May 26


The Tech Goddess faces Mercury Retrograde, Take Two

By IsayaBelle

May 26, 2022

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Last week I was telling you about my Tech mishaps and how being Techy AND spiritual mean I get to “remember” and “recover” faster from the sometimes painful tricks Mercury plays when the planet is in Retrograde. (You can read that here)
Today I want to tell you about the “normal”, non Tech way Mercury Retrograde hit me too… And the lessons in there for me … Which I believe can apply to others…
So here I was, going about my life, feeling rather good about myself – which I believe is a good idea these days! – and minding my own business – and yours as a matter of fact, if you’re my client! – minding my own business, was I saying when …
Let me stop right here and give you some context because there is no way you’re getting this if you’re not caught up with my life.
So… Some facts about me:
- I’ve had psoriasis for over 15 years.
- I’ve been overweight for over 50 years and neither menopause nor Covid have been nice to me.
- I’ve spent over 3 years in psychotherapy, both individual and group therapy a few years ago, which was a revelation, an ordeal and a blessing.
- I became a non-smoker again after 35 years of smoking in 2016, thanks to … my own personal mindset shift, a plan I created for myself in 3 days… and Mr Jason Vale, also known as the Juice Master (Read more about that here: )
OK, all caught up.

Back to my story then.
There I was, minding my own business…
As a matter of fact, I was looking to see if I could get one of my bucket list items checked this summer while I’m in the UK. One of my dreams is to use Jason Vale’s Juice Delivery services and get a week’s worth of Fresh Juices delivered home. I do love juicing and it has helped me loose weight and feel better several times before… Not having to clean the juicer is a dream of mine…
So I know I’m going to be in the UK for a month this summer, and last night I was browsing the website to see if I could make that happen.
I get hit by a curve ball.
On the website there is something named Jason Vale Skin Programme. I remember immediately that Jason Vale had psoriasis and that brought him to quitting smoking and juicing … So skin issues were at the root of his journey to health.
It’s a free 63 pages e-book.
I immediately download it.
And read it.

It’s a 30 days plan to improve your skin, using natural methods, nutrition and mindset.
The idea is appealing. Very appealing.
The plan includes:
- no sugar
- no dairy
- no gluten (not much grains in general)
- no nightshades
I KNOW that this kind of nutrition will help me let go of some weight… and put me on a way healthier track food and weight wise...
I look at my calendar and realize I could do this during my stay in Greece (loads of fruit and veg available, less “temptations” than in France where I live, I’m quite sure my mum would be OK to play with me as she desires loosing a few kilos herself…)
I look at the dates.
I leave for Greece on June 2nd. If I start the plan on the 4th (giving myself a day to shop and get ready…) I’ll be done on the 4th of July (which is the day I start my UK journey, more about that soon!)

June 3rd is also the end of the Retrograde.
Now it’s almost funny!
Remember what a Mercury Retrograde is all about?
- Making plans (not acting on them)
- The “return of the past” as an opportunity to let go and heal.
- Reflecting on our lives, reassessing what works and what doesn't.
- Decluttering past stuff…

Well… I feel spot on!

Let me add another layer of coincidence and synchronicity (which, by the way is another constant of any good Mercury Retrograde!!)

The last Full Moon, on May 16th, was in Scorpio… and we experienced an eclipse.

“Eclipses reveal (especially when in the sign of ugly truths), and at best inspire metamorphosis.”

“A Lunar eclipse is very likely to signal an ending.”

I’m quoting myself here, as this is part of what I wrote on Monday for my Full Moon Online circle...


And more…

“The eclipse goes down in Scorpio, the sign which contends with deep truths, darkness and transformation. Suffice it to say, there might be blood!

And it might invoke shifts you hadn’t expected.

Fears will be faced !!!”

“The last total lunar eclipse in Scorpio went down on May 16, 2003 (look for stories that started then and connect the dots)”

Remember the beginning of the post where I talked about the context?


In 2003, I had the first major flare up of psoriasis, while undergoing my first bout of group psychotherapy (which was the most difficult and one of the most life-changing experience of my whole life)

In 2003 I began this cycle that seems to be ending now.

“Take the retrograde to fully download the recent shocks to your system. And then you can start your attack.”

OK … We’re way past coincidences here.

We’re downright to the Universe is speaking to me. And not in riddles. In plain English!

Of course all that happened yesterday, aka Wednesday, in French Mercredi… Mercury day!


Here’s what is different since I’ve decided to live my life as a Goddess.
I get the messages. Loud and clear. I listen. And I act on them. And my life changes. A lot.
Want to try it?
Let’s start with affirming together:
I am open and ready to start letting go of the things in my past that do not serve my best life and my Higher self today, whether physical stuff, digital files, emotions, projects, ideas, beliefs
or even people.

If you’re looking for more change, for ground breaking transformation in your life and business, through either your Mindset or your Tech… Have a look on my website and reach out for a free discovery call.

I would be so happy to hear from you about all that. Thank you in advance for your comment.
So much for today ...
See you soon, for my next online adventures!
Until then I send you love, light and gratitude.

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