact, since the whole website had been deleted by the host, my client having had various issues with the service beforehand.
So, without prior notice, my client has no website anymore and my 3 weeks of work … just went to the bin.
Mercury Retrograde you were saying?
And that is when being the Tech Goddess helps.
I took my own advice … and breathed.
I did not stop living to “fix” the issue… which by the way was not of my doing, nor could I fix it… I would need to create a completely new website...
I took the weekend off and went singing as planned.
I had my client book an appointment with me to see what could be done.
And I started thinking about the “meaning” of that event, the lesson this was creating for me … and for my client.
Obviously I’m not going to blabber about my client here.
But my lessons?
Oh yeah, big ones.
Mercury Retrograde usually brings MASSIVE CLARITY. And it didn’t fail for me.
I saw how much of this client project wasn’t aligned with me, how much of it I was pushing up the hill and not listening to my intuitive insights on slowing down, being less pro-active and more responsive…

I really have to remember that my speed, my agenda are not (and don’t have to be) my clients’…
I really have to remember that, being a generator, I'm always more successful when I answer a demand, than when I try to promote from the inside out…
I really have to remember that none of this is seriously bad, nobody died and nobody is going to.
I really have to remember that I can only do my best… and my best is sometimes not enough for the situation.
I really have to remember that I am not responsible for everything and everyone.
I really have to remember to breathe…
I really have to remember that it’s never about the Tech, that there is so much power in our mindset and intentions… enough to create and manifest, enough to destroy and delete.
I really have to remember that shit happens.
I really have to remember that great things happen too… way more often!

Being the Tech Goddess just means I remember faster.
And I don’t ruin my weekend or my life for that sake!

Maybe let’s take a moment together to relax in Mercury Retrograde.
That is what Mercury Retrograde is all about. It's our time to pause. To listen to our inside voice, to our intuition, to the Universe in us whispering and to gain clarity in the Retrograde and see all the wisdom that it is offering us and reflect on how we can recalculate, review what's happening in us, around us, and how we can best respond and use the wisdom that's been given to us.
Let’s be ready to download massive clarity around our next ideas and steps and plans.

Let’s open up to patience in lieu of frustration or exasperation and remind ourselves that everything is going to be OK.

Let’s decide to exert caution and to double check all the Tech and all the digital communications without becoming paranoid or overly anxious and remember that this too shall pass.

Let’s remember to feel safe and relaxed, and to wholly and completely trust ourselves in Mercury Retrograde, as we do any time.

And breathe.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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