June 3


The joy of being disrupted

By IsayaBelle

June 3, 2022

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I was talking the other day on my friends Fiona Morris’ series, Divine Business Journeys, and in the middle of a sentence, I said… the joy of being disrupted.
She heard it and repeated it to me.
And boy, did it hit the ball out of the park!
I’ve been telling the world over and over abut my beliefs around change.
Let’s recap.
In the Universe, everything changes.
Everything evolves and grows, and lives or dies.
Remember we are standing on a planet that speeds up at 1,600 km per hour around the sun and across the galaxy?
Everything moves and changes.

Just because I like to contradict myself, all illustrations of this post are pictures of me... always changing... always the same.

The only things and beings that do not change constantly are… DEAD.
So it’s just a question of bearing that fact in mind.
We change. All the time.
We just live in this illusion of permanence… and we confuse this perceived immutability with stability, with safety.
The whole thing is laughable really.
What if we changed our point of view.
What if we started enjoying the ride?

It so happens that I have lived in 4 countries, moved in (and out of !) 25 different houses, I have 3 nationalities, have traveled extensively to 20 countries, have done at least 20 different paid jobs, have tried 30 or more creative styles, have undergone at least 3 different therapies, have learned from more than 100 mentors, specialists, gurus, coaches, psychologists, etc ...

I have reinvented my life so many times ... changed houses, stopped smoking, decorated my home, redecorated, changed professions, been single, married, separated, got my hands dirty to renovate my 1000m2 house, been pregnant, mother to babies, then to children, to teenagers, now to young adults, have loved, unloved, have been loved, unloved, been happy, sad, mourning, angry, healthy, sick, fat, slim, menstruating, transitioning to menopause ...

All of these changes, these upcyclings of my life and personality ...
I've experienced them first hand... in JOY !
So I truly, Mercury Retrograde or not, I welcome the joy of being disrupted, of life opening up new doors for me.
The joy of being catapulted in new directions and seeing new paths unfold before me.
One thing I know how to do and accompany others towards... is change.
In fact, that’s what I do for a living.
I help people change...

I know a whole lot about change, the courage it takes to make choices, the energy it calls for, the support it requires, the various tools that can help any shift.

I know for sure that it's so much easier and lighter and flowing when you are supported, encouraged, when someone can bear witness and hold space for you.
So yes: make choices, embrace them, choose self love, shift towards a more positive version of yourself, transition to joy, venture into new freer territories, embrace the flow, adopt peace and gratitude, leap into sunnier endeavors, and implement optimism in your life. Upcycle !
Allow for joy to interfere with your best laid plans of burden and complaint.
Allow for laughter to sabotage your intentions of anxiety or gloom.
Allow for bliss to tamper with your game plan of
Allow for glee to create disorder in your mind and life.
Disorder is the most fertile ground for new flowers to grow!

I believe joy is disruptive in itself.
Giving yourself permission to be choose joy is a huge step.
You can’t imagine how many people have a slightly disapproving look when I say that my dream life includes traveling alone (without husband and kids) more than 6 months a year and working with a view.
Obviously too much joy in my eyes when I share that!!

So instead of waiting for impending doom…
Count on change to happen...
Allow the joy of being disrupted...
And expect impending bloom!

You can find the recording of the podcast I’m talking about here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QpU2ZT4kPN4
And if you've got the desire to change something in your life or business … in joy, I've got the tools. Let's do it ! Let's start rebuilding your life with my array of colored tools !

If you know that you won’t get there on your own, or so much slower …I've got you! Let's do this !If you feel that this is your path, that you need support to let go of your past, fully step into your present and create your golden future…

So whether we're talking about:

• Mastering technology for your online business,
• Connecting with the Divine and understanding your Goddess Archetypes,
• Cutting the toxic ties to your negative beliefs,
• Surrendering to your secret femininity, remembering and understanding your cyclic nature and the basic 4 feminine archetypes
• Succeeding in every possible way, from self-love, self confidence, planning, abundance, creativity, joy, relationships, intuition, and more generally winning at life,
• Walking the path of the Enlightened and creating magic around you,
• Living a Goddess Life on a daily basis,
• Embodying the Goddess and navigating in flow,
• Comprehending and harnessing the nature oft he Universe and your own,
• Allowing the TooMuch Woman in you to come out and thrive,

I am your toolkit for change, for transforming and upcycling your life and yourself!

Book your free 30 min call with me to get that change on the way: https://bookme.name/isayabelle/lite/30-minutes-free-discovery-call

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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